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what is sex therapy for couples

What Is Sex Therapy For Couples? [PLISSIT Model]

What Is Sex Therapy For Couples? [PLISSIT Model]


Have you ever wondered about what happens in sex therapy for couples counseling and marriage therapy?

Those who label themselves as a sex therapist maybe AASECT Certified and using the PLISSIT Model, or they may not be. The PLISSIT model is considered the standard though!


Have you wondered who talks more. Which one will talk first. If you can go to sex therapy for couples if you are practicing non-monogamy or if you can go to a sex therapist for couples internationally?


If you haven’t heard of AASECT – let me introduce you! AASECT – American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists – is the national (desiring international) standard for sex therapy.


I also suggest you ask your couples counselor in the future how much training they have with married couples or with those in long-term (over 3+ years) partnership.


The PLISSIT model is what most will consider the answer to “what is sex therapy for couples” or “what is sex therapy for individuals”


I have been on this path since I was 19 years old. Doing sex therapy for couples and incorporating the PLISSIT model into every treatment plan is important for me and my clients. For example, be sure that whoever you are seeing understands their role as the sex therapist. And that clinicians will use the PLISSIT model in helping clients through current relational and sexual presenting issues.


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