Relationship Reboot

Come join us for an evening away from your routine. Learn new techniques proven to heal your intimate relationship.

Communication Skills

Strategies to communicate with your partner in a more effective way. See results in the moment instead of months later.

Anatomy of Pleasure

Learn about the parts of your bodies and how to better understand the roots of pleasure! 

Science of Sex

Identify what you prioritize and value. Together, we will all collaborate on ways to ignite the spark back into YOUR relationship. 

The Art of Tantra

Learn to use your body in ways that provide hours of peace and mental freedom. 

Is it time to invest in your relationship?

You may feel disconnected from your spouse… or you may feel self-conscious about your sexual performance. If sex is awkward or routine, chances are you want to try something new. Come and get a REAL rejuvenation of your body, mind, and soul. 

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Desired outcomes