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Musicians Mental Health: Are Musicians Getting the Support They Need?

Musicians Mental Health: Are Musicians Getting the Support They Need?


As a society, we rarely talk about musicians’ mental health. A career in the music industry, regardless of your status, comes with a lot of challenges that other professionals don’t experience. Constantly hustling for the next project, trying to establish yourself on the market, and creating an audience are just a few of these challenges.

These challenges, unique to the music industry, can take a significant toll on mental health. The constant stress and uncertainty about the future can make it difficult to remain unaffected by the world around you. It’s a situation that demands attention and action. That is why there is a growing need to discuss the mental health of musicians, provide strategies to improve their quality of life and encourage them to seek help when necessary.


What Impacts a Musician’s Mental Health?

Musicians have higher rates of mental illness than the rest of the population. The music business is finally taking action to help musicians’ mental health. However, there are still a lot of conversations that need to be held in order to determine how to help these professionals, as their lifestyles often make it difficult to attend therapy like other professionals.

One of the main factors contributing to musicians’ mental discomfort has been identified as money concerns, along with the erratic nature of their profession. Being the one that your entire family or your partners depend on can make things even worse. Due to that, it’s not uncommon for musicians to feel guilty for choosing to pursue music instead of obtaining a “proper job.” 

Another problem is irregular work schedules and late evenings, which affect friendships, relationships, and family life. To make ends meet, many musicians work several jobs, frequently without breaks, which results in physical and emotional burnout.

Performance anxiety in musicians is another issue that can arise unexpectedly and impact even the most certain performers. Discrimination, bullying, and compulsion can also cause severe mental discomfort, especially in people who are already mentally vulnerable. Women, in particular, brought attention to the pervasive harm that sexual harassment and sexism do in the music business. Even decades later, the music industry still doesn’t provide the same level of support for both female and male musicians. 


What Type of Support Do Musicians Need?

Musicians should have access to different support resources that can help them deal with the common challenges of this industry. Many studies have shown that the majority of musicians have experienced anxiety, depression, burnout, band dynamics, stage fright, work-life balance, competitive environments, and so on.  

Without a doubt, these problems can affect their mental health if not treated on time. As musicians are constantly working to gain more success, they might need to ignore their mental health and their need to achieve their goals and please everyone around them. That is why musicians, as well as people in their professional and private lives, need to be reminded of how crucial their mental health is and that dealing with their issues on time allows them to be even more successful. 

When it comes to support and help that can be of value for musicians, there are different forms and resources to consider, depending on their personality, needs, preferences, and schedule.



As a musician, you probably won’t be able to attend in-person therapy every time. However, many therapists are now having online sessions, so you can easily talk to them while on the road or even in a different time zone. Having a therapist can help you better deal with the challenges in your musical career and also help you balance your professional and personal lives. Therapists help their clients by teaching them helpful strategies for dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. 


Support Groups

Sometimes, it helps to remind yourself that you’re not the only one going through something. Contrary to what it seems from the outside, the world of musicians is often lonely. Even during concerts and tours, you’re constantly going back to your hotel room and struggling to lower the adrenaline you need to perform. Joining a support group might help you find people similar to you who can help you go through these situations. Also, you will be able to exchange your experiences and learn from each other. 


Books and Podcasts on Mental Health 

Besides going to therapy or joining a support group for musicians, you can also read books or listen to podcasts on mental health in your free time. Such resources can offer great comfort and ideas on how to approach the challenges in your music career. For instance, you might learn techniques to calm yourself before going on stage or how to approach conflict in your band.



If you’re a musician, chances are you’re great at expressing yourself— one way or another. Why not write your feelings and thoughts in a journal and take them with you everywhere you go? This way, you can be sure that everything you’re expressing is in a safe place, and you can always revisit some of those moments to see how much you’ve grown over time. 


Find What Works for You

All of the above-mentioned ways can help you feel better. However, we can’t stress enough how important it is for musicians to get support from mental health professionals. Ask for recommendations from colleagues you trust or search online to find the right therapist who is skilled to talk to professionals like yourself. Don’t forget that investing in yourself is the best thing you can do for your career and personal life. 

Your mental health impacts every aspect of your life, and it’s up to you whether you’ll allow it to impact it positively or negatively. Whichever issue or challenge you’re facing at the moment, a good therapist can help you overcome it. Besides that, you will notice that your life is improving as you start learning from the therapy process. While searching for the right mental health professional, do your best to eat healthy, sleep enough hours, and try to relax during the day as much as possible, as these are the three pillars of a happy, balanced life.



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