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Sex After Breast Cancer

Sex After Breast Cancer

I often get asked by my female clients for alternative ways to get aroused during sex after breast cancer. They have little or no feeling in their nipples due to breast cancer or other types of breast surgery.


I have heard more than 100 women discuss changes in sensitivity around the nipple and breast, which impacts sex after breast cancer and even breastfeeding.


There is A LOT happening emotionally and spiritually while undergoing breast surgery and recovery.


The chest is an interesting body part for women, as it holds the heart and the breasts! It's such a tender and vulnerable spot.




After breast cancer surgery, many women indicate they do not feel 'womanly' anymore. Some feel they aren't good enough. This is because they don't like how they fill out their shirts, or they have unappealing scars, or they don't get aroused easily. This creates anxiety and insecurity in their sex life.


Tips and Lessons Learned From My Clients for Sex After Breast Cancer (if your nipples aren’t sensitive anymore): 

  1. Identify your breast sensitivity: no sensation, minimal sensation, due to technique or something else.
  2. Talk to your doctor if you need to understand the cause
  3. Find another part of your body that is sensitive. Try the lower back and down the sides of the body. Go from your neck, around the chest, and down the rib cage (towards the belly). Once you find other areas that are sensitive have your partner touch you there.
  4. Reclaim your chest by either piercing your nipples or tattooing over surgery scars. 
  5. Incorporate other toys on the nipples, like nipple clamps, vibrators, or floggers (whips) to get a different feeling on the chest.
  6. Do a sexy photo shoot to reclaim your beauty.
  7. Do a mourning ritual for the chest you used to have so you can grieve and move on!


If you have had breast cancer or reconstruction, or possibly breast implants or breast reductions, how have you dealt with the feelings of insecurity, pain, embarrassment, etc.?  Please comment below, we would love to hear from you!


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Body Image

Body Image by Meaghan


Body image in an ideal world for me would not exist. Stressing about a temple you were given seems foolish to me. Yet every day I wake up and lose my mind of how unfortunate my "temple" is.


"Why can't my thighs be smaller and my stomach flatter?" I think. "Why can't my arms be toned and my face be less round?" I often wonder if anyone can see the difference that I see. Do they see also that I've gained weight, or is it just me? How long am I going to sabotage myself for the body that I want? When will my temple be enough for me?


When your soul starts to speak louder than your brain, that's when. When I begin to rely on my soul self as the leader of my temple all will be well in my world. Body image for me in an ideal world won't be prominent. I won't wake up in the morning and body check to hate myself but rather to glorify myself. Saying things like "my legs are here to help my do my job, they get me from one point to another."


By feeding my body I am giving it fuel not making it far. In an ideal world I'll be proud of the body that I have. I will realize all that my body does for me. I'll be thankful for the gifts it offers me and the strength it gives me.


In an ideal world body image won't be the forefront of every advertisement. Women won't compare but actually encourage each other to rise above. Body image will take a back seat; women will love every body. Bodies will be celebrated for what they do and not what they look like.


Everyone will treat their body like a temple. Preserving it. Loving it. Honoring it. Worshipping it for the challenges it faces every day. Our bodies should of be nourished, and loved, and honored.


My body is a temple it deserves the best. It deserves an apology because, my body doesn't need to go through hell on a daily basis just to meet non-realistic beauty standards. It serves me. It gets me to and from where I need to be. It cars my heart and soul. It helps me gain strength and develop knowledge. It radiates goodness. My body is my temple it deserves the love I so freely give everyone else. In an ideal world my body would be loved.


Peace. Freedom. Mindfulness. Fun. Sleep. Are all examples of things I can focus on if my mind isn't focused on weight. I could do yoga for strength instead of burning calories. I could leap across the dance floor and feel like I'm flying as opposed to heavy. Being involved in a conversation rather than the ones in my head. Enjoying a meal without worrying about how it's going to effect me.


If I let go of my focus on weight I'll be able to live again, without that burden of being heavy of fat. If I take my focus off weight and bring it inward I'd be able to see my strength. I'd be able to focus on my smarts, my intellect, my courage. If I stopped focusing on weight I'd be free. Free from the chains that constantly tie me up.


I'd be able to live the life I imagined as opposed to being tied down. You can't trust a disease that wants you dead; and I don't plan to. Between death and life, I choose life- and that's why I have to focus on anything but weight. From this day forward, I'll focus my attention on health. On life. On living and laughing. I can focus on yoga, dance, and photography. I'm going to focus on recovery and my ability to help others. Weight will no longer define me and weight won't won't hole me back anymore. My no's will mean no and my yes's will mean yes, and I'm choosing to say yes to life and all it has to offer me.

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The Joy of Sunshine

The Joy of Sunshine


By Amanda Pasciucco, LMFT, CST


As soon as the sun starts shining, the world gets happier. Recently, it hit 60 degrees in New England, and it seemed like everyone was more cheerful. I noticed more people smiling, individuals being friendly and courteous, and a diminished sense of “rushing” or “urgency” around me. I appreciated the sudden shift in energy and decided to delve into understanding this sunshine shift.


My recent experience. I was blessed with the privilege of retreating to the beach recently. I decided to go on a solo excursion to enjoy the peace of the water and basking in the glorious sunlight. I had my apprehensions before going: the cost of getting in, the crowds who would have the same idea, and my fear of bees swarming. I decided to forget about that and just take time to appreciate the opportunity.


I arrived (there was no cost to enter), I made my way to the beach (there were barely any people around), and I relaxed (only flies… no bees). I looked around and truly appreciated the moment that I was in. I felt so thankful for that moment where the sun was beating on me, I had nothing to do, and I could just enjoy the sights, sounds, and feeling of that moment. This sense of peace stayed with me throughout the entire rest of the day. I never felt so calm and at ease as I did when I made a conscious effort to be mindful and present within the sunlight.


Note to self: get out in the sun more often!


The science behind it. In earlier times, people spent most of their time outdoors and in the sunlight. We know that, now, we spend much more time indoors, thus we refrain from getting the necessary amount of Vitamin D. The importance of this vitamin is to keep our immune systems working hard to fight off infections and to support bone growth. In addition to providing us with Vitamin D, sunlight triggers the circadian rhythms (our awake-to-sleep cycles). When sunlight hits our optic nerves, the brain slows down on its release of melatonin (the hormone responsible for sleep) and increases our serotonin (which is responsible for wakefulness and feelings of happiness). After the sun sets, this cycle reverses. The more sun we get, the more serotonin the brain produces.


Sunlight = Happiness. In addition to the scientific part of it, there is also a psychological factor. We tend to associate sunlight with vacations and tanning with days off from work. This mental state leads to a happier self. Due to both the psychological and scientific aspects, I believe I have my answer as to why the world just seems happier when the sun comes out. Look forward to a summer of friendlier faces.