What To Ask From An Escort

What To Ask From An Escort

What To Ask From An Escort


You are maybe feeling lonely or looking for a date for this big event your company is throwing, and you’re curious about what to ask from an escort as it seems like the most viable option for you at the moment. If you’ve decided to go on a date with an escort, you will notice many dating services out there you can easily call and request a companion for the occasion you need. 

If you feel intimidated or overwhelmed with the entire experience, you probably want to learn how to get the service quality you need. The common advice is to think of it like any other date, yet always do a background check on your chosen escort agency and the laws about escorting in your area. 

Once you have done proper research and you’re all set to make the call, just follow these guidelines and make sure you’re confident and straightforward in the conversation. 

#1 Explain Your Request

Once you are sure that the escort agency is not a scam, you should call the escort and start the conversation with them. Explain to them why you need their services, so they can provide you also with the information you need. For instance, you might need them to be your date for a wedding or a business event in your company. Whichever the occasion is, you will need to be clear and not hide anything from the escort. 

You don’t have to lay out too much about the event or yourself. Just share the important details such as the date, city, and the nature of the event so the escort knows what is expected of them. The rest of it can be discussed later in the conversation. 

#2 Age

The most important question you will need to ask when hiring an escort is their age. The person needs to be of the right and legal age if you don’t wish to end up in more problems you can handle. When asking about the age, you can ask for some type of identification from them as well. 

The easiest way to do so is via a video call and asking them to show you their ID. Any weird answer or stalling should immediately be a red flag for you and you shouldn’t hire that person and their escorting services. 

#3 Rate

When hiring any professional, you always ask for the price before paying for it. The same is with the escort. Ask in advance for their rate as it will show you if this person’s services are within your budget or not. However, as much as you wish to avoid hiring a professional that is too expensive, avoid those who seem too cheap as well. They probably will not offer the best services and you might end up with a horrible experience. 

Find the quality you can pay for as you will leave an impression wherever you go with your chosen escort. It should be a pleasant experience from the first to the last moment of the date. 

#4 Photo

You should ask them for their photo if you agreed to hire them. Imagine a situation where you are picking them up in your car and you see dozens of beautiful women walking down the street and you have no idea which one is she. Once you both agreed, ask kindly for their photo and explain to them why you are asking for it. 

If they are not okay with sharing their photos due to a certain reason, just set up a way for you two to recognize each other. It might be that you will call them when you’re there and talk to them until you see them, or you might video call them and figure it out even more easily. 

#5 Date Details

Besides the information about the escort, you will need to determine the date details with them to make sure everything goes well. Be clear about the place and the time you will meet, where you will go, what is expected of the escort and when the date will end. If there is a certain dress code, make sure you share it with them on time. 

It might seem irrelevant to you, yet you might take an escort to a boat party and find out there that they are seasick every time they get on a boat. Also, if they need to talk to someone important to you, like your boss or a friend, make sure you inform them about it so they can leave a good impression. 

Staying Safe

All of these questions you will ask are equally important as much as how the date goes when you are with the escort. If you start suspecting that something is off, it’s because it probably is. End the date with them and give them money for the taxi if you’re uncertain whether driving them back is a good idea or not. Your safety should always be your priority and as much as you took all the precaution measures you could think of, it might not go well as planned. 

Also, before going to this event with an escort, always make sure that your family or friends know where you will be and when you are thinking of going back to your home. You don’t have to share with anybody that you’re going there with an escort, yet knowing where you are will also help you feel more comfortable if this is the first time you’re hiring an escort. 

In Final Words

You’ve probably heard of many scams in the escorting world, and you probably want to avoid these situations as much as possible. So, make sure you ask for all the information that will turn this into a positive experience in the beginning. 

Don’t be afraid to ask if something seems wrong. Ask for clarifications, repeat the question if you’re not sure it was answered, and do proper research of the agency. Keep in mind that you are the client here and you have every right to check the quality of service before paying for it. 

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