Easiest Way to Tie Wrists! [DOUBLE COLUMN TIE TUTORIAL!]

Easiest Way to Tie Wrists! [DOUBLE COLUMN TIE TUTORIAL!]


So you want to learn the easiest way to tie wrists together and perform the double column tie?

In many videos with bondage, the wrists tied together is a desired outcome.

If you don’t know much about tying rope, watch the entire shibari kinbaku video here, until the end where we show the easiest way to tie wrists together.

Listen to the tips ahead of time, to ensure you understand how to do the double column tie.

Also, watch tied up sex video for advanced moves on how to get the most out of your kinbaku or rope bondage and tie experience.

I have created this video with the goal of teaching you how to tie wrists together easily and simply.

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