black lives matter

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter! Period. 

Race. Racism. White Supremacy. The Patriarchy. Heteronormativity.

For hundreds of years a variety of communities have been marginalized and harmed by the words above. Each of these systems have harmed our culture and communities on a variety of levels. 

The black community has been harmed irreparably. Over the last month, we have watched as there have been deaths, protests, funerals, calls to actions, arrests, etc. As a community, many of us have watched in horror at the atrocities. Some of us have donated, some of us have cried, some of us have protested, some of us have written, some of us have used our voices, and some of us have held our loved ones close. 

Although there has been support for the black community, there has also been hate. 

White Supremacy has continued, confirming what so many have been challenging the system to see for years.

#BlackLivesMatter is important and vital. This movement has shown the importance of continuing to stand up together and try to create a new system. 

It is naive to think that this system will change overnight, and that is why it is vital for us to stand in solidarity and continue this support to the black community. Black Lives Matter! 

As a therapist, I have spent the majority of my career supporting those who are in marginalized populations. Over the last several weeks, almost all of my sessions have been focused on the current events surrounding black community and police brutality. 

In moments like this, where there is systemic trauma (and there has been for years), I see the same trauma symptoms we would see from other acute traumatic experiences. 

The black community has been faced with such systemic trauma that it has caused much of the community to show trauma symptoms. 

We spend sessions processing difficult emotions, trauma symptoms, and having a safe space to express the complexity of their emotional experience. 

My black clients are reporting flashbacks surrounding racism, microaggressions; as well as hypervigilance in a world that has caused so much harm to people in bodies like theirs.

Clients are also focusing on the experiences their family, friends, and community has experienced across time. 

Expressing feelings of voicelessness and fear, and understandably anger. black lives matter

For my non-black clients, there has been so much recognition of things “I should have seen earlier,” or expressions of guilt, etc. 

We spend our sessions reflecting on our privilege, challenging white supremacy, and addressing ways to stand with the black community. 

I challenge all of us to do this work to make changes to this harmful system and not invalidate this movement with the “all lives matter” argument. 

Whether you donate, protest (virtually or in person), read, speak out, write, create policy, or something else – we need to do our part in working to change this system.

To the black community, LCAT stands with you and for you. 

We are here for you because #BlackLivesMatter. 

We also speak out against those saying all lives matter, in knowing that of course all lives matter BUT the lives and voices needing protection, support, and elevation right now are black lives. 

Black lives matter. Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter.

Here at LCAT, we are here to provide support to all POC, queer, differently abled, protestors, activists, genders, gender identity, ethnicities, religions, etc. 

We are here to provide support and a safe place to learn and grow together, because to paraphrase Dr. Maya Angelou when we know better, we do better, and it is certainly time to do better.

Black Lives Matter. Period.

If you know someone that would benefit from this information, feel free to share it. 

If you have any questions, we would love to facilitate a conversation with you. 

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