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Real Female Orgasm

Everything You Didn’t Know About A Real Female Orgasm

Everything You Didn’t Know About A Real Female Orgasm


Female sexuality has been raising curiosity for centuries now, whether from scientists, media, or the general public, and topics such as a real female orgasm were often vaguely covered without too many details. Understanding female orgasm is often confusing for women, not only for men. This complex mystery is slowly getting solved as the world is focused on finding out the answers to questions we wanted to know for a long period, such as ‘Where is a G spot?’, ‘Does a woman need to orgasm to experience sexual pleasure?’, and so on. 

So, we’ve decided to gather all these questions into one article and give you everything you need to know about female orgasms. 

Why do women have orgasms? 

When talking about male orgasms, the benefits are quite clear. Men ejaculate in order to deposit sperm into the vagina, which might or might not lead to pregnancy. Simply put, the male orgasm serves evolutionary purposes. 

However, this is not that clear with female orgasm. Many scientists have been researching various potential benefits, yet only a few have been tested and none of the theories around it has conclusive scientific support. Putting all these assumptions aside, the pleasure a woman gets from orgasming is incredibly vital for her sexual life. It motivates females to have sex, enhances the relationship they have with their sexual partner, and it doesn’t have to involve evolutionary benefits. 

How does a female orgasm feel? 

During arousal, the flow of blood to the genitals will increase, which will cause the genitals to become more sensitive. With arousal, a woman will also experience an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate. As the orgasm is approaching, the woman’s muscles will twitch or spasm. When talking about female orgasm stages, although theories still differ, these four specific stages have been accepted as the most valid ones:

  1. Excitement: The moments when arousal builds,
  2. Plateau: The moments when arousal start increasing,
  3. Orgasm: It causes intense feelings of sexual pleasure,
  4. Resolution: The moments when arousal diminishes.

What are the benefits of a female orgasm? 

Before going into the benefits of female orgasm, you will need to keep in mind that none of the health benefits have enough scientific evidence to support them. When talking about health, scientists still haven’t discovered benefits that improve health in any way when having regular female orgasms.

However, there is a great benefit in experiencing the pleasure that comes with an orgasm. Having sex you enjoy might enhance your mood, relieve stress, boost your immunity, and foster better relationships. Another thing that’s important to mention is that a woman doesn’t need to have an orgasm in order to get pregnant. 

Is the lack of female orgasm connected with psychological issues?

Trauma, issues in your relationship, and poor mental health might make it difficult for you to orgasm, however, it’s not a rule. Many women who have healthy sexual attitudes and quality relationships will still have difficulties when orgasming. 

Orgasms are both physical and psychological responses, and there are many health issues that might make it complicated to enjoy your orgasms. Another thing that might occur is vulvodynia, unexplained pain in the vagina that women feel during sexual pleasure. All in all, if someone is unable to orgasm, the reasons for it should be looked at individually.  

Can women have vaginal orgasms?

Vaginal orgasms are less common than orgasms from clitoral stimulation, yet some women have reported experiencing them with or without other stimulation. Keep in mind that female orgasms might result from numerous forms of stimulation, including vaginal, clitoral, and nipple. How one person orgasms will depend greatly on them, some might only experience orgasm from the vaginal stimulation, while others only from clitoral. 

Do women need to be in love to orgasm? 

As a complex psychological and biological experience, orgasming will not be the same experience for every woman. There are women who need to feel loved in order to orgasm, while they are others who may not. Having a loving relationship with your sexual partner may or may not influence your ability to orgasm during sex. 

Having an orgasm is more about the right type of stimulation for this person, yet it also includes a lot of different factors outside their sexual life, like stress, physical ability, and a wide range of other factors. 

Can men always spot a female orgasm? 

It will be very difficult for a man to know if a woman has had an orgasm without asking her. Some women will make noises while having an orgasm, and others may not. Some women will flush or sweat after orgasm, yet others do not. So, the best way for men to know whether their female sexual partner has had an orgasm is to directly ask her. As a man, you should know that not having an orgasm doesn’t mean that a woman isn’t enjoying the sex. Female orgasms are just very different from male orgasms.

Can masturbation help with having more female orgasms?

Yes and no. Discovering your own body and understanding which spots of your body make your feel good will help you see what you need in order to orgasm. Remember, not every woman requires the same type of stimulation in order to orgasm. Maybe you’ll discover when you touch your nipples, you feel incredible sexual pleasure and orgasm faster. If you communicate this to your sexual partner, they will know what you need to orgasm. 

Keep in mind that if you have always struggled with orgasm when having sex with your partners, it might be too optimistic to expect to have frequent orgasms now that you masturbate. Instead of putting too much pressure on yourself, you should think of your sexuality as something you enjoy exploring and if something doesn’t work quite well, investigate deeper and find what’s your preferred way of doing it.

Wrap Up

Every woman is different, so every female orgasm will be different. That’s why it’s vital that women are talking amongst them about sex topics, including orgasm. The less stigma there is about orgasms, it will become easier for women to surrender to pure sexual pleasure that leads to fantastic orgasms.



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