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Your Ultimate Guide To Love Language Gifts

Your Ultimate Guide To Love Language Gifts


Whenever we start a new relationship, we’re starting to learn a new language, and finding love language gifts for them during the holiday season is not as easy as it seems. Regardless of it, becoming fluent in your loved one’s love language is crucial to having a quality relationship. 

Understanding that your love language is not the same as the love language of your partner will save you a lot of headaches and provide you with so many benefits. Your partner might want more cuddling or more spontaneous experiences, so providing them with exactly what they need will set great foundations for your relationship and ensure you’re both enjoying it. 

To help you become fluent in your partner’s love language, we’ve decided to go over the best love language gifts you can surprise them with and enhance the connection between you as a couple. Make sure you go through all of them as you will surely find a lot of valuable information for your relationship. 

Quality Time

When talking about quality time, if this is something that your partner enjoys the most, you should focus more one on another. This means more than just finding time to do things together will not be enough because they want quality over quantity. For instance, if you already live together, why not surprise your partner with a road trip to the countryside? You can bring food and a bottle of wine and organize a picnic in a nice, quiet place with a great view?

Depending on your partner’s preferences, you can prepare anything they would like. It can be a hike in the woods, a visit to the museum, a weekend getaway to the closest island, signing in for a class or a workshop, or going to the movies. It really depends on what your partner needs at that moment and what will make them happy the most. 

Personalized Gift Cards

If you go and buy a gift card for your partner, how thoughtful would that be? In reality, you should spend time thinking about what would be a good gift for your partner, and what’s a better way than making personalized gifts? You can create personalized gift cards with a bunch of ideas that will make them feel great while going through the cards. 

From having a card for ‘a chores-free week’ where you would do all the chores so they can relax more to the one that’s saying ‘romantic dinner prepared just for you’, which would imply that you will prepare the dinner and you two would have a quiet, romantic night together. You can write whatever you want on these personalized gift cards as long as it has value for your partner. 

Verbal Support

If this is the love language of your partner, it means they will need a lot of verbal support from you and other people to thrive in their lives. Your partner will need compliments from you to feel like they are appreciated, loved, and safe, especially in difficult moments. So, to love your partner the right way and speak his love language, you will need to be supportive with your words. 

Tell them every day how much you love them and how much they mean to you. When they are talking about the challenges they are facing in their everyday life, make sure they know you believe in them and want to see them succeed in anything that is relevant to them. You can do so by sending them a card with kind, thoughtful words or even a text to help them start their day with confidence. 

More Cuddling & Touching

There are many people who need a lot of physical touch in a relationship and if you’re not one of them and your partner is, you will need to remind yourself frequently to speak their love language. This means you will need to stay a few minutes more in the bed before going to work and cuddle with them. This also means you will watch your favorite shows or movies and hug and kiss each other. 

One of the most intimate physical experiences for a couple is definitely sex, so try to always look at it as something more than just physical activity as it’s so vital for the connection between the partners. Whatever you choose to do more often to ensure your partner’s love language is spoken often in your relationship, never touch, kiss, hug, or have sex with them just because you think you have to do it as they will understand if the act comes from love or something completely else. 

Acts of Service

You don’t have to wait for a special date like an anniversary or a birthday to do something nice for your partner. Small things are what counts in serious, long-term relationships and how you both are making each other’s life more easier and enjoyable. So, if this is the love language of your partner, why not help them with small chores or run a few errands for them?

For instance, if your partner is working long hours, why not help them by preparing dinner for them and having a lovely evening when they come home? Or, why not organize their office if they work from home so they can be more productive? It can be even little things that show how much you love them, such as preparing them coffee or taking the trash out even though you’ve agreed it will be their chore in the house. 

Wrap Up 

There are many love languages, and your partner might speak some of them and others not. You might even have the same love language or you can have completely different needs to feel loved. It really shouldn’t affect your relationship negatively as long as you understand what your partner needs and provide them with it as much as you can.

After all, to love someone means to make them happy and help them to become the best version of themselves. Your love language should only be used with you, not with your partner, so once you do something nice for them, they will be motivated to do the same and strengthen your relationship even more. 

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