Sex Therapy Videos

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Amanda Pasciucco is a catalyst for igniting passion within relationships, and now she brings this passion to you through her sex therapy videos.

Amanda is known as “​The Sex Healer,”​ because she has helped thousands of individuals and couples transform their sex lives!

Her charismatic, no B.S. approach combined with tantra, sex therapy and somatic techniques propels people forward.

Amanda founded Life Coaching and Therapy, LLC in West Hartford, CT in 2013. Amanda and her team of six therapists see clients on-site as well as through video chat and text therapy.

Through flexible, multi-technique, sex-positive approaches, clients improve their sexual lives, which carries into whole-life transformation.

From romantic relationships to self-love to sexuality, Amanda shares her energy and expertise in these videos to help people achieve their goals. She believes that pleasure is healing!


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