Happy Thanksgiving from LCAT! 

Happy Thanksgiving from LCAT! 


We all know the research, that when you practice thankfulness and gratitude you are happier! Yes, contribution is THAT important, so I wanted to take the time to really say thank you for all that you do.

We have the greatest most dedicated clients! 

I am so grateful for all the hard work that they put in their individual lives, in their family life, and of course, their romantic relationships.

Here in Life Coaching and Therapy, we are grateful that you chose us to start your journey and we are grateful that you will continue your healing process with us in 2020.

Without you, the mission that we have in LCAT isn’t possible so thank you.

If you have topics for 2020, email us: info@lcatllc.com.  Yes! I am always looking for more ideas!

Thank you so much for sharing your secrets, trying new things, and embracing the uncertainty.

We appreciate you so much. Thank you for choosing us and trusting us.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Life Coaching and Therapy (LCAT) is a relationship coaching and sex therapy practice that transforms our clients lives through our flexible, multi-technique approach and pleasure-skills training provided by systemically-trained and licensed therapists! 

Our team of compassionate, licensed therapists and certified sex therapists help Millennials and Baby Boomers alike who visit us for a variety of relationship, intimacy and sex problems. 

LCAT provides on-site appointments, as well as video chat and text therapy programs. For clients hoping to take their intimate lives to the next level through personalized coaching on YOUR terms, learn more about our Text Therapy Program.

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