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How to Become an LMFT

How to Become an LMFT   How does one become an LMFT?  Great question – and we get asked how do therapists become therapists ALL the time!  I am often asked how to become a therapist and what path I took to become one. There are often a lot of assumptions surrounding the process. And […]

Gray Divorce

Gray Divorce On The Rise   Recently the New York Times discussed a new phenomena known as “Gray Divorce”. Gray Divorce is a trend being seen of people over 50 getting divorced. And seemingly correlating with “empty nests” (after the children leave the home) and a variety of other factors. The gray divorce trend seems […]

“I Hate my Therapist”

“I Hate my Therapist”   It is startling how often we are told “I hate my therapist” and that is why clients are requesting services.  Many clients show up to the first session, called an intake, and discuss how terrible their experiences have been in therapy thus far.  Oftentimes, a session or two is spent […]

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month   May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  The purpose of Mental Health Awareness in May is to create opportunities to advocate about mental health and why it’s important. I cannot say enough the importance of building more awareness, education, and compassion around various aspects of mental health.    Mental […]

What is Demisexuality? 

What is Demisexuality?  Demisexuality is a broad sexual identity that focuses on sexual attraction being strongly linked to someone’s emotional bond with someone. Someone who is demisexual does not [often] feel attraction without emotional connection.  Someone who is demisexual can be attracted to any gender or person and may identify as straight or same or […]

What is Complex PTSD [Complex Post Traumatic Stress]

What is Complex PTSD [Complex Post Traumatic Stress]   Complex Post Traumatic Stress or  C-PTSD is something we see and hear a lot about in our lives. C-PTSD refers to someone who has experienced long term trauma that has resulted in a variety of symptoms and impacts on the individual and their system.  What Is […]