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Do you ever feel on top of the world one minute and then the next, you’re confused and unable to communicate with those around you.

There are pressing social, political, and financial pressures on your relationship and your family life. We know…. we have been there too!

We didn’t know it then – we just knew that we desired to have a more authentic life without burn-out from over-performing!

It’s time for next level results. Have a life you never burn out from! Yes, we believe that your true potential is ready to be unlocked. 

Life Coaching & Therapy (LCAT) has a team of licensed therapists and clinical sexologists in West Hartford, CT that can’t wait to help you transform your relationships and life. Get the life you deserve! We are here to bring you the results you have been looking for when it comes to passion, desire, connection, and growth.

Through flexible, multi-technique approach (DBT, CBT, EMDR) and pleasure skills training (tantra and sensate focus techniques), we transform our clients lives! 

Schedule a session in West Hartford, via private video session, or via text at your convenience. Read what our clients have to say about their experiences.