Edging for Women: The Art of Controlling Orgasms

Edging for Women: The Art of Controlling Orgasms


Edging for women is increasing sexual stimulation to the point immediately before orgasm and then decreasing it again. It is a safe technique and will not likely harm your health.

Simply put, edging is the act of holding back an orgasm’s release while remaining on its brink.  males and women both use edging methods. However, males do so more frequently. Women don’t need to practice edging as much because they can become multi-orgasmic on their own or with training. Instead, a woman could choose to learn how to orgasm several times throughout a sexual session.


What Is Edging?

Edging is the process of gradually increasing sexual stimulation and ending just before the orgasmic peak. Edging can be done by one person or a group of people. The moment right before orgasm is known as the “edge.” During sexual action, people repeatedly practice edging to get to this point.

Edging may be done by anybody, regardless of gender or sexual preference. Similar to edging, the final climax will eventually be more fantastic the longer you wait and the more frequently you edge and withdraw. Trust us, it’s worth the effort.


How Edging Works

Edging is difficult. Many women who struggle with orgasming believe that getting there is like ascending a mountain; why would I want to drop back down and start over?

The proper approach is crucial to keep you on or as close to the edge as feasible because that is a problem. It’s a smart idea to use a vibrator and other devices to keep yourself entertained if you’re traveling alone. Stop any stimulation just before you’re about to reach your climax, and take a moment to allow your blood flow to slow down a bit.

Your orgasm will start to fade, but you shouldn’t wait until it is completely gone. Whether you were stroking your vibrator on your clitoris or using your hand, continue until you feel as though you are just coming out of climaxing. Then, work to return to the edge quickly so you can repeat the process. Your body will start to tingle as you play on the brink of your orgasm, and you’ll soon start to experience goosebumps.


Tips to Get Started with Female Edging

For various persons, edging can have different uses. It could also differ if someone is doing edging solo or in a group.

Edging is a tool that anybody may use to intensify a sexual orgasmic experience. Some people could use it to extend the duration of their sexual encounters.


  • Try It On Your Own

It might take some talent to learn how to edge, so try it out on your own first. The goal is to get as near to an orgasm as you can, pause, and then resume the process all over again.

So, pick a quiet location where you won’t be disturbed and where you can concentrate completely on the feelings of masturbation.


  • Pay Attention to Your Body

By edging, you may get much more familiar with the precise physical symptoms and in-the-moment reactions of an orgasm. So, do some areas of your body begin to stiffen up? Do your heart rate and breathing patterns alter?

Make a mental note of any minute changes that you notice. You might not be able to stop your climax this time, but the next time you try, you’ll be much more conscious of it as you get closer to the end.


  • Rate Your Arousal

To that aim, rank your level of arousal from one to ten, with ten being climax. When edging, you should halt yourself at an eight or a nine; you should experiment to see how close you can go.

Aiming for an eight when you first start out is a fantastic idea. Then, until you are back down to maybe a six or a five, stop touching yourself or touch yourself just very, very lightly and gently. You may then scale it back up to an eight or a nine before reducing the intensity to two and repeating the process until you are no longer able to tease yourself.


  • Take Turns with Your Partner

To handle both partners at once is simply too much to manage; you won’t be able to get the timing precisely perfect. Instead, before you begin, explain to your spouse what you hope to accomplish and set up a method. 

Decide on a clear signal in advance. It might be anything as easy as an arm or shoulder grasp, or it could be a vocal indication like “stop” or “pause” or “red light”. However, be sure to define the signal first: It might be hard to take yourself out of a situation when you’re with a partner if you get caught up in the moment and are approaching that nine.


  • Choose Your Positions

Choose positions where you have control since edging does call for a significant degree of physical control. Consider woman-on-top positions like Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl for penetrating sex because you can assess the speed and depth of the thrust and stop yourself as soon as necessary. These positions not only provide you easy access to your own clit.

Any position that allows you to rub yourself, though, works for edging because so many women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm: Consider lying back while your standing spouse thrusts in a posture known as a tabletop position, the downward dog, or other rear entrance positions.


In Final Words

You can learn about yourself and what makes you tick by engaging in sexual experimentation of any type. It’s okay if everything does not work for you.

In essence, if you don’t try, you won’t know. When you decide to let yourself feel the added intensity of eventually letting yourself fall over the orgasm cliff, you may realize that standing on the “edge” is just thrilling. Edging may first appear difficult. However, once you master the art of edging, the benefits are endless!



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