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Five Love Making Tips

Five Love Making Tips


Ready for some of the best love making tips around? 

Although there is no magic recipe for sex and no perfect sex guide to follow, we are always curious about how to make things better.

When you aren’t satisfied with the sex you are having or you feel that the flame slowly dying, it does not necessarily mean that something is wrong with you or the relationship. 

When you aren’t satisfied with the sex you are having or you feel the flame slowly dying, don’t worry. 

It does not necessarily mean that something is wrong with you or the relationship. 

We often need love making tips, because couples run out of ideas, energy and time or spontaneity and adventure.  

It is time to do some experimenting!

Below are My Top Five Love Making Tips for All Adults!


Tip One: Know that you deserve to have your sexual desires fulfilled

Society’s message is that sex is shameful, not acceptable, or that it is for practical purposes – like procreation – having children! 

If you feel ashamed about your sexual desires, it is hard to be honest with your partner about it.

Remind yourself that you are allowed to experience and enjoy pleasure. 

You were born a sexual being and you have a right to feel confident about expressing that sexuality. You have a sexual power that attracts others. Own it!


Tip Two: Have confidence in your body

You have the potential to be your worst critic or your greatest supporter. 

In order to really accept that you are worthy of appreciation and love, you need to be body positive! 

If someone tells you that they love your legs or your lips, do you believe them? 

The goal is to feel comfortable when looking at your body, not necessarily liking every single part.

Give yourself body affirmations often. 

Compliment yourself as you walk past a mirror.

Pamper yourself. 

Choose a part of you that you like and repeat a positive affirmation about it. 

Avoid talking negatively about yourself in front of other people. 

Accept other people’s compliments. 

Would you throw away someone’s gift in front of them? Probably not. 

You say thank you. 


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Tip Three: Know that building intimacy doesn’t require an orgasm

Does every SUCCESSFUL sexual encounter have to end with an orgasm? 

No! Don’t think you are less if you don’t help your partner to achieve an orgasm. 

Each individual’s orgasm is their own privilege to have. 

That’s right, it is not your responsibility to give your partner an orgasm.

Orgasms happen when conditions are right, and your partner has to tell you those conditions in order for you to fulfill it.

An orgasm doesn’t need to be the only goal. Intimacy is an excellent goal. You can build intimacy in manyways such as taking baths with one another, foot massages, having meaningful conversations, tantra positions, and eye gazing.


TIP Four: Don’t compare yourself

Comparing ourselves with other people is inevitable. We all do it, but it makes things worse.

People do it with material possessions and even with our sexuality. 

We compare our bodies with bodies we see on the screen.

We compare the size, we compare our sexual performance, we even compare how we enjoy sex.

Don’t do it! It is one of the most harmful things we can do to ourselves.

Tip Five: Nervousness inhibits arousal

So, sexual anxiety can lead to not getting it up or keeping it up, or not being wet or having genital pain, but how? 

Well you have your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, which work opposite from each other in your body. 

When you’re experiencing emotions like fear, anxiety, or shame, your brain tells your body to release the adrenaline hormone. 

This causes blood to flow AWAY from the genitals and, thus, no arousal. 

However, when you’re relaxed and sexually aroused, your parasympathetic system kicks in to bring blood to the genitals, which enables lubrication and erection. 

If sexual anxiety is a problem, work with your physiology in order to overcome this.


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