Sex Technique Video

Sex Technique Videos

Sex Technique Videos


Have you ever watched porn and thought, I wish a profession could just make a sex technique videos?

I had this thought back before I learned anything about human sexuality. 

A sex technique videos is GREAT for adults who love to learn visually! 

  • To make sustainable changes in patterns of connection. 
  • To increase awareness about intimate pleasure and sensual wellness. 
  • To develop habits that support sexual and / or relational goals.
  • To become more adventurous while embracing change in intimacy menu.
  • To feel more connected and free, instead of reactive or ignored.

Stimulate your senses with a new type of sensation – using sex therapy techniques like tantra or kink! 

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I love to make videos because therapy is expensive, and sometimes people only need little tricks. 

Not everyone needs intensive therapy, so these videos create access to services some people may not have been able to afford. 

Each video takes about 8 hours or so to make. Thousands of messages between our entire team go back and forth from week to week as we make just one video. 

If the audio or video is off, I get bummed out, yet I realize that having the knowledge is what matters most. This is why I have dedicated myself to make a weekly video, even during COVID19 closures. 

You cannot learn solely from a sex technique videos – you have to try and do the exercises suggested FOR YOURSELF! 

To help you get started, we have put together a quick videos for couples: 


How to be good in bed!

Benefits: Set the scene, and show up ready, even if you are anxious! How to spice up your routine if you have been together for a while! Learn ways to “hack” the bedtime boredom by using these ideas to help you relax and center your mind and body.


How to Make a BDSM Video

For those who want to make their own form of pornography, this will show you the most important things to consider! Forget fighting with your partner and start planning a video! 

Consider trading your “usual” pleasure routine for something more curious… something more erotically challenging.



Benefits: Did you ever want to improve your stamina and sense of pleasure in bed? Edging is one technique to do this that MOST people report as fun and simple! It’s low risk and high reward! 


Video on Breathing 

Benefits: Better breath control improves blood flow and oxygenation that results in a more relaxed, stimulating sexual experience.


Female Anatomy 

Benefits: Condenses a decade of knowledge into one video! For those of you struggling with not understanding how to pleasure a vagina… it’s probably because you don’t know enough about the entire anatomy of pleasure for a woman. This video quickly teaches you how to become a sexpert! 


My most popular videos:

How to Get Over Male Sexual Performance Anxiety

Couples Having Sex During The Quarantine

Pleasuring a Woman: What You Should Know Before Having Sex

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Our team of compassionate, licensed therapists and certified sex therapists help Millennials and Baby Boomers alike who visit us for a variety of relationship, intimacy and sex problems. 

LCAT provides on-site appointments, as well as video chat and text therapy programs. For clients hoping to take their intimate lives to the next level through personalized coaching on YOUR terms, learn more about our Text Therapy Program.

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