Tantric Sex Positions

Tantric Sex Positions That Will Blow Your Mind

Tantric Sex Positions That Will Blow Your Mind


If you and your partner have been researching the best tantric sex positions to improve your sexual life, that means you are looking for something more than just sex – you’re looking for a connection. Even if you haven’t been looking into tantra that much, and are curious to discover what’s it about, this article will provide you with all the information you need to connect with your partner on a more meaningful level and maybe enhance your relationship and not just your sexual life. 

So, for those who don’t know what tantra actually is, tantra is considered a system of combining breaths, sounds, movements, and focus that lead to longer and more intense orgasms, more intimacy, more significant connection, altered states of reality, and transcendence during sex. 

Tantra vs Kama Sutra

If you’re new to this term, you might easily confuse Tantra and Kama Sutra, although they are very different in their nature. Kama Sutra is focused on advanced sex positions while Tantra shows you ways to move and connect with your energy while in these certain positions, which then turns these positions into a completely different experience for you. When trying tantric sex positions, partners should be aware of taking deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling, in order to activate their nervous system that leads to a flow state. 

As much as Tantra is not focused so much on the specific positions, there are a few positions that will be used more often in Tantra to achieve incredible orgasms and an even deeper connection with your partner. If you were looking for new tantric sex positions to try out, here is the list of our favorites!

#1 Goddess Pose

If you want to feel like a goddess during sex, this position is perfect for you. The insertive partner will have to lie on their back, while the receptive one squats over the partner who is beneath them. While doing so, their feet should be flat on the ground. Think of it like a cowgirl position, yet with a more profound experience. 

When you’re in the goddess pose, make sure you maintain eye contact with each other. While the partner on their back can enjoy the goddess riding them and making them feel all kinds of sensations. Don’t forget about inhaling and exhaling deeply. While trying to connect your breath, and get into a flow you’ll never forget.

#2 Open Pincer

In the Open Pincer pose, the receptive partner will lay down while their legs will be in the penetrative partner’s hands. On the other hand, the penetrative partner will kneel on their knees and move towards the receiving partner. For even a better sensation, you can use a pillow or sex wedge under the hip of the partner who is laying down.

There are various reasons why this position is great for tantric sex. It’s great for anal sex, and also for vaginal penetration. The Open Pincer position also creates more space in the vulva, and it’s recommended for self-clitoral stimulation. Last but not least, it’s a position that allows partners to maintain eye contact and shared breath which leads to great pleasure and orgasm. 

#3 Snake Trap

This position is quite different from the previous two mentioned above as the couple will not be close to each other. However, their legs will by being entwined in “V” shapes, while sitting across from each other. Both partners will have their hands on the ankles of the other person to maintain stability and leverage. 

This position is perfect for those looking for a bit more shallow penetration, without losing eye contact. It’s also great for those who love having the entire body view of each other as the position is exposing their bodies. More importantly, it’s great for deeper emotional intimacy, sharing breath, and even for foreplay. 

#4 The Tiger

If you’re a big fan of a spooning position or simply love to cuddle a lot during sex. The Tiger position is what you’ll be most interested to try out with your partner. This variation of the spooning position creates more space between the chest of the insertive partner and the back of the receptive one. To get into it, both partners will need to lie down next to each other on their sides. 

This is one of the tantric sex positions that doesn’t require so much energy and stamina. So any couple can try it at a certain point in their relationship. If you and your partner are looking for an intimate, slow. And sensual position to enjoy each other and achieve great orgasm together, the Tiger is perfect for you. 

#5 Third Eye Bliss

Just by reading the name of this tantric sex position. You already know it’s mostly about connection and eye contact, right? The Third Eye Bliss is a missionary position in which one partner will lay on their back while the insertive partner will start the penetration. The partner who is penetrating will be on top of the receiving partner looking them in the eyes and maintaining the connection and shared breath. 

Both partners can focus on inhaling and exhaling at the same time. And seeing what sensations it causes in their bodies. Once they start feeling all that sexual energy moving through their bodies. They can inhale it up to their spine, all the way into their brain, and slowly exhale it. 


Whichever tantric sex position you choose, you will not be wrong. All these positions are great to enhance your sexual life, and also your relationships. Talk to your partner to discover which position they would like to try and start practicing them when you are ready. Soon, you will discover a completely different dimension of sex that will produce more pleasure than you could ever imagine. 


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