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Lesbian Relationship Issues: Communication and Connection

Lesbian Relationship Issues: Communication and Connection


Lesbian relationship issues are unique stressors for lesbians in committed relationships. Communicating with your partner when issues arise is crucial, even though managing lesbian relationship issues can be difficult (before resentment builds). Lesbian couples may face isolation, family rejection, and the high cost of starting a family. 


Because our society is patriarchal in nature, lesbian relationships are frequently stigmatized and invalidated. Sometimes, lesbian couples feel unsafe holding hands in public or kissing each other goodbye. 


This could be the result of a real or perceived threat. Unfortunately, a lot of lesbian couples have experienced harassment or threats from strangers for showing their love in public. This is why it is so important to have conversations with your partner about what feels safe for you and how you want to handle things like PDA and social media. Many of us have been shamed to not show affection in public, yet it is different with a same-sex partner. In some countries, it may be easier for lesbian couples than it is for gay men. 


In addition to harm from strangers, many lesbian couples face issues that come from their own families. While our society has had a large shift around acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community, many families still reject or tolerate their queer children rather than celebrate them and their relationship.


One or both partners often lack family support, which can strain the relationship. This can damage someone’s identity and self-esteem, causing lesbian relationship issues. 


Because their families do not accept them, many LGBTQIA+ people have chosen families. It is very important to have support from others while navigating lesbian relationship issues. 


Lesbian couples looking to start a family can also face significant financial challenges. Like their straight counterparts who have fertility issues, lesbians are unable to conceive without medical intervention, which is typically not covered by insurance. This may cost thousands of dollars per child for lesbian couples. In addition to fertility treatments or insemination, financial hardship can strain any relationship. 


The best way to overcome lesbian relationship issues is to have honest and open conversations with your partner. Being honest with your partner about your feelings, witnessing one another, and supporting one another in times of crisis can create a stronger bond within the couple. 


Ask your partner how they are doing mentally, emotionally, and practically. By doing so, you can support each other lovingly when lesbian relationship issues arise. Having trouble caring for each other? Seek help from an LGBTQIA+ affirming therapist. 



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