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The Secrets to Having Sex in Public

The Secrets to Having Sex in Public


The idea of someone watching you while you have sex in public is hot for many. 

Sure, you are breaking the law, and yes, some rules are meant to be broken. 

The exhibitionist streak in most of us can be strong. Chances are, if you have thought about it, this article already has your thoughts wandering.

If a casual observer can see you, you are in public. Public places include:

  • Parks
  • Public bathrooms
  • Beaches
  • Airports

Having sex in public can be thrilling. 

sex in public

There is a chance that you may get caught, which gets your adrenaline pumping. 

It can be particularly great, and / or challenging, for people in long-term relationships. 

It is unconventional and will definitely spice things up for you.


Is Public Sex Legal?


No matter how thrilling it is, it involves breaking the law. 

You must definitely avoid getting busy with your partner in a park or place where you can get caught. 

The law varies in different governments and countries. 

If arrested, you may be charged with lewdness or public indecency. Possible penalties for this include community service, jail time, and a fine.The worst consequence would be that you get registered as a sex offender – so be cautious! 

Sex in public enables you to get creative. It requires quick and thorough assessment of the situation you are in. You need to find the balance between a public enough place which still gives you privacy. 

The secret to sex in public, or a public romp, charges your body with adrenaline and dopamine. 

Don’t get arrested for chasing a thrill.


Where to Have Public Sex

There are a number of places where you can have public sex without getting caught. 

Here are some examples to jog your creativity:


  1. Your balcony or backyard – if you are new to public sex, easing into it is a great idea. 

Start on familiar ground. Having sex on your balcony or backyard has the danger of being noticed. You can use patio furniture for support. This will also allow you to try more sex positions. 

Take the first step and get outside.

sex in public


  1. The car – your car is a public yet private space. 

What is great about it is you can control where you park it. A secluded parking lot or on the side of the road, the choice is yours. It is best to use the backseat, as there is room in the backseat. 

You must avoid accidentally honking the horn and alerting people. And… yes, this does expose you if you are in a parking lot to arrest. 


  1. The woods or park – getting naughty in nature is always a great idea. 

Channel your internal wild one and quietly go into a park or a wooded place with a partner you trust. 

Use trees and bushes to shield you. Having sex near trails and paths will give you a sense of publicity. 

Remember, you need to watch out for poison ivy and tickets, and the danger of getting caught.


  1. A sex party – once you begin to get used to the idea of public sex, a sex party should be on your “to-do list.” A sex party is great because it eliminates the danger of being caught. 

You can relax and enjoy “public sex” with your partner.


  1. The beach – beach sex is often great at night. 

There is minimal traffic in the dark as compared to daytime. Carry a blanket to lie on, and get ready as sand will get everywhere. You can also use beach chairs or be in a cabana which is extremely sturdy. 

The secret to beach sex is you have to avoid too much movement.

sex in public


  1. Bathrooms – pre covid, this is probably the most used place for public sex. 

Examples include at an airport, a hotel or restaurant.

Bathroom sex is for when you just cannot wait till you get home to do it. Public bathrooms can be contaminated with germs. You will need to incorporate some gymnastic skills to get it on. 

You also do not have the luxury to remove a lot of clothing or shoes.


Non-Law Breaking Options

Sex in public is risky. In case you are not willing to take part in it, there are ways to incorporate it into your routine. You can take care of your exhibitionist streak and still be within the confines of the law. 

These are shortcuts to be kinky with your partner in public while remaining a law-abiding citizen:

  1. Role play – you can pretend to be in public. This requires lots of imagination. Have sex with your partner ass you would in a public place. Do not get completely naked. You can unzip pants or just hike up a skirt. You should also avoid the bed.

  1. Party sex – this does not mean having a party where people come to have sex at your place, though tempting. You can sneak into a bedroom while hosting a party or event for a quickie. 

Remember to lock the door, since party guests will definitely look for you. 

Have your quickie and go back to your party as if you were not getting it on with your partner.


  1. Friends to watch – first off, have a conversation with your friends. 

You may want to start with a couple, or some of your kinkiest buddies. Make sure they are into watching and being watched. You can host these friends to watch you have sex. Also, return the favor and watch them. It is sure to be a fulfilling party.


  1. Webcam – taking things virtual in today’s digital world is easy and a safer sex option. 

Set up a webcam and wear a mask if you want to remain anonymous. 

You can have fun on your own or with a partner while strangers watch.

Acting on your fantasies is a great way to remain sexually adventurous. 

Sex in public is a common and usually rewarding fantasy. 

Remember to keep your partner’s needs in mind, especially if they show signs of being uncomfortable, do not continue, and ask to go home and talk about it later. 

You can also just let it remain a fantasy. There is nothing like unmet needs to keep your blood boiling, and the mind often cannot tell the difference between what is powerfully imagined vs. what is real. 

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