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Best Text Therapy with Interns Gives Quality and Saves Money

Best Text Therapy with Interns Gives Quality and Saves Money


If you’re interested in the best text therapy services, you should consider talking to a therapist intern for a few reasons. However, before we go into details, we’d like to take a moment to explain our experience with interns. Which we highly recommend to our clients looking to save money. Working with interns is a beautiful experience as a therapist. Watching them grow and learn while also bringing a fresh perspective on things is incredibly valuable!

Therapists work closely with their interns to ensure they have everything they need once they start attending to clients. If you’re worried that talking to an intern will not be at the same level if talking to a therapist, don’t be! Interns typically start working with clients when their supervisors think they are ready. So, if this is something you’re interested in, this article is for you. 


Therapist Interns

You’ve already decided to start seeing a therapist, so the next step is to choose which professional to work with. You discover that some of the providers you have access to are identified in their profiles as interns when you are weighing your alternatives. While we understand that your initial instinct may be to seek out a therapist who is fully licensed or who has completed their Master’s program. There are some compelling reasons you might choose to work with an intern as your therapist instead.

There is usually one clinical supervisor assigned to each intern, and frequently there are two: one at the internship location and one in their educational program. These supervisors are entirely licensed and qualified and frequently undergo specialized training to become supervisors. All of the cases interns work on are reviewed and discussed with their supervisor(s). So you are not just getting one therapist working on your case. Rather, two or three therapists will be devoting their time, knowledge, and resources to working with you in therapy.


Benefits of Working with a Therapist Intern

Since interns are actively engaged in their academic environment while pursuing their Master’s degrees, they have to spend their days learning how to be excellent therapists. The intern you might pick to be your therapist devotes time to learning the most recent theories and techniques. And also collaborates with faculty, supervisors, and other interns to gain a deeper comprehension of and create application strategies for those theories and techniques. Therefore, you get a therapist who is not only up to date on theory and practice but also spends their days learning how to apply those ideas and approaches in the most efficient way when you hire an intern.

Interns frequently operate on a discounted or sliding-fee scale rather than charging an hourly rate comparable to fully licensed therapists or only taking on clients with health insurance because they are not entirely licensed. Interns could provide a price point that fits your budget more quickly if you don’t have insurance. Have a very high deductible, or decide to pay out of pocket for other reasons.

Working with a therapist intern is a fantastic option if you want the knowledge of two to three therapists for the price of one. A therapist whose life’s work is to learn the most current and successful theory and techniques. A therapist who has a growing passion and investment in their work, and flexible pricing options.


Therapists vs. Interns

A person may occasionally only have access to or be able to afford an intern for mental health therapy. And this should not prevent them from seeking care. Even though there are obvious distinctions between a fully-licensed therapist and an intern in terms of what they have done to meet licensure criteria, the interns’ talents may still astound you. 

Interns haven’t finished all of the criteria for licensing, which is the first difference. It may take some time for them to complete all the requirements set forth by most licensing boards. Whether they are still in school or have graduated. As a result, they have less therapeutic experience than their licensed counterparts. However, experience is only one, and maybe not even the most crucial, tool in a therapist’s kit.

The second distinction is that internships expire after a year, and you might have to transfer your case. Be sure to inquire about the intern’s expected stay as soon as you are paired with them. Of course, a licensed therapist’s employment, relocation, or retirement might also result in the termination of your relationship with them. Thus, this distinction may also be irrelevant.

The key similarity is that both licensed therapists and interns are actual people. As a result, both groups possess the same innate capacity for effective therapy. Every therapist has a different life experience and character traits that they bring to their interaction with you, whether they are just starting, nearly retired, or somewhere in between.


In Conclusion

Interns are counselors-in-training who have finished all of their Master’s-level curriculum and are wrapping up the last internship necessary for their degree. Through at least one field experience (often known as a “practicum”), they have already gained some experience dealing with customers. The final stage before they graduate and receive their restricted license is their internship.

As interns, they are closely watched. Meaning, there is a licensed professional who is checking in daily or weekly, offering constructive collaboration and skill sets. So, if this was the reason you were hesitant to reach out to a therapist intern, we hope we gave you enough reasons to start working with them toward your mental wellbeing. You will enjoy talking to a therapist intern as you will build a relationship with them. And they will help you on your way to growth, so make the most of it!


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