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Tickle Orgasms And Everything You Need To Know About It

 Tickle Orgasms And Everything You Need To Know About It


Have you heard of tickle orgasms or the arousal a person will feel when being tickled? If this is your first time hearing about it, don’t worry – you’re not the only one. As much as knismolagnia, the official name of tickle orgasm, is just another kink that someone might enjoy. We have rarely heard about this term or even discussed it among our friends while casually conversating about sex. 

Tickling Fetish

Tickling is a form of stimulation that is produced by a light touch on one of the sensitive areas of the body. Such as armpits, collar bones, stomach, ribs, feet, inner thighs, behind the knees and elbows, etc. When talking about sexual fetishes. Tickling can play only a part of the sexual art or it can be the entire play. Also, tickling fetish can also be enjoyed even if there is no nudity or overt sexual activity. 

Those who have this particular fetish can achieve orgasm just from tickling alone. In other words, there is no other stimulation needed to have an orgasm. Besides getting tickled to have an orgasm, there are people who are being turned on when tickling other people or just watching them getting tickled. 

If you want to take your tickling fetish a step further. You can even use props such as feathers, vibrators, electrical current. Or something else that might enhance this stimulation. Depending on how you want to express and practice your kink. You can choose from a variety of options and decide whether you will use it just as foreplay or you want to reward your sexual partner with an orgasm. 

Tickle Or Fetish?

To respond to that question, we’ll need to first go back to the definition of fetish. It is when a person or object has a deeper meaning for someone and becomes part of its favorite sexual experiences. In some cases, they are absolutely required for a person to climax. Tickling in its nature is not so different from foreplay. However, what makes it fetish as it occurs in sexual scenarios and it leads to sexual pleasure. Simply put, a tickling fetish means you get turned on when someone tickles you or vice versa.

In psychology, having a tickling fetish is considered atypical behavior. However, it is more than usual and completely normal for a person to experience this feeling. And sensations that come with it. 

Tickling & Sexual Pleasure

Now, let’s explore the tickling fetish a bit more if we want to find the answer to why some people feel sexual pleasure from getting tickled. If you’re to ask a person with knismolagnia what turns them on, a common response would be related to laughter. When a person is being entertained by another person’s actions so hard that they can’t help themself to laugh. It’s quite sexy and doesn’t seem like anything awkward, right? 

The other common reason is the arousal that comes from the physical sensation. In other words, tickling will get people turned on because this sensation is pleasurable for them. We can’t also avoid the fact that tickling involves the body’s largest organ, the skin. 

Tickling fetish is also quite common in the BDSM world where ticklers might enjoy the feeling of dominance and the ability to make the tickled squirm, and the tickler might feel helpless. For instance, the dominant partner might use blindfolds and restraints to improve that powerless element and add more passion into the game. Speaking from the tickled’s perspective, if they are tickle-averse. They can even relish the aspect of torture that being tickled brings for someone who is completely restrained from moving. 

Is Tickling Fetish Common? 

Just like the majority of fetishes, it’s difficult to determine whether a certain fetish is common or not because they were never documented in a scientific way. Even with surveys on sex, we cannot rely on people telling the complete truth about their sexual activities and preferences due to many factors such as stigma, taboo, and shame. 

However, if you were to look up the term ‘tickle porn’ on the Internet, you will find more than 600,000 results. Which kind of implies that the fetish is more common than you’d think. There are even dating sites created specifically for people that share this fetish and want to meet other people who would love to experience a tickle orgasm. 

How Safe Is It? 

There is really a small chance of being at any risk when getting tickled. Especially because there are no fluids exchanged between the partners. More importantly, neither of the partners will be permanently scarred or damaged from the tickling fetish. Of course, there might be some reflexes involved that might come as a body’s natural response to being exposed to tickling. Yet these things happen quite rarely as both partners give their consent on exploring tickling in the sexual concept. 

When even talking about more serious consequences, there have been only a small number of cases of death by laughter. What’s important to note here is that neither of these people who are a part of this statistics has actually died because of the laughter. Being in poor health was the reason for their death. So it’s safe to say that you cannot die of laughing too much or too hard. 

If a person is laughing too much for more than usual, they might faint or it might trigger cataplexy, a lack of ability to move your muscles. As it is with everything, try to not take it too far. If you enjoy tickling or getting tickled, be conscious of it, and instead of testing the boundaries. Remind yourself that you’re doing it for the incredible sexual pleasure and great orgasm that will follow. Going to the extreme will rarely produce more sexual pleasure, so keep it modest, yet funky! After all, we are talking about tickling!


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