5 Love Language Quiz Results – Strategies For Applying!

Knowing how to use the 5 love language quiz results to boost your relationship is important. It will do your relationship no apparent good if you KNOW your partner’s love language yet cannot DO it.

No phenomenon warrants the use of the phrase “Action speaks louder than words” than the love languages. It is not enough to know what these languages are.

Sometimes, expressing love to your partner in their love language can become a difficult task, even if you have their 5 Love Language Quiz results.

This is because every human is wired to assume that love is best expressed in their languages.

This is why your partner may end up waiting endlessly for words of affirmation from you while you’re busy sweating out the chores to please them.

So, below are a number of ways by which you can duly express love to your partner based on the 5 love language quiz results:

Words of Affirmation

People with this love language want to hear you say, ‘I love you’ more often.

They’ll even appreciate you more if you voice out the reason you love and cherish them.

And if this happens to be one of your partner’s 5 love languages, sincerity and openness must not be lacking from your conversations.

  • Appreciate them for the smallest things they do. (ex: “Thanks for getting the mail”)
  • Send a text to them every now and then to let them know they’re on your mind.
  • Be their number one cheerleader whenever they have a project to carry out.
  • Have something nice to say about their looks and their personality.
  • Whenever they’re discouraged, be ready with encouraging words to boost their confidence.
  • Whenever they hit any significant milestone, always be the first to celebrate and congratulate them on their victory.
  • Whenever they’re going on any trip, a cute note tucked into their travel bags will go a long way.
  • Sing their praises, even when they are not all deserving of them.

Acts of Service

For some other people their favorite out of the 5 love languages is checking off an item on their to-do list.

It is even better to ask your partner what they’d have you do for them, so you don’t end up doing all the chores that they didn’t care about doing, and then the partner still feels unloved.

Nevertheless, here are a few things you can do to make your partner feel loved:

  • Pay the bills even before they ask.
  • Help them with groceries before they run out.
  • Do the dishes for them, along with the chores you can do whenever necessary.
  • Wash their car when you have the time, or drive it to the car wash for them.
  • Help them reduce their grocery bags whenever they’re returning from the store.
  • Help them pick up the laundry on your way from work.
  • Take out the trash before it piles up, and do not hesitate to get a babysitter for the kids while you’re on a date.

Receiving Gifts

In Gary Chapman’s book on the Five Love Languages, he explains that people whose love language is receiving gifts often appreciate the thought behind the gift better than they do the gift.

The full expression of love in this language deals with getting your partner gifts that suit their lifestyle and personality. Buying your vegan partner a plate of beef noodles will NOT be helpful.

  • Whenever their favorite artist is performing a show, buy them a surprise ticket (even if it’s a live stream version of a concert).
  • Go the extra mile to get them that snack they love. It would be better if the snack is not readily obtainable.
  • Have your phone or a journal handy to jot down whatever they want as a mental note for yourself. This list will pay off when it’s their birthday or an important celebration.
  • Do not wait to be reminded of important dates in their lives. Make it a habit to surprise them with relevant gifts during celebrations and festivals.
  • Wherever you go on a trip, bring them a gift item pertinent to the location you traveled to.
  • Just buy them gifts for no particular reason or create something.

Quality Time

For some people, undivided attention from their partners is all they need to feel loved. If you have such a person as a partner with this love language, you may need to dedicate some time to them daily or weekly.


  • Do not rush out of bed. Enjoy a few moments of intimacy with your partner in the early hours of the morning before you begin your day.
  • Do not mess around with your date nights. Make it a habit to “fan the flames” in your relationship with romantic dates – even at home.
  • Make time to enjoy a walk in the woods.
  • Whenever possible, go to bed at the same time as your partner. Falling asleep at different times or sleeping in different rooms may come off as negligence if you do not discuss it.
  • At the end of your day, take a few undisturbed minutes to fill each other in on the things that happened during the day.
  • Look at your partner whenever you’re in discussion with them. Eye contact exercises are a good way to show them that your attention is all theirs.
  • Maybe quarterly or twice a year… stay in bed together and reschedule a plan to create more time together.
  • Pray, meditate, read, sing, dance, and/or study with them.

Physical Touch

You shouldn’t wait for complaining before cuddling, hugging or kissing your partner – particularly when their love language is physical touch.

While every physical touch may not always lead to sex, you’d be well appreciated if you know the right time to touch your partner.


  • Hug them whenever you apologize for what you did wrong.
  • Wrap your arms around them – even if you are in public.
  • Don’t wait for your partner to ask before giving them a soothing massage.
  • Cuddle each other when you sit next to each other.
  • Hold hands with each other whenever you take a walk.
  • Kiss each other whenever you part ways or come together.

As you can tell, the 5 love language quiz results is a just a starting point for a relationship, yet learning to GIVE in the way that your partner receives is imperative for them to feel loved.


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