dirty talking with a partner you live with

Dirty Talking with a Partner You Live With

Dirty Talking with a Partner You Live With


Who said it’s impossible to enjoy dirty talking with a partner you live with? We usually suggest it to our friends as a great method of seduction, so we tend to forget about it once we go deeper into the relationship. After all, if you have ever been in a long-term relationship, you’re probably aware that you need this kind of relationship advice once routine kicks in.

Usually, the first few months are filled with passion and curiosity about each other, so there’s no need to give additional attention to the sexual aspect of your relationship. However, once you start feeling like you and your partner are falling into a routine, it’s time to think about all the tricks that can recover that passion, and one of them is definitely dirty talking. 

So, let’s take a look at how you can start practicing dirty talking with your partner and how to become a professional in it.

What is Dirty Talk?

Dirty talk is the term created to describe passionate, sexual vocabulary used to create desire between two people either in person or with the help of technology. One of the most common ways dirty talking is used is with long-distance relationships as it’s almost the only way to maintain sexual intimacy when apart.

So, is it possible to talk dirty to your partner you live with and it seems like you haven’t got any more tricks up your sleeve to surprise them? Of course, it’s even simpler and hotter than you could imagine. 

Dirty Talking in Relationships and Marriages

When was the last time you talked dirty to your partner? Let’s be honest, it has probably been a while, and nobody can blame you. With all the responsibilities, work and stress, it’s very challenging to keep the flame burning between the two of you. Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

You can start changing the dynamic between you and your partner by introducing dirty talk into your relationships, and there are several ways on how to do it. Depending on your schedule, the day of the week and your preferences, you can play with different types of dirty talking. 

Juicy Messages at Work

Yes, you might be busy, just as he can be busy, yet we all have 3-5 minutes to send a few dirty texts per day, right? This way, you will pause your busy schedule and add sexy games into your daily routine. If you’re not an expert at it, don’t worry. 

There are no mistakes in dirty talking as you should just speak your mind. For instance, maybe you’ll mention you regret you didn’t have enough time in the morning to have sex or you will describe what you wish to do to your partner once you come home – either way, you’ll talk dirty and your partner will love it!

Out-of-blue Sex Invitations

Dirty messages are best for beginners as they provide you with enough time to think of something sexy to share. Sudden sex invitations are for those who want to take their dirty talking to the next level. If your meeting has just been canceled and you know your partner is having a slow day at work as well, why not send a dirty message to them inviting them for a little bit of sex in your office, at home, or in the bathroom of your favorite restaurant?

Action at Home

As most people will be in the mood for sex when they are both at home, far away from their work responsibilities, why not talk dirty with your partner at home? There are plenty of ways you can seduce each other with words, from talking dirty when eating dinner to talking dirty in the shower. 

Try practicing it more outside the bedroom as it will be more interesting and you might even end up having sex in the kitchen or on the balcony. Another great way to talk dirty can be in front of the mirror expressing everything you’d like to do to each other. 

Vacation Word Play

Going on a vacation is the perfect opportunity to turn up the heat before officially unpacking your suitcase in a new location. Usually, we will be really excited when going on a vacation so why not use this excitement to prepare your partner for wild days ahead? 

Use your imagination to think about all the places where you’d like to have sex with them and create hot scenarios together. This will also help you have more sexual desire for one another as you’d already have an idea or two on how you both wish to spend your vacation time. 

Be Playful With Your Photos

If you reach out to your friends and seek sex advice, at least one of them will recommend sending sexy, provocative photos to your partner. And as much as this will produce the result you want, how about sending regular photos and talking dirty in the photo description? 

For instance, you might want to send your selfie reading a boring report and write to your partner what you wish to do with them instead. Or, you can send a photo of you two together on your last vacation where you had a lot of sex and share with him you’d like to escape the boring daily routine again and enjoy even more sex.

Dirty Talking = Happy Relationship

Dirty talking is actually so much more than sharing a bunch of sexy, provocative thoughts with your partner. It improves your sex drive, strengthens your relationship, enhances confidence, and keeps things pretty interesting. With dirty talking, you will be able to maintain the passion and learn more about each other. 

So, if this is your first time trying dirty talking, just relax and share the dirty thoughts you have. If you don’t have any, you can always talk about previous experiences you have both shared. Once you feel more relaxed, it will come to you naturally and you will enjoy all the little word games you can play and relish your sex life even more!

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