Signs Your Wife Wants to Leave You

Signs Your Wife Wants to Leave You

Signs Your Wife Wants to Leave You


When the signs your wife wants to leave you are staring at you, you are usually the last person to notice. As the spouse, you may try to keep convincing yourself that the problem you are encountering in your marriage will only last for a short while

With time, you will begin to see the picture and face the harsh reality of losing your dear wife. When you see these signs, you will begin to expect the divorce letter at any time. It may seem the love, affection, care, romance and sex are gone.

So, what are the signs to look out for before coming to this conclusion?

  • Picks fight unnecessarily
  • Shows less affection
  • She doesn’t communicate like before
  • She doesn’t spend her free time with you
  • Keeps secrets from you
  • Gets angry over everything you do
  • Pays more attention to her appearance
  • She’s asked for a break to “think things through” 

Despite seeing these signs, you may have several thoughts running through your mind. You may begin to think that your mind is playing tricks on you and question if your wife still loves you as much as you do. To be sure about your wife’s stance in your marriage, read on.

Signs Your Wife Wants to Leave You

She Picks Fight Unnecessarily

Fighting and misunderstanding are parts of every relationship, including marriage. It’s okay to agree and disagree. It becomes frustrating when a partner enjoys doing it at every given opportunity.

When your wife fights you and you’re always at fault every time she does this, it might be a sign that she wants to leave and she doesn’t have a good-enough reason to leave you. 

She might not have the courage to tell you that she wants out of the marriage, and the only way to achieve this is to push you to argue to enable her to have a justification for doing what she did.


She Shows Less Affection

Most times, women show affection to the people they love. So, when your wife stops showing you affection, it’s a sign she may no longer be in love with you. Unlike men, women only have sex with the men they find attractive or love.

That’s why you need to start asking questions when your wife is not showing affection as she does before. She might have stopped loving you if you have to force her to hold your hands, kiss you, hug you or tell you she loves you every time.

It might even be a sign that she’s found someone else. Although, this doesn’t mean she’s cheating on you… yet. 


She Doesn’t Communicate Like Before

Communication is an important part of every relationship, and the impact is often felt whenever it is absent in marriage. Lack of communication is a huge sign that your marriage is about to end on the rocks, and this shouldn’t be taken lightly.

At the onset of lack of communication, you might think it’s nothing serious until it develops into silent treatment whereby your wife ignores you completely.


She Doesn’t Spend Her Free Time with You Anymore

At the beginning of a good relationship, your partner would want to spend all of her free time with you. 

They do this because they can’t seem to get enough of you. With time, these feelings wear off as new relationship energy fades, and you both are regular parts of one another’s lives. 

Getting married doesn’t stop you from spending some time alone or chasing your dreams. So, your wife should have some alone time too. This doesn’t imply that she shouldn’t spend some of her alone time with you.

If she doesn’t honor your dates anymore, she doesn’t ask you to go on adventures together, or if she tells you that romantic getaways aren’t necessary, she might be showing signs that she wants to leave you.



She Keeps Secrets from You

Sudden secretive behavior is one of the signs your wife wants to leave you.

Although, the fact that you’re married doesn’t imply that your wife will not have her own personal time and space, yet omitting truths and holding her own secrets is suspicious. 

If you’ve witnessed her lying and hiding things from you, and you no longer know who she is with or where she spends her free time, or know nothing about her new promotion or new schedule, there is a chance that she may no longer be interested in the marriage.


 She Gets Angry Over Everything You Do

In healthy relationships, you find compassion in all aspects of your partner, including their flaws, as it is part of who they are.

Unlike in a Disney movie, in real romantic relationships, even when you are aware of their flaws, you accept them without trying to change them.

When everything about you, especially your flaws, annoy your wife when she used to find them precious, it is a sign that she wants to leave you. 

If she complained about your haircut, how you smell, or your clothing, your wife may want to leave you, as she may be comparing you to someone else


She Pays More Attention to Her Appearance

A wife paying attention to how she looks is positive. However, it is cause for concern when your wife suddenly starts paying more attention to her appearance than before. 

Although changing her appearance might be a personal decision, the signs are often there when she’s doing it to impress another man. She may be dying her hair more frequently, changing her weight, purchasing more lingerie and not wearing it with you, or wearing more makeup when she’s away from you. 


She’s Asked For a Break

Asking for a break is a specific sign your wife wants to leave you. She may be scared of going through the divorce or uncoupling process, and therefore wants space to help her figure things out.

She may want to find out if she can survive without you. And if your partnership is worth putting more effort into or not.


7 Signs Your Wife Wants to Leave You

In conclusion, you may be coming to terms with the realization that your wife wants to leave you. This may be difficult, especially when you’ve built your life together. It may be harder when you have children or share the same business with your partner.

When your wife has made up their mind to leave you, there may be little to be done about it. However, if you still love her, try all you can to bring back the spark in your marriage by trying sex therapy or text therapy. 

Who knows… she might have a change of heart.

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