How is the pandemic affecting Veterans with PTSD and family members

How is the pandemic affecting Veterans with PTSD and family members


22+ Veterans Die Daily! (This was before COVID-19)!

Amanda Pasciucco, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in trauma, and her stepfather, Special Forces Veteran Chuck Eggen to discuss the weakness of the Veteran Health Care system.

In my experience, the VETERANS ADMINISTRATION is full of GREED and promotes a traumatic response outward to our heroes… our Veterans! The VA represents what happens when a system breakdowns… and those outward effects.

We have a generation of Veterans with PTSD.

Watch the broadcast to understand more about why we believe the VA is responsible for the lives of more than 22 Veterans a day!

The VETERANS ADMINISTRATION is about to kill MORE than 22 Veterans a day! The system is broken.

Unleashing this via Facebook Live this week, as it is MY duty because #familyfirst! I am a sex therapist, family therapist, and community care defender!

As a PTSD and systemic therapist, I have 10 years of experience with abusive system. #Veterans will die if the VA breaks their continued coverage of care.

They are NOT watching out for our vulnerable populations.

They are not watching out for providers and the community.

The VA passes off the handling of payments for MEDICAL and BEHAVIORAL HEALTHCARE.

PTSD therapists are available in the community!!! Let us see the Veterans.

Let Triwest continue to manage current provider payments in New England.

New VA Community Care Network (CCN) Program

VA Community Care Network (CCN) Builds On PC3 Program for the Future

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