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Best Male Sex Toys in 2021

Best Male Sex Toys in 2021   Lately, we have been asked to write a list of the best male sex toys for cis men.  Even though many think they know the best male sex toys. They are often missing other toys that can be found in stores and online.  We define male sex toys […]

Shame-Free Pleasure and Body Image

Shame-Free Pleasure and Body Image   How many times have you desired shame-free pleasure, yet instead felt self-conscious about how you looked? People compare themselves with media images which in turn causes self-doubt, dissatisfaction and hate towards their bodies; therefore, making them purchase beauty products (Tiggeman, 2005; Britton, 2012; Greenfield, 2018).  The beauty and makeup […]

Right Fighting in Relationships [YOU MADE ME DO IT!]

Right Fighting in Relationships [YOU MADE ME DO IT!]   “Romantic relationships are easy if you’re with the right person.” No romantic relationships are easy as two people in a system is more complicated than one. Right fighting in relationships is one of the biggest things I see in couples…. And we believe in misconceptions […]

Female Masturbation And Orgasm – Hands-Free Techniques

Female Masturbation And Orgasm – 14 Hands-Free Techniques Learn about 14 female masturbation and orgasm techniques without using your hands from an article in Womens Health Interactive featuring LCAT owner, Amanda Pasciucco. Written by Wednesday Lee Friday Whether you refer to it as vibe time, flicking the bean, rubbing one out, or some other witty […]

How to Fight Depression

How to Fight Depression   How to fight depression when you have a constant feeling of sadness and a loss of interest is incredibly challenging. Depression often stops you from doing the normal activities you used to find pleasure in.  As common as depression might seem, how to fight depression varies from person to person. […]

How to Stop Self Sabotage

How to Stop Self Sabotage   Many individuals ask how to stop self sabotage while simultaneously setting themselves up for failure.  Avoiding individual needs chronically over years and decades is the most common way that individuals continue to self sabotage. Why Do People Self Sabotage? It’s too hard to do something new Toxicity is familiar […]

Real Sex Begins with a “Yes”

Real Sex Begins with a “Yes”   When it comes to real sex, it begins with enthusiastic consent in the form of a “yes.”    If you are waiting for a no, this isn’t the type of real sex we are talking about.    Actually, unless there is a deep “yes” from others, most people […]

How to Deal With Loneliness

How to Deal With Loneliness   Many people ask how to deal with loneliness, especially during times of extreme stress and pandemics.  Even though the number of people who experience loneliness is more than usual, we can all understand the feeling of being alone.  Loneliness can cause emotional pain and affect people in many other […]

Answering: Do Therapists Touch You [TRUTH REVEALED]

Answering: Do Therapists Touch You [TRUTH REVEALED]   Have you ever asked yourself: Do therapist touch you during session?   What about those who label themselves as a sex therapist? Or a psychotherapist?   What about an LADC, LMFT, LCSW, LPC, PhD, or PsyD.   Have you wondered who is able to touch their patients? […]