sex toy for men

Finding The Best Sex Toy For Men

Finding The Best Sex Toy For Men


Usually, when talking about the tools to achieve pleasure, we rarely talk about finding the perfect sex toy for men. Without a doubt, women are spending more money on sex toys. Yet the male audience is becoming more and more interested in this type of product as well. Men are determined to enjoy exploring their sexual pleasure, whether it’s through masturbation or having sex with their partner.

As much as you might assume that the male sex toy market is one-dimensional. The reality is actually quite the opposite. Nowadays, men have numerous options to choose from to enhance their pleasure during masturbation or sex. Regardless of the sex toy you might choose. You will soon start enjoying priceless orgasms and might end up buying more and more sex toys. 

To help you make your decision. We have prepared an overview of the best sex toys for men which can be used for your solo play. Or you might even decide to share them with your special one. It’s completely up to you!

#1 Lil Tootsie

Let’s start with the sex toy you can use alone or with someone. The Lil Tootsie is the perfect choice for men as its silicone sleeve features a ribbed material. Reminding the user of a vagina. Also, it can be used in a different way where a user would pull it tight to mimic a sucking sensation. 

So, if you’re tired of all these vibrators on the market and are looking for something completely different. Lil Tootsie is perfect for you. This nonvibrating toy can be used in any moment of masturbation and couples can use it as a tool in a game of two. 

#2 Fun Factory MANTA Vibrating Stroker

If you were assuming that wand vibrators can only bring pleasure to vaginas and vulvas, you were completely wrong. This vibrating stroker is your go-to toy when you’re looking for a little bit of fun in the sheets with your sexual partner. This pretty impressive sex toy comes with a loop handle that fits around the shaft to ensure you achieve stroking pleasure.  Or a really focused deep sensation. 

Its ridges hold lube and its motor will vibrate along your entire penis so you can enjoy it however you want. In other words, if you love great handjobs or blowjobs. Having a toy like this vibrating stroker will stimulate exactly these feelings for you. 

#3 Classic Pink Lady Fleshlight

If the thought of vagina is what turns you on when you’re masturbating alone in your bed. You will be happy to hear that there are more sex toys for men created in a form of the vagina. The ‘fleshlight’ is designed so it reminds a person of a vagina while they are masturbating. To experience the pleasures of penetration. All you will have to do is to slip it over your penis to stimulate the experience of vaginal or anal sex.

Besides its stunning design, men have praised its effect. And are suggesting it to anyone who would love to take their masturbation game to the next level. And, it’s perfect for those who are single as this toy can best be enjoyed only when it’s you and nobody else in the room. 

#4 SVAKOM Alex Neo Mastubator

Anybody who loves seeing the wonders of technology in every aspect of their lives will adore this SVAKOM Alex Neo Masturbator. It’s a thrusting stroker that shows its full potential if the user utilizes an app to explore many modes and audible experiences. This toy is perfect for all of those who want to use it with their long-distance partner as you can communicate via app or video chat. 

Moreover, you can pair it with the porn of your choice and align the strokes accordingly which brings a completely another dimension of virtual reality masturbation. If this is a bit too much for you, just simply remove the detachable textured sleeve. And find your own pleasure. 

#5 Pleasure Works Gala Confetti Mini Anal Plug

For those who are curious to explore anal penetration and have yet to try it, this anal plug is the perfect solution. This is a small and simple butt plug designed to bring incredible anal pleasure. And you will love it from the first moment you try it. 

This confetti-decorated silicone anal plug is very flexible to help you truly enjoy the penetration and it’s tapered for easy insertion. And we can’t forget its wings that give you complete control over movements while you are masturbating. 

#6 Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration

If you’re a fan of vibrators, you will probably want to have more than just one. After all, some men have an entire collection of different vibrators they use quite often. So, if you’re one of them too, the Heat Vibration will provide you with all the levels of pleasure you’re fantasizing about. And more importantly, it will also help you get to climax. Pretty impressive, right? 

This sex toy includes a very soft sleeve with pleasure ridges, two motors, and 70 vibration patterns. No wonder why most men recommend it for absolute pleasure as you’ll have plenty of options to explore until you find the one that provides you with the best orgasm!

#7 Lelo LOKI Wave

You’ve already well familiar, or we can see somewhat an expert, in the anal play? Then, you’ll love LOKI Wave by Lelo! It brings incredible prostate play to its users due to the adjustable power with ten stimulation modes. This sex toy was created to provide great pleasure and stimulation inside and out. With this one, you will have two motors targeting your prostate and perineum. While the stimulator will move back and forth against the prostate. Getting you closer to your climax. 

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to buy your first sex toy, you’ll be surprised by the wide choice of products. More importantly, diversity will help each individual find something that will work for them. Also, look for sex toys that are designed for the level of experience you have. It’s not the same to use a sex toy for experts and the one for beginners. That’s why it’s vital that you research well and read reviews before buying, so you can have as many orgasms as you want!


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