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What To Do With Your Results After Taking a PTSD Test

What To Do With Your Results After Taking a PTSD Test


Have you taken a PTSD test and been surprised by the results? 


Unfortunately, many things could lead to symptoms of PTSD, and you will come up as mild to severe scoring on a PTSD test. 


You may have said YES on a PTSD Test to having:

  • Flashbacks
  • Night terrors
  • Hot flashes
  • Intrusive thoughts


It is important to note that a PTSD test online is just the beginning of a PTSD diagnosis though. PTSD testing has to be done by a psychotherapist and someone who specializes in trauma. 


A diagnosis of PTSD can help you access more of what you need. In the end, though, these PTSD test results are not therapeutic themselves. The healing begins now!


Seek a PTSD Therapist


Part of what therapists do is help clients process through various events that may have occurred in their life. Trauma focused therapies do not simply just ask you to “talk” about your trauma.


There are a variety of PTSD treatments proven to help individuals heal from their symptoms. 


Ensuring you have a licensed professional who understands the complexity of the mind, the family you grew up in, and someone who is culturally competent is important for healing. 


Many don’t realize that trauma informed care does not mean just talking; rather, it means feeling it to heal it! 


There are a variety of PTSD treatments that have helped people heal from trauma. Many clinicians at our practice have specific training in working with trauma. Although it may feel overwhelming or hopeless, you don’t want to feel this way anymore.


PTSD Test Results Unusual? 


Many of us think that we are “ok,” when things like loss have a huge impact. Think about times where you had to let go of a friend, family member, a lover and you didn’t want to… yet knew you had to. 


When these moments happen, our body has an emotional embodiment hangover. Many clients will tell us about experiences such as breakups or infidelity, being given up for adoption, moving out of their caretakers home before they were 18, being made fun of at school, etc. 


At various times, most individuals have an experience of feeling left out and not chosen. If you feel a sense of hurt on the inside, it may be echoes of past trauma. 


Similarly, all of us would probably get positive results on a PTSD test after the entire globe is currently undergoing collective trauma with COVID-19.


Remind yourselves that EVERY relationship and relationship style has the potential to be super stressful, and right now, no matter who is living with you, the trauma responses are likely to be more intense than usual. 


Similarly, as individuals are stressed, it is a time to be mindful of what we expose ourselves to. 


Too many negative posts or blogs without positive outcomes could bring more feelings of trauma. 


The entire world is much more stressed out than normal, so try to give yourself compassion and patience. 


Give yourselves and your partner(s) some grace and extra acceptance right now. Even healthy happy relationships are struggling right now.  


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