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Does size matter?

Does Size Matter?

Does size matter? Is it long enough? Thick enough? Hard enough? The size of the penis is one of the biggest sexual concerns. 




2 out of 3 Millennials choose this alternative rather than divorcing. 

Is Porn An Addiction?

Is Porn An Addiction?“Psst… he has porn addiction.” She whispered.

“Did you hear they got divorced due to a porn addiction?” He gossiped. 

breast cancer and pleasure west hartford

Sex After Breast Cancer

Do you often feel like your chest isn’t good enough? Like, you don’t fill out the shirts in the way you would like. The chest is an interesting place, as it holds the heart, and also holds the breasts! Such a tender, vulnerable spot.

sex education

Sex Education – Why is it so Sexist?

What I have seen, specifically in women, is that many feel shame about discovering and enjoying masturbation. Self-pleasure is a normal part of sexual development.

Sex Toys – When Vanilla Just Isn’t Enough

Do you remember the first time you heard about sex toys? Or even better… you bought one! Sex toys usually enable a quicker orgasm and thus, clients always ask me about them. As a former consultant in the sex toy industry, I have a lot of knowledge about these products.