Anxiety Quiz

Anxiety Quiz or Is My Life Out of Balance? [WORKSHEET]

Anxiety Quiz or Is My Life Out of Balance? [WORKSHEET]

By Francesca Gentille & Edited by Amanda Pasciucco


Do I need an anxiety quiz or is my life just out of balance? Sometimes when life is challenging, it can feel like anxiety and depression are taking over.

One might notice:

  • Eating more or controlling/restricting food and movement
  • Sleeping more or having trouble staying focused and awake throughout the day
  • Sleeping less or having trouble sleeping
  • Shopping more and becoming present less
  • Feeling more irritable, withdrawn, depleted, depressed, or anxious
  • Feeling more aches and pains
  • Impulsively seeking substances more
  • Having a lower sex drive or feeling sexually compulsive

These could be signs of:

    • Hormonal imbalance
    • Loss and grieving
    • Systemic trauma and enculturation
    • A life that is out of balance

If it is due to a life that it is out of balance that means that there are more situations, activities, relationships, agreements, or expectations that might be inauthentic, over giving, lacking in support, high in criticism or something else. 

It might also mean that I am undernourished with situations, activities, and relationships that are replenishing. 

I may also have unresolved trauma or missed functions from childhood that have me:

  • Feel powerless and/or trapped
  • Blame others for my emotions and thoughts
  • Feel reactive, uncomfortable, and unsettled
  • Feel fearful, anxious, and / or insecure

If I am noticing that I either feel collapsed, numb, unable to make choices, overgiving, resentful, and/or reactive, then this is a sign that I have Inner Work to engage in to heal from childhood trauma.

 Not doing this Inner Work will deepen a sense of anxiety, reactivity, powerLESSness and depression. 

If I am unclear, I make 3 lists.

  1. What is not working, or not working as well as I would like. 
  2. What is working; Notice what nourishes me, gives to me, delights me, supports me, in some way. 
  3. I make notes of where I can take positive action. (Taking positive action is taking my personal power to make requests, express boundaries, and invite collaborations. I cannot make anyone else do or feel anything. My empowerment is over myself not another.)

If the list of what isn´t working is short, the list of what is working is short, I know that the issue is NOT that my LIFE is out of balance, yet that there might be something physically and or mentally wrong. Get professional help for your anxiety and / or mental health issues and instead of taking a quiz, see a psychotherapist. 

NOTE: Not all columns will be the same length. 

Anxiety Quiz

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According to one study that explored the masturbation habits of more than 3,600 women, 91% reported pleasuring themselves at some point during their lives, with 29.3% doing so within the past month.

This is important because fewer than 20% of women regularly orgasm during intercourse with a partner.

Amanda Pasciucco, a licensed therapist known as The Sex Healer, told us that most women have their first sexual experience with another person, while the majority of men have theirs while alone.

With a little bit of know-how, though, almost anyone can orgasm through masturbation, hands-free or otherwise — although not everyone wants to.

I met a woman in college who had no idea that “normal people actually masturbate.”

She honestly believed that only “perverted men” have sex with themselves.

While that may seem like a staggering information gap, it turns out that this sheltered gal was not alone in her thinking.

Limited sex education in schools (don’t even get us started!) and the generalized sense of shame that clouds sexual knowledge leads to grown adults who never learned some of the most basic carnal truths.

But it’s never too late to get the facts you missed!

Even people who say they don’t masturbate probably find ways to self-stimulate, even if they’re unable to call it what it is:

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One thing that we discovered along the way is just how many different ways a vulva-owner can masturbate — without even using their hands.

(Editor’s Note: for our purposes, the term “women” encompasses both binary and non-binary women.)

Article Summary:

Hands-free female masturbation and orgasm, offers a bunch of amazing benefits and it can be done in a zillion different ways — your creativity is the only limit.

This handy, yet hands-free, masturbation guide is full of fun suggestions, safety tips, and even a helpful anatomy lesson you may or may not have gotten in Sex Ed.

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female masturbation and orgasm