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How to Flirt with a Guy Over Text

How to Flirt with a Guy Over Text


Are you looking to learn how to flirt with a guy over text? You’re in the right place! Sending a few flirtatious texts to a person you like is a terrific technique to gauge his interest while you’re messaging him. However, how can you flirt with someone subtly if you’re unsure whether they feel the same way? 

If you’ve never done this before, it might feel awkward or even intimidating. Luckily, we’ve prepared everything you’ll ever need if you want to become an expert at flirting over text. 

Why Flirting over Text Is Not Easy?

It’s nerve-wracking enough to flirt with your crush (why do you constantly feel speechless?). However, text flirting introduces a completely different problem. When they make you laugh, you can’t rely only on modest and discreet flirtations like making eye contact, smiling, or lightly caressing their arm. Instead, you’re forced to think of clever and adorable answers to express your true emotions to your crush through good morning messages and well-placed emoticons (gasp).

To be honest, flirting through text is really simple, so it’s entirely reasonable to feel a bit embarrassed (and the fear of being left on ‘read’ is genuine). 

Don’t undervalue the power of a heart-eyes emoji. Also, ask questions and sprinkle in a few charming compliments here and there. After all, you are playing. So who knows? 

Your flirtatious texts could lead to a phone call or face-to-face interaction, and before you know it, you’ll be organizing your first date. You only need to click “send.” The following advice will help you flirt through text and get a quick response from your crush.


Become a Pro in Texting with a Guy

With a solid opening, begin the conversation. Even though “hey” or “hi” can seem obvious, you want to leave a positive impression. Get a discussion started (Dunkin’ or Starbucks? ) to liven things up a bit. Do they choose Chipotle or Taco Bell? 


Let them know you’re looking forward to seeing them this weekend, send a humorous TikTok, or ask for a new Netflix recommendation. From then on, the discussion might take a lot of different turns.

  • Ask Questions

Fun and insightful inquiries demonstrate your interest in the other person’s life and your concern for them. It may be as simple as asking, “How are you?” However, feel free to ask them about their summer vacation plans, their reading, or if they’re a foodie like you. It’s an incredibly easy and successful technique to strike up a discussion.


  • Use Humor

Post a funny TikTok, meme, or tale about your day in the comments. Laughing together quickly strengthens your bond and creates a flirtatious, fun atmosphere in your conversation. Laughing together boosts relationships, according to several studies, so start laughing.


  • Avoid Multiple Texts

Although it is tempting, sending many texts could be a little overbearing. Yes, sending many messages at once could be OK, depending on how the discussion is developing. However, avoid sending a follow-up text if you send them texts every few minutes and they’re waiting a little longer to reply. When someone abandons you on ‘read,’ it is frustrating. Just note that there are a variety of explanations for it: they may be in class, have to leave for work, or perhaps have fallen asleep. Allow some time before you decide they are not interested in you. 


  • Compliment Them

Whether it’s about their new shoes, their game-winning shot in tonight’s basketball game, or the mark they received on a recent exam, make them grin with lovely praise. They will undoubtedly have an inward sense of warmth.


  • Show Interest

Whether it’s about their new shoes, their game-winning shot in tonight’s basketball game, or the mark they received on a recent exam, make them grin with lovely praise. They will undoubtedly have an inward sense of warmth.


  • Be Playful

Select a completely frivolous subject, then get his opinion on it. You may have a flirtatious text debate if you both choose opposing positions. In addition to getting to demonstrate your sense of humor, you may also politely taunt him about his viewpoint.


  • Send a Meme

Another technique to make him laugh is to do this. Send him a link to anything funny you saw online that you think he’ll enjoy, along with a note like, “This made me think of you!” He’ll probably be flattered to know that you have him in mind, and you two could even have a good time talking about the meme.


  • Invite him to an event

See if he wants to go if you’re performing or playing a game. It might be a terrific way to build your relationship to invite someone to an event like this since it lets him know that you want him there. Quickly message him to let him know you’d love to see him there. 


Text Examples for Inspiration

There are an endless number of texts you can send to the guy you like. However, if you need a bit of inspiration, we’ve gathered several that might help you take the first step toward flirting over text.


  • Hey you! Stop thinking about me so much!
  • I had a dream about you last night.
  • I’m not good at starting conversations. What about you?
  • I just watched a movie you’d absolutely love. Want me to send you information about it?
  • After the day I had, I needed some fresh air. Care to join?
  • I found you funny and interesting. We should really talk more!
  • How’s your week going? I need a break from mine.
  • Can you teach me how to flirt?
  • I just saw the new photo you posted. I really love the way you look in it!
  • In the mood to have some fun?
  • I found a great movie on Netflix. Want to watch it together?
  • Which emoji makes you think of me?
  • My hands hurt from all the typing. Want to meet up?
  • What would you say if I said that it’s time for a first date?
  • Share a secret with me, and I’ll share mine with you!
  • That’s it! I’ve officially deleted my dating app. I no longer need it!



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