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Dating Coach, Amanda Pasciucco, Helps You Find Pleasure and Success in Dating in the West Hartford, CT Area


If you have been trying everything, and feel that dating apps and blind dates aren’t getting you the results you want, try working on the source of the problem – the way you are approaching dating – with a dating coach.


Logically, everyone knows you are a great catch, including your relatives and coworkers who tell you so all the time. Yet, you landed here in search of help.


It’s time to stop: looking at your ex’s social media posts, feeling sorry for yourself, and being anxious!


Amanda Pasciucco created The Pleasure Approach to Dating Program, which enables her and her team of therapists at Life Coaching and Therapy (LCAT) to transform client lives. They accomplish this through flexible, multi-technique approaches and a pleasure-enhancement curriculum. In addition to being a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Amanda is a natural born match-maker. Read her full bio here. 


This dating program IS for you if have these thoughts:

  • Why am I alone when I don’t want to be?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • I’m with the wrong person, because I’m afraid of being alone
  • Why doesn’t anyone choose me?
  • I need a new approach to dating


This dating program IS NOT for you, if you:

  •   Have no availability to schedule time with a dating coach.
  •   Don’t like to change your habits.
  •   Believe that everyone else is the problem.


Are you still unsure if a dating coach can help you? See what our clients say:


After 40 years of traditional therapy, he tried a dating coach at LCAT and was married in under a year:

If you’re struggling with communication or problems with intimacy, whatever it is, there is no one better or as skilled as Amanda. A few sessions with Amanda and you will feel blessed for the opportunity to work with her. If you’re looking for love on the dating sites without a doubt she can help.

She helped me find the love of my life who I now call my wife. If you want the best, call Amanda Pasciucco!

-Gary and Lita, Newlyweds in their 60s


Do you want to finally get over your bad break-up? Our client did too:

After an upsetting breakup back in 2015 (with a person I had been reluctant to date to start with!) I was having a lot of emotions and decided I needed to talk to someone who wasn’t my family or a close friend. I found Amanda on a website with a list of local therapists. It took one visit for me to realize that Amanda was a godsend. It was a turning point in my life.

I’ve gained so many valuable lessons on self-esteem, the ability to receive, confidence, letting emotions out, intimacy, communication, languages of love, knowing your value and much more. My relationship with myself, my family, and romantic partners have all benefited. These lessons don’t come naturally in everyone’s life and there is no shame in seeking out assistance.

Amanda’s technique was exactly what I needed. She is compassionate and helps you explore your situation and feelings, but she will be honest with you and challenge you in ways that will help you grow if you are open to it. I’m practicing everything I learned and I am currently in a healthy relationship.

I still like to check in with Amanda periodically, because life likes to keep you on your toes and you never stop growing! P.S. I love supporting a strong, female entrepreneur like Amanda. I’m always impressed with the ways she and her team continue to innovate on ways they can reach and help others.

– Al Leigh


This 90-day program is so robust that Amanda has to limit her dating coach services to only three clients a month.

The Pleasure Approach to Dating Program Includes:

  • Creation or updating of dating app profile(s) and photograph optimization
  • Assessment of your current look (clothes, hair, posture, etc.) and assistance in enhancing these areas
  • Communication strategies – verbal, email and text messaging
  • Confidence-building techniques
  • Helping you understand what is holding you back from finding and keeping the right person
  • Personalized on-site sessions and follow-ups via phone and text
  • Insurance is not accepted for this program.

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