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What Do 50 Year Old Men Want In Bed

What Do 50 Year Old Men Want In Bed


If you’re in your 50’s and started a relationship, you are probably asking yourself what do 50 year old men want in bed. Understanding what your partner needs in bed is crucial for any relationship to work. A man in his 50’s is not much different from men of other ages, yet there are a few things that differentiate them from the rest of the male population. 

In this article, you will find all the specific traits that 50 year old men want to see in bed from their sexual partner. Before we dive into these valuable tips, keep in mind that there is one aspect that will affect how well you two get along in the bedroom, and that’s open communication. Share your likes and dislikes and ask him what his preferences are. A good conversation is often the best start to beautiful experiences. 

1.Love Yourself First

As much as confidence and self-love are vital for any relationship we decide to build in our lives, the lack of it at this age will be a turn-off for most of the men in their 50’s. An older man will find it difficult to connect with a woman who has low self-confidence. After you’ve experienced a bunch of ups and downs, you should already be comfortable with who you are. Embrace your body and personality, and allow yourself to experience something beautiful where you can be yourself.

2. Intimacy Over Sex

You might assume that men, and especially older men, are looking only for sex. As much as women, men like to enjoy the act of sex and maybe some of them will need it more often than most women do, yet each of them prefers intimacy over sex. So, you should aim for intimacy if you’re dating a 50 year old man. He wants to feel close to you and the best way to be intimate is to take your time when having sex. 

3. Be Playful

There might be different personalities when talking about men in their 50’s, yet they all like playful, confident women. Playing in bed, exploring each other’s bodies, understanding what you both like, and just having fun is what every 50 year old man will want. Many things should be taken seriously in life, and sex is not one of them. Try to be more creative and open to different options, positions and places as you definitely won’t regret it. 

4. Take Initiative

When you were younger, you might have waited for a man to ask for your number, invite you for dinner or initiate sex, however, now, that’s not that sexy. You are a self-sufficient woman who knows how to get what she wants, and if she wants a man, she knows how to get his attention. If you’re in a relationship with an older man, he will be more than happy if you initiate sex as well. Making him feel desired and attractive to you is more powerful than any other aphrodisiac on the planet. 

5. Take Him Out Of Bed

When talking about you initiating sex, how about you take it one or more steps further – literary? You can do it on the counter, against the wall, on your balcony, in the shower, or somewhere outside your home. You can even take him to a location you have found and plan a romantic picnic for the two of you and then surprise him with a little bit of action. If you’re not a fan of outdoor sex, you can still spice things up in the comfort of your home. 

6. Show Him His Your Hero

The same way you can’t completely revel in sex when you’re not at your best, he struggles with the same. Complimenting your man on how he fixed your dishwasher or how he painted the walls of your house goes a long way. And, you can compliment him on more than just the chores. You can also thank him for being such a great listener or show how impressed you are with the relationship he has with his kids. Showing you’re noticing his strengths will make him feel better about himself and of course, your relationship. Not to mention that he will also be motivated to give you a compliment or two.

7. Don’t Be Quick To Judge

If your sexual partner shares a fantasy he wants to try out with you, don’t judge him. You will make him feel bad about his suggestion and he will not be motivated to share his intimate thoughts with you. The same goes for any other aspects of his life. Don’t judge him for sleeping an hour later than usual as his work might be more stressful than usual. Don’t make him feel bad just because you see or hear something you dislike. Instead, talk to him to understand his reasons behind it and you will easily find the solution. 

8. Be His Friend

We’ve talked about intimacy, open-mindedness and taking initiative, yet all of these things come short if you are not friends. It’s difficult to be attracted to a person for a longer period if they are not significant to you. Try building that relationship the same way you do with your new friends. Talk about hopes, fears, hobbies, opinions, and everything else you usually share with your friends. This will significantly improve your sex life and the attraction you feel for one another. 

9. For More, Ask Him

We are all different and if you are doing all of the things above, why not simply ask him? By showing you want to please him in bed, he will see how important he is for you and that you are willing to do work on your relationship. When talking about sex, make sure you start the conversation by sharing your desires and asking for his feedback. By simply asking him a bunch of questions related to sex, he might feel attacked or as he might think he is not good enough for you. Show him that he means a lot to you and that you want to make sure you are both enjoying your relationship. 

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