All you ladies that went to see 50 Shades Darker… guess what? I can bring Christian Grey to your bedroom. Instantly!


  1. Date night – Valentine’s Day isn’t over… ok, ok… technically, it is for 2017. But don’t worry about it. Treat 1 day every two weeks like it’s Valentine’s Day for your sweetie. Why? Because giving gifts – whether it be yourself or a present – is sexy! Go mark it ok your calendar now. Pick a sexy day for you and your partner every two weeks.
  2. Teach him the ropes – yes, literally ropes. You’ll love me for this… learn to tie a square knot. It’s easy and it will take you guys to the next level. Link on my YouTube page! Knot Video
  3. Blindfolds – utilize an old shirt, the free blindfolds they give on airplanes, or a scarf and ask him to blindfold you the next time you guys have sex. You will be amazed at how different your thoughts are when you can’t see! Trust me… try it.
  4. Use the power of suggestion – each day, use a word such as “pleasure” or “indulge” in your conversations via text or phone. Then when you see him in person, say the word “pleasure” or “indulge” while grabbing his arm or grazing his side.
  5. Sexy stories – Suggest that you write an erotic story together. Once he agrees, you start by writing the first paragraph. Make it a paragraph from a 50 Shades scene! Then tell him when you are done, and he can write a paragraph the next day. This way, you two are learning each other’s desires!