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Yes, You Can Have Multiple Orgasms – Here’s How!

Yes, You Can Have Multiple Orgasms – Here’s How!


If you’ve ever envied those people who can have multiple orgasms, this post is definitely for you! 

It may seem unfair, yet some people with vaginas can achieve multiple orgasms, sometimes without any latency period in between. 

A lot of women believe they are unable to have multiple orgasms, and while not everyone can reach this peak of pleasure, it may surprise you that it isn’t as difficult as you’d think- with a few tips and tricks!


Time Is Your Friend

One of the most important secrets to having multiple orgasms is taking your time. I know, pleasure can be hard work and we get tired- though I promise the results will definitely be worth it!

You will find you have more success if you are able to take your time building a really great first orgasm and then sort of “start from scratch” with the following orgasms. It seems cliche, though good things come to those who wait- so be patient with yourself and make a real moment out of pleasuring yourself.

If you have time to pop on a face mask for twenty to thirty minutes, you definitely have time to give yourself a spine tingling orgasm. Try lying down in a cozy bed, light some candles, lock your door and put your phone on silent. This is a truly special time to honor your magnificent body and explore what makes you feel good!


Variety Is The Spice of Life

In research conducted by the Kinsey Institute, researchers discovered that most women were only able to achieve their second (and third, and fourth…) orgasms if they stimulated a slightly different area or in a different way.

Put plainly, if you have stimulated your clit to the point of orgasm, it’ll be super sensitive and almost be overwhelmed with sensation to the point of being desensitized. 

Instead, most women had great success by then stimulating their labia, vulva or vagina to achieve second orgasm, or by stimulating their clit in an entirely different way.

Sexual Anatomy

Try different pressure, speed, movement, texture and even temperature to keep your body from becoming desensitized to stimuli. Researchers said if you approach the orgasm as if you’re dealing with “a whole new body,” you’re much more likely to achieve multiple orgasms.


Play Around With Toys

Keeping with the theme of switching up sensations, toys can be a really helpful (and fun!) way to mix it up, especially if you or your partner are getting a little tired.

Toys are also great if you find you’re unable to orgasm from your own touch- kind of the same as people being unable to tickle themselves, some people find it tricky to stimulate themselves without some sort of extension or barrier, like a toy or fabric.

Toys are a great supplement if you are looking to stimulate more than one area at once, which you may find helpful when trying to have multiple orgasms. You can use a rabbit style vibrator to stimulate your clitoris and g-spot simultaneously, or you can even tease the area surrounding your clit, including your labia, inner thighs and bikini line to create a sort of “aftershock”.

If anal stimulation is pleasurable for you it can be great foreplay for that second orgasm, giving your more sensitive bits time to cool down while you stay aroused through other activities.


To Lube Or Not To Lube

I always lube! 

Don’t be afraid to use a little lube – or a lot! 

If dryness is preventing you from reaching peak pleasure, let alone multiple orgasms, a silky, silicone based lube can really get things going.

Personally, I am a water-based lube person. That is my personal favorite even though you must reapply regularly.

If you are looking for different sensations to prompt that second orgasm, you can even try lubes that are designed to warm up or tingle wherever they’re applied. Some people find the sensation pleasurable, and some feel an uncomfortable burning sensation, so maybe try any lubes with extra features prior to use in sexy situations. Feeling like your crotch is on fire is a sure way to NOT get an orgasm!

For a safe and certain way to switch up your lube, try storing some in the fridge. It will become delightfully chilly and give you a whole other dimension of sensation.

You can also experiment with a lack of lube. Friction can be incredibly stimulating, and a “dry rub” can be a creative way to switch things up!


Tell It Like It Is to Get Multiple Orgasms

If your sexual partner is embarking on this multiple orgasm journey with you, communication and expectations will be crucial.

Chances are, if they are excited by the idea of giving you multiple orgasms they will also be excited to research and willing to listen to your directions, so don’t be afraid to speak up!

Do some research together and come up with a list of fun ways you can switch things up, in case you’re both at a loss for ideas in the moment!

In the moment, you should feel empowered to tell them what is and isn’t working. This applies to all sexual activities, positive reinforcement and a little direction can make a world of difference in how pleasurable sex is for all involved.


Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

About 43% of women are able to achieve multiple orgasms- which leaves a perfectly healthy 57% of women potentially out of luck. It is likely that more are technically able to have multiple orgasms and choose not to or are satisfied with one- or none!

If this is the case, please know that this is perfectly normal! It can be difficult if you have set a goal for yourself or if your partner really wants to give you multiple orgasms, so be kind to yourself and manage your expectations.

Multiple orgasms don’t necessarily mean multiple AMAZING orgasms- likely, the following orgasms are a little smaller, or some of them are prolonged orgasms that sort of blend into one another. This can feel amazing of course, and so can a single, powerful orgasm!

And we also know that even if you are unable to achieve orgasm at all, this does not exclude you from an amazing, pleasurable sex life. You can self pleasure, connection with a partner or connection to your own body and sexuality- with or without multiple orgasms! 


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