Mommy Kink: Definition & Ways To Practice It

Mommy Kink: Definition & Ways To Practice It


You’ve probably already heard about daddy kink, yet mommy kink is not as known. The reason for it is that both of these concepts are not as commonly discussed! 

Yet, there’s no doubt that mommy kink is here to stay. 

Mommy kink is a sexual or/and romantic attraction for women who care for you, protect you, and provide you with “unconditional” positive regard. This woman will be in a relationship with you and will treat you like her loving little child. The goal with a mommy kink is that you’ll be the center of her attention.

In a mommy kink, you can have the feeling of your ‘mommy’ caressing your hair, kissing your forehead, and pulling you into her arms. In a mommy kink, her arms are the safe, protected, loved and nurtured place. 

Who’s Your Mommy? 

In this context, a ‘mommy’ is a woman that enjoys caring for and treating her partner as a child, while in role. Also known as a mommy fetish, mommy kink is similar to daddy kink. 

Yet there are subtle differences between mommy and daddy kinks. The daddy kink is often based on guidance, as the little one needs a ‘daddy’ to protect them and tell them right from wrong. On the other hand, the mommy kink is primarily loving and nurturing. The mommy is protecting her little one and nurturing them from the rest of the world.

She is here to take away the problems you have and be your support for the time you are in role. This type of relationship is common for those who lead stressful lives. For instance, if a person is experiencing problems at work, they might need that certainty of nurturance at night. A mommy could help a person like this get out of bed and feel motivated.

This kink can occur in strictly sexual relationships as well, where there is no romantic attachment to the other person. Here, an individual will get sexually excited to think of their partner in the role of mom. They will enjoy the love and care coming from her, as they can leave responsibilities aside, and simply be taken care of by another. 

Mommy, Come Play With Me

So, if a woman is taking care of her submissive, how does this look in the sheets? 

The foreplay and the intercourse can be different from couple to couple. Therefore, there are various ways to practice mommy kink with your partner. 

Before you start practicing, it’s vital to discuss this kink with them. 

With every kink a person might have, it’s recommended to inform the other partner instead of surprising them with it during the scene. 

Tell your partner you’re fantasizing about trying out the roles of mommy and little. If they’re unfamiliar with this kink, explain it to them and share some of the examples or this blog. 

Whatever you do, do not share the hardcore examples of your kink with your partner if they are new to it. This will not provide you with what you want and chances are it will leave a mark on your sex life and your relationship. 

Once your partner has accepted wanting to try this role, introduce small things to your relationship. It’s best to start with small changes even if your partner is interested in exploring the kink, because sometimes they change their mind. 

Mommy Kink Sex

When it comes to sex, there are a variety of things you and your partner can try out. Some of them you’ve already tried, yet you weren’t aware they are part of the mommy kink concept. 

For instance, you might cuddle with your partner, or ‘mommy’ and ask her to breastfeed you. While enjoying kissing and licking her nipples, you can ask her to caress your hair and talk with a nice, calming voice.

Doesn’t sound so out of your realm, right? 

Of course, there are many other ways to practice mommy kink and it will depend on what you and your partner want. 

You might decide that this gentle, caring foreplay is perfect for those days when you both want to make love. Or, you might use this role play to get excited and continue with your regular partnered sex pattern. 

One thing is for sure, the options are limitless!

Mommy Kink Ideas

Now, it’s time to enjoy your mommy kink side! As mentioned above, it’s up to you to choose how you will practice it. If you’re thinking about ideas, you’ll see a list here for practicing mommy kink:

  • Seduce one another over the text messages by calling each other according to your roles. This will help prepare yourselves for action when you both get home. 
  • Start calling her ‘mommy’ as an invitation to come to bed and give you some love.
  • Use the time for foreplay to gently caress each other’s bodies and ask for her to hold you.
  • When you’re having an orgasm, call each other by your role names. 
  • This can also prolong the time you stay in bed after sex and simply cuddle. 

It’s up to you both to determine which are your mommy kink games and which aren’t. You should explore your kink and have fun with it. If it makes you both feel good and the sex is even better, the ideas will start appearing on its own!


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