tantric sexology near me

Tantric Sexology Near Me: Learn All About It

Tantric Sexology Near Me: Learn All About It


If you’re interested in connecting sexually with your partner, you might look online for terms such as ‘tantric sexology near me’ or ‘best tantric sex’ to understand better what it’s all about. With tantric sex, you are able to dive deeper into a sexual connection that provides you with access to more profound levels of feelings, sensations, and energy, and most importantly, a better understanding of who you are.

In tantra, we celebrate the sacredness of our bodies and sexual desires, while at the same time, we’re buying mindfully aware of the shared pleasure. Learning tantric sexology can help in releasing shame, trauma, and any obstacles you might have around sex by unleashing the very transformative power of erotic energy and the most incredible orgasms you’ve ever had. 


Tantric Sex

This sexual practice is one aspect of the ancient spiritual philosophy known as tantra. Its purpose is to reveal an ecstatic union with life that goes beyond our sense of self. Tantric sex is often looked at as one doorway to transcendent experience which once learned, can never be forgotten. Tantric intimacy is something that awakens the fire in your sexual energy, passion, creativity, and personal desires aligned with your heart and spirit. 

With tantric sex, your lovemaking will feel healing, empowering, transcendent, and beyond. You will also feel connected to your partner, and you will notice how your relationship is blossoming, along with your sexual life. During lovemaking, you both will feel as if the time is slowing down and your intuition is expanding as you’re both diving into almost psychedelic realms of the erotic world. 


During Tantric Sex

Once your start exploring tantric sex, you will notice it actually involves a variety of erotic activities. Some of them will not involve penetration or any physical stimulation that we typically connect with sex, yet it will provide you with such pleasure that you will want to repeat it as soon as possible. 

A typical tantra encounter will involve many subtle sexual realms, from gentle caresses to being focused on the way that energy flows between two bodies. At times, you will even barely move, as you will be focused on the meditative aspect of the tantra, and this stillness combined with your partner’s energy will lead you to precious romantic and erotic moments. Once you start practicing tantric sex, try to be as relaxed as you can be and truly take things slowly. Play with the rhythm of your sexual games, speed it up and then slow it down to really make the most of this erotic energy that’s exchanged between you two.  


Sexual Energy vs Tantric Energy

The difference between regular sex and tantric one is in its awareness. Tantric sex is so much than sex and it emphasizes so much more than bodies. You will be more aware of your and your partner’s breath, how you both move, how it feels when you touch each other. And how you’re both filling up the room with your combined erotic energy. Not to say that tantric sex cannot be raw and intense. Yet it’s always aiming to connect two souls through intercourse instead of just aiming for pleasure.

As we mentioned awareness quite a few times, it’s evident that breathwork is crucial for tantric sex. You will use your breath and awareness, and learn to move your sexual energy through your entire body. This will also help you feel the sexual pleasure throughout the body as you give into the cosmic play with your sexual partner. 


Neotantra Or Classical Tantra?

The earliest evidence of someone mentioning tantra dates back to the seventh century. In Hindu books, many texts were written about it. However, there is a bit of difference in how the eastern world and western world define it. Typically, when people from western countries use the word ‘tantra’, they are actually referring to ‘neotantra’.

When talking about classical tantra, there are numerous complex and quite rigorous spiritual paths that aim to achieve enlightenment. Often, these paths will involve serious study and dedication, many meditative practices, etc. Focusing on sexual energy is only a small part of it and usually is reserved for advanced practitioners only. 

On the other hand, neotantra has been developing over the past two centuries and its goal is to enhance intimacy and connection in people. A more profound connection to our bodies and emotions, while also opening ourselves to orgasmic ecstasy. What you will usually find in the media is a set of practices from modern tantric sex practitioners. These practices are not a part of ancient wisdom, however, their relevance and meaning are unquestionable. 


Tantric Sex Benefits

We already mentioned many benefits from having tantric sex with your partner. Yet there are so many of them that it doesn’t hurt to mention a few more. As you continue practicing tantric sex, you will notice how you’re receiving more of what you want in sex. While also releasing sexual blocks and shame you have from before. Indeed, tantric sex is therapeutic as it helps you even heal from sexual trauma and rediscover intimacy with your partner.

Also, you will notice how your sexual energy is slowly increasing as you’re allowing it to flow freely throughout your body. Overall, you can expect to experience an entirely new level of heart connection, a deeper sense of intimacy. And purer love for each other. There are plenty of ways you can start exploring tantric sex. You can start reading about it on your own, and once you feel confident, share it with your partner.

Or, you can start discovering the world of tantric sex together. Find what you wish to try out first, and start with smaller steps. Sit opposite to one another and focus on your breath. Look into each other eyes and pay attention to what happens in your body. This can be a great introduction for those who are choosing to have tantric sex for the first time as it’s gradually preparing you both for a very unique erotic experience. 


Tantric Sex Best Practices: Breathing, Desire & Arousal


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