Sex Addict

Are You A Sex Addict? 

Are You A Sex Addict? 


If you’re looking for answers on whether you are a sex addict or not, we will let you know. 

The best method to ensure you are not a sex addict. And to give you clarity of mind are found here. 

So if you think you are a sex addict, consider the following! 

If you are the source of your fantasies and recognize tha you are also in control of your desires and arousal, chances are you are not a sex addict. Much of what we are taught in the culture about sex in unhealhy, so we use porn and sex in a way to cope with uncomfortable feelings. 

This does not mean we are sex addicts who will build up a tolerance and then have a physiological withdrawal when stopping porn or sexually compulsive behaviors. 

International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10)

The ICD (international classification of diseases) has left sex addiction out of the new sexual compulsion diagnosis. Why? Because sex addiction is not actually an addiction. 

Although there may be overlaps in what we traditionally think of, sex addiction is missing components of: 

  • Tolerance
  • Withdrawal

You may have a compulsion and impulsion issue when it comes to sex, yet it’s not a sex addiction. 

If you want to use the label because it works for you, feel free to call yourself a sex addict though. 

Many clients may come to me thinking they have a sex addiction. 

If you have been diagnosed with a “sex addiction” or as a sex addict. Ensure your therapist is certified as a sex therapist. Many are not, so question the qualifications of the professional. 

If you are spending time masturbating, unable to keep a job because of your sexual practices. Have risky and problematic sexual behavior, these are all symptoms of needing treatment. Even if it isn’t called sex addiction, if it is causing you distress. It is important to see a sex therapist. 

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