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Shame-Free Pleasure

Shame-Free Pleasure and Body Image

Shame-Free Pleasure and Body Image


How many times have you desired shame-free pleasure, yet instead felt self-conscious about how you looked?

People compare themselves with media images which in turn causes self-doubt, dissatisfaction and hate towards their bodies; therefore, making them purchase beauty products (Tiggeman, 2005; Britton, 2012; Greenfield, 2018). 

The beauty and makeup industry actually uses unrealistic, photoshopped images to advertise their products for consumption (Richins, 1995; Cory & Burns, 2007; Greenfield, 2018). 

Literally, all around the United States, there is a glamorization of certain types of bodies while there is a disdain for others.  Social conditioning is like oxygen, and it fills every moment we are in.

Yes, we can be “aware” of it. Yet we really rarely understand the correlation that negative body image has with shame-free pleasure. 

Often, shame will leave a person  feeling disconnected and dissatisfied because they are following someone else’s life ideals, rather than tapping into their own.


Shame All Around

Especially in a pandemic, people are watching more advertisements and not being taught about having a healthy relationship with their bodies.  

While having a disdain for their bodies and thus not wanting to be seen for pleasure, many relationships can suffer from the messaging that minds have been programmed to see and compare themselves to. 

The human body is extraordinary and it’s capable of having pleasurable moments that can bring connection between the mind and body. 

Actually, there is a depth of shame-free pleasure that occurs when you learn to appreciate your body during solo sex or partnered pleasure. 


What Is Body Image?

Body image is perceived as incredibly important, especially in capitalistic cultures (Botta, 2003). And some studies have associated body image with sexual satisfaction (Lowery, 2005; Yamamiya et al, 2006; Sanchez, 2007; Weaver & Byers, 2007).  

So few people tap into their fantasy or pleasurable life because their shame is a barrier to entry. However, imagine the bliss that could occur without disdain for the human body. 

Unfortunately, no matter what your gender media images have been used as a standard to measure how individuals’ body image should appear. (Grabe et al., 2008; Brown, 2002).  


Why You Want Shame-Free Pleasure

  • Experience vulnerability and depth of connection, which is a major component in partnered intimacy
  • Learn about one’s own body responses and advocate towards self responsibility for sexual pleasure
  • Psychological factors that may be associated with low libido may be alleviated 

If you are really worried about having shame-free pleasure because you fear how you look, why not consider a blindfold? You can blindfold yourself or someone else! 

Or if everyone wears blindfolds, then it’s similar to having sex at night… yet in the day. 

If you aren’t convinced yet why shame-free pleasure matters, then maybe learning more about who you are on the inside can help. 

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