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Interracial Dating for Couples

Interracial Dating for Couples


Even today, people from different races and ethnic backgrounds face relationship challenges most people will never experience. 

Never mind navigating intimacy with a partner whose race influences their perspective and behavior, interracial couples deal with more outside prejudice many would be surprised to hear. 

Whether done consciously or not, different treatment due to race is something couples and marriages face daily in America.

Choosing love seems so easy when it’s just you and your partner alone together. What happens when family and culture get involved? Compromise can be even harder to reach if one partner in an interracial relationship is from a different country or background.


Beating Back Stigma and Bias

Interracial couples often report feelings of external judgment. Some particularly reflective individuals admit they also struggle with internal judgment; this is typically the result of cultural conditions we experience as children and adolescents.

In some best-case scenarios, stigma and bias attached to interracial couples are done mentally. Others and even you will struggle with conflicting emotions over dating someone who’s not the same race as you are. That, unfortunately, is not where things stop for most interracial couples.

Comments, neglect, subversion, and even overt acts of hate and violence is something mixed couples deal with all the time. Whether it’s someone calling you a ‘traitor’ or expressing views on the virtues of shortcomings of one race over another, it’s still a stain on the American experience. It’s too bad that, for many couples, things like this simply comes with the territory.

Views on race are certainly better than they were in the past; however, we still have a long way to go. Interracial couples show, in many cases, impressive bravery by simply acting on their feelings of love for another person when the world has unsolicited opinions.


You Don’t Owe Anyone

If you’re interested in dating someone from another race or are struggling with difficult emotions in your current interracial dating, realize that you don’t owe anyone anything. Even though it’s hard to be resolute, you don’t owe your allegiance to a race, culture, or ethnicity because you were born that way.

You get to choose which parts of your culture and heritage belong to you. You set the rules. This realization, or rather resoluteness, can be extremely freeing. Many interracial couples can face external biases more effectively once they start actively working on overcoming any internal turmoil.

While race is a method of social identification, it doesn’t define who you are. You are more than your physical traits.

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