Female Orgasm Videos Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Sex 

Female Orgasm Videos Teach You Everything You Need to Know About Sex 


Have you ever watched female orgasm videos? If so, have you watched them purely for pleasure or to learn something? This type of video can teach us everything, from female anatomy to understanding better factors that impact a female orgasm. Regardless of being a woman or not, this article will provide valuable insights into learning what women need for better sex and building a deeper intimacy with their partner. 

Find out the lessons behind the most popular female orgasm videos and start applying them in your sex life to feel better about yourself and your relationship!

What Is the Female Orgasm?

A female orgasm, which can happen through masturbation or sexual activity with one or more partners, can be delightful. Its potential for additional advantages is unknown to scientists.

We know less about the function of the female orgasm. The blood flow to the genitals rises during excitement, making them more sensitive. Researchers have proposed numerous possible advantages, but few have undergone thorough testing, and no idea has received firm scientific backing.

A person’s heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate may rise when excitement does. During an orgasm, many women suffer rhythmic vaginal muscular spasms. Muscles may twitch or spasm just before orgasm. Males typically need to relax for a while before having another orgasm. However, many ladies have experienced multiple orgasms, a series of orgasms in a short period during intercourse.

Female Anatomy

The vulva, or external genitalia, and the ovaries and uterus, or internal reproductive organs, are both parts of the female body. The reproductive systems of men and females are significantly different. Female anatomy typically involves hormone regulation, sexual function, and reproduction.

Although the sexual anatomy of men and women differs physically, all sex organs grow from the same bundle of cells during fetal development. The minute the father’s sperm and mother’s egg come together, the baby’s biological sex is established.

The pubis and the vulva are parts of the external female anatomy. Females often develop pubic hair on the fleshy portion of the pelvic bone known as the mons pubis, or public mound. The exterior female genital components are referred to as the vulva. The labia majora, labia minora, and glans clitoris are some of their constituent parts. 

The vagina, or canal connecting the vulva and uterus, is where the internal female anatomy starts. The fallopian tubes link the ovaries to the uterus, while the cervix divides the vagina from the uterus.

Different Types of a Female Orgasm

Some orgasms are solely focused on the vagina, while others let you experience trembling intensity in areas you never considered erogenous. Discovering the pleasure your body may feel is something you owe to yourself. Let us educate you on the range of available orgasms.

Clitoral Orgasm

To attain climax, every woman wants a distinct kind of touch. For most women, the clitoris is the preferred sweet spot when they wish to enjoy and release an orgasm. However, even though clitoral orgasms are the most accessible type, this little, largely concealed joy button is entirely personal.

G-Spot Orgasm

Your G-spot is located on the anterior vaginal wall, roughly midway between the cervix and vaginal opening. Look for a spot that is just a little ridged or rough. Insert a finger inside your vagina and push forward; although you can’t generally see it, you can usually feel it (making a come-hither motion). Many women prepare themselves for a G-spot orgasm by lightly pressing and massaging this region.

Anal Orgasm

Not every woman enjoys anal sex or anal play. Others don’t like it at all, while others adore it. However, if you fall into the first group, you should be aware of an anal orgasm.

Numerous nerves and muscles, notably the PC (or pelvic floor) muscle, are shared by the anus and rectum and the vagina, clitoris, and perineum, which connect the three structures. Many women’s pelvic floor muscles are extremely sensitive, and when they are stimulated, both vaginal and anal orgasms can result.

Blended Orgasm

This type of orgasm is appropriate for you if you can withstand two, three, or even four times the intensity and pleasure of a typical O. When more than one erogenous zone is being stimulated simultaneously, a mixed orgasm can result from it. The intense orgasm that typically follows can be experienced through clitoral contact and G-spot insertion. However, it might also result from clitoral, nipple, anal, and vaginal penetration, or all of these simultaneously.

Common Female Sexual Fantasies 

Women’s sexual imaginations don’t always correspond to their actual desires. For instance, although a sizable majority of the study’s female participants claimed to have dreamt about being controlled in some fashion, half said they would not wish to actualize their fantasies of sexual servitude.

Overall, thoughts of having sex in “romantic” or “strange” locations are the most prevalent, and fantasies of sexual subjugation are also among the most common. Interestingly, a few studies revealed that women who acknowledged having thoughts of domination were more sexually pleased than those who did not. Having sex with two women, watching two women have sex, and having sex with a stranger in public are typical sexual fantasies. Interestingly, a few studies revealed that women who acknowledged having thoughts of domination were more sexually pleased than those who did not.

Myths about Female Orgasms

Partners frequently experience severe guilt and embarrassment over the nature of their sexual pleasure—or lack thereof. That frequently happens when talking about female orgasms. These unfavorable perceptions about the female sex might harm the quality of your relationship.

These horrible ideas increase anxiety and tension, which makes it harder for a woman to experience orgasm. The relationship’s physical and emotional distance only worsens as a result. Take a look at the frequent myths listed below if you believe that any of these notions could affect how much fun you have during sexual activity.

My Vagina Should Look Differently

How your vagina looks is not defined. There is no particular aesthetic that women should aspire to, and accepting your vagina leads to connecting better with yourself as a sexual being.  They exist in various hues, forms, and sizes and differ in terms of their colors, textures, and pubic hairstyles. They are all stunning, and each one is different.

Good Sex Needs to Last Longer

The amount of penetration that causes orgasm has no established gold standard. The duration of the sexual encounter cannot reliably predict female orgasms. While some women might get aroused early by foreplay and imagination and need less time to reach climax, others have a longer arousal cycle.

Sex without Vaginal Penetration Is Not Sex

Although many people refer to sex as vaginal penetration, orgasm is most likely to result from other forms of sexual stimulation. Try modifying your approach. The majority of women need several types of stimulation to climax.

Final Words

Both of your orgasms are equally important. Exploration and experimentation are necessary to perfect the female orgasm. It begins with an honest conversation with your sex partner and enjoying the beauty of female sexuality!

Ready to learn more on your own? 


Are you ready to learn more and unlock a more satisfying experience? 

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Life Coaching and Therapy (LCAT) is a therapy and coaching practice that transforms our clients lives through our flexible. Multi-technique approach and pleasure-skills training provided by systematically-trained and licensed therapists!

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Female Orgasm Contractions

Female Orgasm Contractions


Although orgasms are a favorite aspect of sexuality, many women aren’t even aware of how to achieve female orgasm contractions. Also, only a percentage of women can reach orgasm via penetration only, while some women struggle to climax at all. .

However, when you experience that pleasure, how much do you feel what your body is doing? You may experience orgasm contractions more frequently if you are aware of what happens in your body during arousal and orgasm.


As many can confirm, an orgasm is a full-body feeling. Therefore, the anatomy of an orgasm starts before bodies touch. Yet once you get to the bedroom, female orgasm contractions are easiest achieved through clitoral stimulation and contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscle.

As your body prepares, sometimes taking a minimum of twenty minutes, higher heart rate and blood pressure may cause a warm, tingling sensation in your body. Similarly, you may experience body temperature changes as the blood heads directs toward your genitalia. The clitoris, which contains over 8,000 distinct nerve endings, enlarges and swells. 

The clitoral gland will push through in an erection, and you may see the clitoral hood back up or down as climax approaches. Inside your body, the clitoris is erect! Your outer lips will separate, the inner labia swell as more blood fills the tissue, and sometimes, the genitalia color changes or darkens. 


Your muscles will begin to pulse when the climax finally arrives, particularly in the pelvis. The waves of pleasure that travel through your abdomen and the rest of the body are caused by the contact between the walls of your uterus, vagina, and pelvic floor.

Interestingly, researchers have discovered a connection between how strong your orgasms are and the condition of your pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor muscles will contract more effectively during an orgasm, increasing the pleasure you feel, the more toned they are. 

Although the number of female orgasm contractions might vary, the normal range is between 1 and 12, with each lasting roughly a second or two. Please, don’t assume that having partnered sex or having an orgasm is only a physical sensation; your brain also releases hormones like dopamine and oxytocin.

Keep in mind that every orgasm is unique and that every woman has a different orgasmic experience. However, gaining a deeper knowing of how your body (and mind) respond to sexual stimulation can assist you in discovering the key to how you get there.

A Variety of Experiences

Female orgasm contractions are sought after. There are variations in every woman’s anatomy and preferences, so one woman’s solution might not apply to another.

The pathway to pleasure ought to be set for the goal of discovery rather than orgasm. Often, when that happens, orgasms are found along the way!


Are you ready to learn more and unlock a more satisfying experience? 

Get your copy of Bliss: Proven Solutions for Improving the Female O 

Get Bliss: Proven Methods for Improving Female O

Sex Therapy Videos Female Orgasm Video Therapy


About Life Coaching and Therapy

Life Coaching and Therapy (LCAT) is a therapy and coaching practice that transforms our clients lives through our flexible. Multi-technique approach and pleasure-skills training provided by systematically-trained and licensed therapists!

Get to know our founder and owner, Amanda Pasciucco, (a.k.a. The Sex Healer) PhD, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (CST) that has developed innovative therapy programs and therapy videos that get results.

Our team of compassionate, licensed therapists and certified sex therapists help all clients who visit us for a variety of personal, relationship, intimacy and sex problems.

LCAT provides on-site appointments, as well as video chat and text therapy programs.

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Goop – Features Amanda Pasciucco on Edging for Stronger Orgasms Article

Goop – Features Amanda Pasciucco on Edging for Stronger Orgasms


Amanda Pasciucco, LMFT, CST, owner of Life Coaching and Therapy, and a.k.a “The Sex Healer” was interviewed in an article for Gweneth Paltrow’s goop site and lifestyle brand. You can find interesting content and products related to sexual wellness on goop.

Let’s say you’re right on the edge of coming. Now back off a sec. Can you slow down? Can you extend that pleasure? And when you come back toward orgasm: Do you notice anything different? That’s edging, or the stop-and-start technique. And it’s a tool sex therapists use to enhance pleasure.
Clinical sexologist Amanda Pasciucco says edging is all about riding the wave of arousal and building and rebuilding sexual tension. It resembles tantric sex: Edging is about enjoying the present pleasure rather than rushing to orgasm. Edging works by engaging the parasympathetic nervous system, which creates a more intense orgasm when you finally allow yourself to finish. It has to do with the anatomy of arousal. “Letting the blood flow circulate into the genitals and letting that come back into the body creates an embodied, sensational experience,” Pasciucco says.Sex educator Taylor Sparks often recommends edging to couples. She says the practice encourages partners to engage and pay attention to each other throughout the entire experience of sex. “You get to watch what pleases your partner,” she says.Bringing yourself (or your partner) to the edge of orgasm can be used as a form of control play, too. Like certain BDSM techniques, edging plays on the psychological thrill of wanting something you can’t have. “It’s the anticipation. You’re so close to having that oh mighty O, you’re almost there, but then it’s like, wait,” Sparks says.

Edging can also help people seeking better control over ejaculation, including premature ejaculation. Both Pasciucco and Sparks say that when people practice edging regularly, their bodies adjust to holding an erection longer.


Pasciucco recommends building arousal by focusing on your senses and your breath. Then touch your body wherever feels most exciting. Maybe glide a vibrator over your inner thighs, lower belly, pubic bone, or inner groin before moving to the clitoris. Then imagine a barometer of pleasure. On a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is an orgasm, Pasciucco asks, where is 7? “We’re gonna back off as soon as we feel a 7,” Pasciucco says, “and go back down to a 5.”

It’s worth trying different kinds of sex toys to see how they enhance your practice. Engage the senses with something that feels good on the skin, like soft fabrics, floggers, feathers, or paddles. Our Double-Sided Wand Vibrator offers rumbly vibrations for a controlled buildup. And an air-pulsing vibrator like Womanizer sucks the clitoris and is a great choice for (finally) finishing.

goop Picks

  1. goop Wellness Double-Sided Wand Vibrator
  2. Womanizer Womanizer Premium 2

Devices that surround the penis and apply varied waves of pressure, like the Arcwave Ion, can engage the frenulum, an area on the underside of the penis that’s particularly packed with nerve endings. It’s not designed for edging, but it’s one way to heighten pleasure in a masturbation session—and you can use it as a tool in an edging practice.

  1. Arcwave Arcwave Ion

Don’t worry about getting edging right. The point, ultimately, is to get out of your head, get in touch with your senses, and let go of the impulse to rush to the end. “Just enjoy the journey and enjoy the act of pleasure,” Sparks says.

Written by: Zoe Moscovici | Published on: October 6, 2022

What Is Male Edging?

What Is Male Edging?


Edging is a technique for either one partner or both partners to extend the time it takes to reach orgasm. Even though edging is typically considered a method for men to stay in the game longer, it can be used by women as well. Before an orgasm, partners learn to stop all sexual arousal and communicate. They can experiment with different methods of contact so that the agitated partner can calm down before continuing. This can both delay the climax and heighten the intensity of the orgasms when they do occur.

Communication with your partner is essential if you want to experiment with edging during sex. Success depends on knowing how many cycles of teasing they can take and how to touch them during a cool-down period.

Before getting into the details of male edging, let’s take a look at the common misconceptions about it.

Misconceptions about Male Edging

Ejaculation is impacted by a few medical disorders (the discharge of semen from the penis). Not to be confused with edging are these:

  • When you reach orgasm soon, you ejaculate prematurely. Anxiety and hereditary characteristics are a few of the causes. Up to 40% of men who have a penis experience it at some point.
  • Anorgasmia, often known as delayed orgasm, is the inability to have an orgasm. This illness is uncommon and poorly understood.
  • When the muscles in your urethra are unable to correctly contract, semen might back up into your bladder and result in retrograde ejaculation. Because there is no discernible ejaculate at the climax, this is referred to as a dry orgasm. It may be caused by nerve damage brought on by other illnesses such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, and certain surgeries. 

On the other side, edging is a secure and healthy method of sex exploration. It has no conditions or negative effects. It can be used either alone or during intercourse with a partner and can boost enjoyment regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Edging can be utilized to improve communication and closeness by focusing on one partner or both.

How to Make the Most of Edging

Choose first if you want to try edging solo or with your partner. Whatever method you choose, keep in mind that getting to know your body is always a good idea. The cherry on top is orgasms that are even more powerful.


To practice edging, you can use your hands or toys. Whatever method you use, make sure to move gently and deliberately while paying close attention to the signals of your body. You should slow down or stop completely if you feel like you’re about to orgasm. 

The next step is to calm down and rest until your orgasm is under control. Try deep breathing or rubbing your skin with your hands. Simply let your body appreciate a different kind of touch. Consider what nearly induced orgasm in you while taking note of how your body is feeling. You are free to restart and repeat the process as often as you like once you are ready.

With Your Partner

Hands, lips, sex organs, and toys can all be used when edging with a partner. Discuss how to let the other person know when you both need a break. Whatever works best can be a phrase or a gesture. When one of you is getting near to orgasm, try switching up your positions or your intensity. Alternate between penetrative sex and touch or oral stimulation and playing with a toy. 

You can begin with a few edging cycles and increase the number as you please. During pauses, give one another a sensual massage. Blood will flow into your pelvic area more as you go through more cycles. This increases excitement and may trigger orgasms with greater intensity.

Edging Steps

As edging might be a completely new term for you, we’ll break the entire process into simple steps for you to follow.

With or without a partner, the edging process typically looks like this:

  1. Begin sexual stimulation, 
  2. Change the intensity or stop just before an orgasm, 
  3. Increase the intensity after a small delay,
  4. Repeat all the steps. 

When practicing edging with a partner, it is important to always talk about it beforehand and get enthusiastic approval.

Edging Benefits

Both those practicing alone and those practicing with groups may benefit from edging. According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, edging can make some people’s sexual activity more intense. The edging cycles can heighten tension and produce a more gratifying climax.

Additionally, edging might make sexual activities last longer. This method can be used to stop premature ejaculation by those who suffer it. To increase confidence in the bedroom, couples may also utilize edging. This might be especially helpful for newlywed couples who might be hesitant to have sex.

Finding out a person’s sexual preferences may be possible with the use of edging. People can learn about sexual triggers and experiment with new activities by doing cycles of edging repeatedly. This is also a great way to understand what you enjoy and what turns you on in sex and help your partner understand what gives you sexual pleasure. 

In Conclusion

Although edging may not be for everyone, it is safe and advantageous. People who want to try edging with others should always talk to them about it first. This will help establish whether the person is at ease and eager to give it a try. Some individuals might want to think about investigating edging independently first. They can use this to determine whether they want to attempt it with others, too.

All in all, edging enables you to discover new methods to satisfy both yourself and your partner as well as experience stronger orgasms. Instead of focusing just on achieving orgasm, letting yourself relax into the sex-related sensations can lead to a more playful, spontaneous relationship, increase your emotional connection to your spouse, and help you become a better lover.


About Life Coaching and Therapy

Life Coaching and Therapy (LCAT) is a therapy and coaching practice that transforms our clients lives through our flexible. Multi-technique approach and pleasure-skills training provided by systematically-trained and licensed therapists!

Get to know our founder and owner, Amanda Pasciucco, (a.k.a. The Sex Healer) a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). And an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (CST) that has developed innovative therapy programs and therapy videos that get results.

Our team of compassionate, licensed therapists and certified sex therapists help all clients who visit us for a variety of personal, relationship, intimacy and sex problems.

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Sex Toys For Pleasure: Overview & Tips On How To Use Them 

Sex Toys For Pleasure: Overview & Tips On How To Use Them 


In the last decade, sex toys for pleasure have created a market on their own. By offering pleasure to men and women, sex toys have evolved tremendously and broken through all the stereotypes people used to have about this type of product.

After all, we’ve only recently started discussing more openly our sex lives, sexuality, and things we like and dislike in the bedroom. Sex and pleasure are becoming one of the common topics in conversations with friends, and also in educational institutions.

All of this has led to more people being interested in and buying sex toys for pleasure. From steam-powered vibrators and rubber dildos, there is a wide range of sex toys available to everyone looking to get some pleasure.

Before getting overwhelmed with so many options on the sex toy market, we’ve done our homework and decided to recommend you a few products you should try out. Let the moaning begin!

Sex Toys for Women

There are so many sex toys available to women that the only problem will be to limit yourself to trying out only a few toys and not spending all of your money. Dive into the most purchased sex toys for women:

1. Magic Wand Rechargeable

With a fervent fanbase, Magic Wand is still amazing women as it did when it was launched first. Many women recommend it because of its amazing vibrations and simplicity. That said, those who wish to switch gears or have a more flexible toy will need to be aware of the limitations of our beloved Magic Wand. Yet, don’t discard it so quickly, this is one of the most used sex toys in porn – that has to mean something!

2. Njoy Pure Plug 

For those of you who enjoy good anal sex, you will need to try this luxe metal plug. Its surface is almost blissfully smooth and more importantly, it’s compatible with all lubricants out there, so it guarantees you’ll get the pleasure you’re seeking. The weight of Njoy Pure Plug is also big enough to be aware of ii, yet small enough to not be uncomfortable for the woman. The great thing about it is that it comes in small, medium, and large versions, so anyone can have fun with it. 

3. Vixen Creations Mustang

You’ve never liked sex toys as they don’t seem like a real deal? Well, you’ll surely change your mind once you hear about Vixen Creations Mustang, the most realistic dildo in the world. This dildo has great dual-density material and its gentle curve will stimulate your G-spot like nothing you’ve ever tried before. This toy works well for men as well!

4. Lovense Lush 3

Are you in a long-distance committed relationship and want to spice things up with your partner? Or, are you a webcam performer who loves connecting with your audience? This long-distance Blootooth vibrator allows others who are not in bed with you to titillate you from afar by using the toy’s app. What we love about this sex toy is its rumbly motor incredibly fast responsiveness! 

Sex Toys for Men

If we had to write this article a few years ago, it wouldn’t be so easy to find great sex toys that will provide incredible pleasure to men as well. Luckily, there are many options for men to choose from when it comes to orgasming whether it’s on their own or with their sexual partner.

1. Fleshlight Quickshot

From men to men, Fleshlight Quickshot has been praised as the best male masturbator several times already. Besides being the best male sex toy, this was also the first-ever masturbator. 

The pioneer in male pleasure, Fleshlight Quickshot is smaller than its original version as it has 3.5 inches to insert the penis. Another plus is that you will not have to hide it around your room from someone who might stumble upon it because it doesn’t look like your regular sex toy. 

2. Uberlube

Okay, we know that lubes are not exactly sex toys, yet nobody can deny how much pleasure they bring during masturbation and intercourse. Uberlube is silicone-based so it will last quite long, and you will not be able to keep your hands off from the slippery surface, regardless of whether you’re touching yourself or your partner. We also love it because of its beautiful packaging, yet keep in mind you cannot combine it with silicone toys.  

  • Lelo HUGO

Although its price is a bit above the average of other male sex toys, LELO Hugo will justify its price the first time you use it. This is a favorite prostate massager for many sex toy users due to its remote that controls both strength and location of the vibrations. 

For instance, if you tilt it to the right, the vibrations will be stronger on the left side. More importantly, you will be able to focus on the area where you feel the most pleasure and make the most of it with Hugo.

3. Tenga Egg

The Tenga Egg is an excellent sex toy for those who are unwilling to invest a lot of money in it. Tenga Egg is very affordable with its price below ten dollars. Its price is what makes this super-stretchable elastomer sleeve one of the commonly used sex toys and a great idea when you want to step away from the old-fashioned ways. 

Of course, you shouldn’t expect too much for a few-dollar toy. It will not revolutionize your sex life or be your go-to toy for each masturbation, yet it is good to have if you’re not looking for expensive sex toys. It’s also a recommended option for beginners as they will not spend a lot of money on something they are still not certain if it works or not.

Press Play

Whether you are looking for sex toys for yourself or enjoy them with your sexual partner, these products can truly make a difference in how you experience your sexual pleasure. Whichever you choose, make sure you make the most of it and try it in different scenarios and positions. The only decision you might regret is buying a sex toy and not pleasuring yourself with it enough!

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About Life Coaching and Therapy

Life Coaching and Therapy (LCAT) is a therapy and coaching practice that transforms our clients lives through our flexible. Multi-technique approach and pleasure-skills training provided by systematically-trained and licensed therapists!

Get to know our founder and owner, Amanda Pasciucco, (a.k.a. The Sex Healer) a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). And an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (CST) that has developed innovative therapy programs and therapy videos that get results.

Our team of compassionate, licensed therapists and certified sex therapists help all clients who visit us for a variety of personal, relationship, intimacy and sex problems.

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Female Anal Orgasm

Female Anal Orgasm: Learn All About It Here

Female Anal Orgasm: Learn All About It Here


As there is still not much talk around female anal orgasm, many women are curious to learn more about it and understand what to expect when having anal sex for the first time. Activities that involve anal sex are touching, fingering, licking, penetrating, and anything else that builds that sexual pleasure you feel before, during, and after anal sex. 

The great thing about anal sex is that it can be enjoyable for both men and women. Yet, when talking about female anal orgasms, there are some tricks that might help you make this experience more pleasurable for you and your sex partner. 

What Do You Need To Know About Anal Orgasm? 

When you’re having an anal orgasm, it will feel like very intense, profound waves of pleasure are beginning inside of your body and radiate through it. For those who are trying anal sex, it might feel a bit uncomfortable at first because you will need time to adjust to penetration back there. It shouldn’t cause you pain, however, it’s vital that you feel relaxed and comfortable with the sexual activity to avoid pain or discomfort. 

Unlike vaginal sex, women will need to prepare for anal sex to have a better experience for both partners. Feeling relaxed and aroused before anal sex is crucial for both avoiding the pain and enjoying the game a bit more.

How To Prepare For Anal Sex? 

There are many ways a woman can prepare for anal sex, especially if it’s her first time. Try to indulge in something that is erotic for you. If you feel more turned on, it will become easier for you to enjoy the butt play. You can watch porn or think about your fantasies you always come back to to make you feel more turned on. 

If you need to relax your body, you should consider taking a hot bath as it can help you lose your muscles and enhance blood flow to all parts. During your bath, you can give the erogenous zones a bit of rub-a-dub and play with your anus while you are washing it up. 

Another thing that might help you prepare for the anal game is practicing with a butt plug. You can do it alone or with your sex partner, it’s up to you. Using sex toys like this can also give you a pretty good idea of how anal sex will feel like for you. So, make sure you are taking it slow and enjoying playing around with your butt plug. You can have your partner use it to tease your butt before actually inserting it. 

When you feel ready for your anal orgasm, make sure you communicate it with your partner and, more importantly, prepare some lube. When it comes to anal, you will notice how much difference it makes to have anal sex with and without lube. Not to mention that it’s vital for anal sex safety. 

Exploring The Anal Game 

Those who are without anal sex experience tend to be very surprised when they start discovering all the diversity in anal sex. There are many moves you will like to try out once you are a member of the A-game. 

One of the most recommended ways to reach an even better anal orgasm is to have your partner licking your erogenous zones with his tongue just before the penetration. He can use the tip of his tongue to tease your cheeks before sex and then tease you around your anus. This will produce more intense ways than you could imagine.

Another way to enhance the butt hame is with your and/or your partner’s fingers. Put the lube on the finger, insert it into the anus and curl your or your partner’s finger upward at a pace you feel comfortable with. If wanted, you can even try inserting a second finger.

Also, you can rub the pad of the finger in a circular motion near the A-spot or P-spot. Circle slowly around that area and pick up the pace when you feel ready. You can play with the size of the circles, and also with the speed to discover what gets you faster to an anal orgasm. 

Adding More Stimulations

If there is a lot of clitoral or vaginal stimulation, you will notice the sexual pleasure growing inside you, so don’t focus only on the anal game. Avoid limiting yourself, you might discover you enjoy when your partner is licking and kissing your nipples and that helps you reach a better anal orgasm.

Or, you might notice that you enjoy when your partner is stimulating your clitoris by using hands, fingers or sex toys. The entire sexual experience is very individual for each person so what works for you, might not work for your friend. 

That’s why it’s recommended to practice and really dedicate your time to explore more the anal game and to understand what you like and don’t like. 

Why You Need A Lube?

As already mentioned, lube is quite important in anal play. Without the lube, penetrating a finger, toy, or penis might be dangerous. With a rough penetration, the skin can tear up and you also increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections. 

You can use a lube that is based on water or silicone as these two options work well with condoms and any sex toy you want to use. Many might assume that anal sex is much safer than vaginal sex because it cannot lead to pregnancy, however, STIs are possible so it’s important to practice safe anal sex. 

Wrap Up

The anal game can be a lot of fun and you will probably experience some of the most intense orgasms in your life, yet don’t forget to prepare your body and be safe at all times. If it’s your first time, make sure you take it slow and do it with someone you trust as it will help you to relax. 

Are you ready to learn more and unlock a more satisfying experience?

Get your copy of Bliss: Proven Solutions for Improving the Female O

Get Bliss: Proven Methods for Improving Female O

Intense Female Orgasm

Intense Female Orgasm: All The Things You Should Know About It

Intense Female Orgasm: All The Things You Should Know About It


As it is completely individual, we rarely talk about all things both women and men should know about intense female orgasm. From different types of orgasms a woman can have to what helps a woman feel sexual pleasure before, during and after sex, all of these details are helping us understand the nature of female sexuality and bring a better overall experience to women. 

How a intense female orgasm differs from a male orgasm? Do women truly distinctively think about sex from men? We’ve gathered all relevant information regarding female orgasms to solve the mystery around it once and for all. 

Types of Intense Female Orgasm

Yes, we might say female orgasm, however, there are different types of orgasms a woman can experience during sex with their partner. Clitoral, vaginal, cervical, or the one that results from stimulating erogenous zones are the orgasm types most women have experienced in their lives. Some of them will also experience different orgasms, depending on the sexual activity they have with their sexual partner, while others will mostly experience only one orgasm type. 

Also, there is a percentage of women who are unable to orgasm due to various reasons. All of these reasons can be grouped into two categories – emotional and psychological reasons. It’s recommendable for them to talk to a therapist or any other professional that will help them work out these issues and allow them to start enjoying their orgasms. 

Erogenous Zones

As we’ve mentioned above, you can orgasm from someone touching, licking, and kissing your erogenous zones – neck, nipples, feet, behind the knee, earlobe, etc. For an area to become an erogenous zone will depend on someone stimulating that area arouses you. 

It might surprise you that many women can orgasm from nipple stimulation. If you’re interested in nipple orgasm, put your hands on your breasts, and start caressing and squeezing them, while touching other parts of your body as well. Then, you will slowly start teasing your areola with your fingertips until you start feeling excited, and continue with rubbing and pinching your nipples until your reach the climax. 

If you’re not sure what your erogenous zones are, you can easily explore your body and find out. Lay naked on your bed, grab a feather, and slowly start touching each part of your body until you figure out where you feel something. It might be that you feel a tickle or any other sensation in your body that will later bring you incredible sexual pleasure and some of the most amazing orgasms you’ve ever had. 


Of course, we can not take about erogenous zones without mentioning the most important area of your body – the G-spot. This is an area along the front wall of the vagina. When stimulated, it brings incredible orgasms for some women. The best way to reach the G-spot is with the fingers or a curved vibrator specifically made for the G-spot.

To reach it easily, make sure you’re in a squatting position. Insert the vibrator or fingers up toward the belly button and start moving them until you discover which pace works best for you. If you feel like you have to pee, that’s a completely normal sensation. Just keep going until the full-body release!

All the Feels of an Orgasm

Every orgasm is different, some will be more intense, while others will be completely incomparable to everything you’ve ever felt before. These are some of the things you can expect to happen in your body during an orgasm: 

  • The vagina and uterus will contract rapidly. 
  • You will notice your muscles contracting in other body parts, such as the abdomen or feet. 
  • Your breathing and heart rate will speed up. 
  • Your blood pressure will increase.
  • You might feel a relief of sexual tension or ejaculate during your orgasm. 

Male vs Female Orgasm

You might assume that male and female orgasm differ significantly, yet it’s not the case. Both male and female orgasm will send increased blood flow to the male or female genitals, accelerate breathing and heart rate, while other muscles in your body will contract as well. 

The difference between them can be seen in two aspects – duration and recovery. Female orgasms last longer than male orgasms, ranging from 13 to 50 seconds, whereas male orgasms range from 10 to 30 seconds. Another thing to keep in mind is that female orgasms can lead to repetition if stimulated again, also known as multiple orgasms. Also, male orgasm will involve ejaculation, while female orgasm doesn’t need to involve ejaculation every time. 

How to Orgasm More

For those who either haven’t experienced an orgasm before or wish to improve their experience, there is a way to practice having better and more frequent orgasms. The most important thing is to eliminate the pressure if you feel any. You should feel relaxed and be in the exploratory mode to climax. 

Take time to explore your body and see what feels good and what doesn’t. So, get comfortable and find a place where you will feel safe and relax to play with your body. You can use your imagination or read an erotic story to start things off. Slowly, start massaging the area above the clitoris until you get wet. 

If you need help, use lube and continue with your message. Once you’ve found a spot and rhythm that feel good, start rubbing faster and harder, while also increasing the speed and adding more pressure to make it more intense until you orgasm.  

If you didn’t manage to orgasm, don’t worry. You can always try it again and play a bit more. The important thing is not to think of this as failing. You are simply getting to know your body and understanding what brings you the sexual pleasure you need to orgasm. There are no rights and wrongs, so don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t orgasm right away. 

Instead, try different things or techniques. You can use a sex toy, watch a sexy movie, masturbate in the shower, use more lube, etc. The more things you try out, the better you’ll understand your sex drive. 


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Real Female Orgasm

Everything You Didn’t Know About A Real Female Orgasm

Everything You Didn’t Know About A Real Female Orgasm


Female sexuality has been raising curiosity for centuries now, whether from scientists, media, or the general public, and topics such as a real female orgasm were often vaguely covered without too many details. Understanding female orgasm is often confusing for women, not only for men. This complex mystery is slowly getting solved as the world is focused on finding out the answers to questions we wanted to know for a long period, such as ‘Where is a G spot?’, ‘Does a woman need to orgasm to experience sexual pleasure?’, and so on. 

So, we’ve decided to gather all these questions into one article and give you everything you need to know about female orgasms. 

Why do women have orgasms? 

When talking about male orgasms, the benefits are quite clear. Men ejaculate in order to deposit sperm into the vagina, which might or might not lead to pregnancy. Simply put, the male orgasm serves evolutionary purposes. 

However, this is not that clear with female orgasm. Many scientists have been researching various potential benefits, yet only a few have been tested and none of the theories around it has conclusive scientific support. Putting all these assumptions aside, the pleasure a woman gets from orgasming is incredibly vital for her sexual life. It motivates females to have sex, enhances the relationship they have with their sexual partner, and it doesn’t have to involve evolutionary benefits. 

How does a female orgasm feel? 

During arousal, the flow of blood to the genitals will increase, which will cause the genitals to become more sensitive. With arousal, a woman will also experience an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate. As the orgasm is approaching, the woman’s muscles will twitch or spasm. When talking about female orgasm stages, although theories still differ, these four specific stages have been accepted as the most valid ones:

  1. Excitement: The moments when arousal builds,
  2. Plateau: The moments when arousal start increasing,
  3. Orgasm: It causes intense feelings of sexual pleasure,
  4. Resolution: The moments when arousal diminishes.

What are the benefits of a female orgasm? 

Before going into the benefits of female orgasm, you will need to keep in mind that none of the health benefits have enough scientific evidence to support them. When talking about health, scientists still haven’t discovered benefits that improve health in any way when having regular female orgasms.

However, there is a great benefit in experiencing the pleasure that comes with an orgasm. Having sex you enjoy might enhance your mood, relieve stress, boost your immunity, and foster better relationships. Another thing that’s important to mention is that a woman doesn’t need to have an orgasm in order to get pregnant. 

Is the lack of female orgasm connected with psychological issues?

Trauma, issues in your relationship, and poor mental health might make it difficult for you to orgasm, however, it’s not a rule. Many women who have healthy sexual attitudes and quality relationships will still have difficulties when orgasming. 

Orgasms are both physical and psychological responses, and there are many health issues that might make it complicated to enjoy your orgasms. Another thing that might occur is vulvodynia, unexplained pain in the vagina that women feel during sexual pleasure. All in all, if someone is unable to orgasm, the reasons for it should be looked at individually.  

Can women have vaginal orgasms?

Vaginal orgasms are less common than orgasms from clitoral stimulation, yet some women have reported experiencing them with or without other stimulation. Keep in mind that female orgasms might result from numerous forms of stimulation, including vaginal, clitoral, and nipple. How one person orgasms will depend greatly on them, some might only experience orgasm from the vaginal stimulation, while others only from clitoral. 

Do women need to be in love to orgasm? 

As a complex psychological and biological experience, orgasming will not be the same experience for every woman. There are women who need to feel loved in order to orgasm, while they are others who may not. Having a loving relationship with your sexual partner may or may not influence your ability to orgasm during sex. 

Having an orgasm is more about the right type of stimulation for this person, yet it also includes a lot of different factors outside their sexual life, like stress, physical ability, and a wide range of other factors. 

Can men always spot a female orgasm? 

It will be very difficult for a man to know if a woman has had an orgasm without asking her. Some women will make noises while having an orgasm, and others may not. Some women will flush or sweat after orgasm, yet others do not. So, the best way for men to know whether their female sexual partner has had an orgasm is to directly ask her. As a man, you should know that not having an orgasm doesn’t mean that a woman isn’t enjoying the sex. Female orgasms are just very different from male orgasms.

Can masturbation help with having more female orgasms?

Yes and no. Discovering your own body and understanding which spots of your body make your feel good will help you see what you need in order to orgasm. Remember, not every woman requires the same type of stimulation in order to orgasm. Maybe you’ll discover when you touch your nipples, you feel incredible sexual pleasure and orgasm faster. If you communicate this to your sexual partner, they will know what you need to orgasm. 

Keep in mind that if you have always struggled with orgasm when having sex with your partners, it might be too optimistic to expect to have frequent orgasms now that you masturbate. Instead of putting too much pressure on yourself, you should think of your sexuality as something you enjoy exploring and if something doesn’t work quite well, investigate deeper and find what’s your preferred way of doing it.

Wrap Up

Every woman is different, so every female orgasm will be different. That’s why it’s vital that women are talking amongst them about sex topics, including orgasm. The less stigma there is about orgasms, it will become easier for women to surrender to pure sexual pleasure that leads to fantastic orgasms.



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tickle orgasms

Tickle Orgasms And Everything You Need To Know About It

 Tickle Orgasms And Everything You Need To Know About It


Have you heard of tickle orgasms or the arousal a person will feel when being tickled? If this is your first time hearing about it, don’t worry – you’re not the only one. As much as knismolagnia, the official name of tickle orgasm, is just another kink that someone might enjoy. We have rarely heard about this term or even discussed it among our friends while casually conversating about sex. 

Tickling Fetish

Tickling is a form of stimulation that is produced by a light touch on one of the sensitive areas of the body. Such as armpits, collar bones, stomach, ribs, feet, inner thighs, behind the knees and elbows, etc. When talking about sexual fetishes. Tickling can play only a part of the sexual art or it can be the entire play. Also, tickling fetish can also be enjoyed even if there is no nudity or overt sexual activity. 

Those who have this particular fetish can achieve orgasm just from tickling alone. In other words, there is no other stimulation needed to have an orgasm. Besides getting tickled to have an orgasm, there are people who are being turned on when tickling other people or just watching them getting tickled. 

If you want to take your tickling fetish a step further. You can even use props such as feathers, vibrators, electrical current. Or something else that might enhance this stimulation. Depending on how you want to express and practice your kink. You can choose from a variety of options and decide whether you will use it just as foreplay or you want to reward your sexual partner with an orgasm. 

Tickle Or Fetish?

To respond to that question, we’ll need to first go back to the definition of fetish. It is when a person or object has a deeper meaning for someone and becomes part of its favorite sexual experiences. In some cases, they are absolutely required for a person to climax. Tickling in its nature is not so different from foreplay. However, what makes it fetish as it occurs in sexual scenarios and it leads to sexual pleasure. Simply put, a tickling fetish means you get turned on when someone tickles you or vice versa.

In psychology, having a tickling fetish is considered atypical behavior. However, it is more than usual and completely normal for a person to experience this feeling. And sensations that come with it. 

Tickling & Sexual Pleasure

Now, let’s explore the tickling fetish a bit more if we want to find the answer to why some people feel sexual pleasure from getting tickled. If you’re to ask a person with knismolagnia what turns them on, a common response would be related to laughter. When a person is being entertained by another person’s actions so hard that they can’t help themself to laugh. It’s quite sexy and doesn’t seem like anything awkward, right? 

The other common reason is the arousal that comes from the physical sensation. In other words, tickling will get people turned on because this sensation is pleasurable for them. We can’t also avoid the fact that tickling involves the body’s largest organ, the skin. 

Tickling fetish is also quite common in the BDSM world where ticklers might enjoy the feeling of dominance and the ability to make the tickled squirm, and the tickler might feel helpless. For instance, the dominant partner might use blindfolds and restraints to improve that powerless element and add more passion into the game. Speaking from the tickled’s perspective, if they are tickle-averse. They can even relish the aspect of torture that being tickled brings for someone who is completely restrained from moving. 

Is Tickling Fetish Common? 

Just like the majority of fetishes, it’s difficult to determine whether a certain fetish is common or not because they were never documented in a scientific way. Even with surveys on sex, we cannot rely on people telling the complete truth about their sexual activities and preferences due to many factors such as stigma, taboo, and shame. 

However, if you were to look up the term ‘tickle porn’ on the Internet, you will find more than 600,000 results. Which kind of implies that the fetish is more common than you’d think. There are even dating sites created specifically for people that share this fetish and want to meet other people who would love to experience a tickle orgasm. 

How Safe Is It? 

There is really a small chance of being at any risk when getting tickled. Especially because there are no fluids exchanged between the partners. More importantly, neither of the partners will be permanently scarred or damaged from the tickling fetish. Of course, there might be some reflexes involved that might come as a body’s natural response to being exposed to tickling. Yet these things happen quite rarely as both partners give their consent on exploring tickling in the sexual concept. 

When even talking about more serious consequences, there have been only a small number of cases of death by laughter. What’s important to note here is that neither of these people who are a part of this statistics has actually died because of the laughter. Being in poor health was the reason for their death. So it’s safe to say that you cannot die of laughing too much or too hard. 

If a person is laughing too much for more than usual, they might faint or it might trigger cataplexy, a lack of ability to move your muscles. As it is with everything, try to not take it too far. If you enjoy tickling or getting tickled, be conscious of it, and instead of testing the boundaries. Remind yourself that you’re doing it for the incredible sexual pleasure and great orgasm that will follow. Going to the extreme will rarely produce more sexual pleasure, so keep it modest, yet funky! After all, we are talking about tickling!

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Real Orgasm: No Need To Fake It Anymore

Real Orgasm: No Need To Fake It Anymore


When was the last time you had a really good, real orgasm? Yeah, we’re talking about the ones where you really enjoyed it and didn’t fake it just to get it over with. Having an orgasm is so much more than just finalizing the intercourse between you and your sexual partner. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of discussions to be held until we all feel comfortable talking about what excites us, what we don’t like and what is necessary for one person to have a good orgasm.

Why fake it?

Although you will instantly imagine a woman when talking about faking orgasms, did you know that men can also fake an orgasm? So, why does one feel the need to fake an orgasm? This happens more often in long-term relationships than in only-sex agreements between two people. The reason for that is pretty obvious – you don’t want to hurt the other person. However, why have we normalized working on every aspect of our relationships besides the sexual? 

Maybe sex is no longer a taboo in media or on social platforms yet it still is in relationships. Hurting your partner is not the only bad outcome you can have from faking an orgasm. That feeling of mutual excitement and satisfaction is very unique and denying yourself the right to enjoy it every time you have sex would mean losing something pretty valuable.

Which benefits does an orgasm have for a person?  

Having a real orgasm will provide you with incredible health benefits. So, the next time you think about faking it, think about it as something good for your health, not just for your sex life. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect to notice from good, real orgasms:

  • An orgasm has impressive sedating powers. When climaxing, it triggers surges of oxytocin and prolactin, the relaxant hormones in our bodies, which when combined with the release of endorphins can result in feeling sleepy. 
  • It regulates your cycle. When you’re having an orgasm, blood and nutrients rush to the vagina making sure everything is working perfectly down there. 
  • It lowers your cortisol levels and takes care of your heart. This way, you don’t have to fear heart diseases that come from elevated levels of cortisol. 
  • During orgasm, the human growth hormone is being released, which also stimulates collagen.
  • Each time you have an orgasm, your pelvic muscles will contract and release, toning your pelvic floor which is pretty important for your core strength, bladder control, etc. 

Besides these stunning health benefits, a real orgasm also makes you closer to your partner. The oxytocin will surge after the orgasm and it will even deepen the connection you have with your partner. If you were wondering what makes you want to cuddle so much after sex, there’s your explanation!

How to get there?

Faking it or not, we all know that to get to orgasm takes more than just snapping your fingers. How to orgasm more often is what many of us want to learn, so to help you enjoy sex more, here are the best tips on how to orgasm more. 

For women, the clitoris is their go-to climaxing place. Many pleasures and releases of orgasm come actually from the clitoris, yet not every woman prefers the same touch. You will need to treat it very individually and learn what each woman likes and dislikes. After all, the preferred touch will help a woman climax quicker and better.

Others will climax when their partner is in contact with their G-spot, placed between the vaginal opening and cervix. Although you cannot see it, you can easily feel it with your finger. When pressing on the G-spot with a finger, penis or vibrator, many women will feel very excited which will then lead to a very pleasant orgasm.  

For those looking for more pleasure, you should go for blended orgasm. This type of climax occurs when more than one of your erogenous zones are being stimulated at the same time. For instance, it can be a G-spot penetration with a little bit of clitoral touching. What you can expect is an explosive orgasm due to the fact of feeling pleasure in different spots of your body. 

In reality, the more orgasms you have, the more you can expect in the future. More practice brings more pleasure. Have an honest conversation with your sexual partner about what you both like and dislike in bed and dedicate some time to explore how both of you can reach maximum pleasure while having sex. 

How to know if your partner is faking it?

Maybe your partner will not be so opened to this conversation and you’ll need to point out the signs that they are not enjoying sex as much as they say they do. These signs are not too obvious and sometimes, they will depend on the person, yet there are several things you might notice if you suspect your sexual life is not as good as you both wish it to be. 

Orgasming on demand.

If your partner comes after you’ve repeatedly asked them to, chances are they are faking it. Adding too much pressure will not get the person to orgasm faster. Instead, focus more on doing the things you know your partner enjoys in bed and forget about the orgasm as the goal.

No foreplay.

This is more for women as they tend to need more foreplay to climax. Skipping foreplay and jumping into sex immediately might be good for a quicky every once in a while, however, don’t turn it into a habit. Try out that thing you read about in your favorite magazine or do something you both once talked about and never did. Don’t limit yourself, explore the world of pleasure and orgasm will come as a delicious dessert for the both of you. 

No contractions.

When the majority of women are climaxing, you will be able to feel their vagina is pulsing. These pelvic muscle contractions will indicate that the vagina walls are gripping. In other words, the woman is experiencing a real orgasm. So, if you hear her screaming that she’s about to come, focus a bit on her pelvic muscles and see if they’re pulsing. If not, it’s time for that real sex talk!

Make your pleasure a priority

Man or woman, we all deserve to feel sexual pleasure. The reason why women don’t have so many orgasms as men do is that they don’t prioritize their pleasure. They will usually think that sex is enough, often forgetting how liberating and sensual an orgasm can be for them. If you and your sexual partner are planning to heat the atmosphere today, think about the things you need to feel the pleasure you deserve. 

Maybe it’s longer foreplay, maybe it’s more clit-game, or maybe you need a bit of a role play. Whatever it is, share it with your partner and get yourself that orgasm you deserve!

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