Vaginal Orgasm

5 Things Women Need To Know about the Vaginal Orgasm

5 Things Women Need To Know about the Vaginal Orgasm


To have a fulfilled and healthy life, there are a few things women need to know about the vaginal orgasm. As much as the female orgasm is often treated as a mystery, there is no doubt about its numerous benefits. After all, there are not so many differences between the female and male orgasm.   

Women who are experiencing difficulties in reaching climax can also learn how to restore this ability and go back to having spectacular orgasms. And an even stronger bond with their sexual partner. An orgasm is your birthright and every woman should claim it as much as she can and wants. 

In this article, you will find all the information about female sexual health, from learning the concept of orgasm to allowing yourself to fully enjoy the pleasure that comes from an orgasm. Enjoy the read and hope it leads to many, many vaginal orgasms in your life.

Introducing the Clitoris

You already know that clitoris has a unique shape, yet did you know that its shape is what is causing the arousal and orgasm in your body? When massaging your erogenous zones, whether it’s your labia, inner thigh, vaginal opening, or anus, gently rub on it, while also playing with your clitoris. 

You will soon notice how the arousal is kicking as you or your partner is touching you and exploring what type of touch and where exactly on your body you prefer it. Some women enjoy more caressing and kissing, while others get excited when someone is pinching or biting their body parts.

Vagina Doesn’t Have As Many Nerve Endings As You Think

We often wrongly assume that just because there is so much going on there that our vaginas have many nerve endings. As much as nobody can deny there is an electrified pleasure when you or someone else touches your erogenous zones near your vagina, there are not many nerve endings. The reason for that is quite simple.

If a woman were to have many nerve endings, it might be great for her sexual pleasure, however, when giving birth, this would be an incredibly painful experience. In a way, the lack of nerve endings in our vagina is what is keeping a woman safe from the pain that would turn giving birth into a traumatic experience. 

Where Is My G Spot Located?

Finding a G Spot is not as hard as you might think. It is located on the anterior wall of your vagina, also known as the back of an internal clitoris. When lying down on the bed, you will be able to locate it at the top of the front wall. You will need to discover where precisely your G Spot is as it can be on the way up that wall, sometimes place lower, sometimes higher. 

You will know when you have found it once you feel a rougher area than the surrounding tissue and many women even describe it as touching the orange peel. The reason why not all women have the G spot located in the same place is due to differences in genetics, whether or not they’ve had babies, etc.

Vaginal vs. Clitoral Orgasm

The types of orgasms differ based on the type of physical stimulation and to which parts of the female body these stimulations are being done on. Vaginal orgasm involves an orgasm through stimulation during sex or any kind of vaginal penetration, completely without clitoral stimulation. Due to already mentioned nerve endings, the vagina cannot create an orgasm. That’s why it’s important to think of the vagina and clitoris as a grid of nerves and muscles working together towards your orgasm. 

A clitoral orgasm refers to an orgasm that involves only clitoral stimulation. Your partner can lick, bite, kiss, suck, touch, caress, or tickle your clitoris, and as a result of that stimulation, you will orgasm. When a woman is feeling sexual excitement, her clitoris will swell and change position. 

The blood vessels of the entire pelvic area will also swell, leading to engorgement and a unique feeling of sexual sensitivity and fullness. The inner vaginal lips will also swell and change their shape, while the vagina will balloon upwards and change the position of the uterus. 

Clitoris Has +8000 Nerve Endings Only for Your Pleasure

Unlike the vagina, your clitoris is filled with nerve endings. It is the most nerve-rich part of your vulva with more than 8,000 nerve endings. This means that the clitoris can provide incredible sexual pleasure for women. Especially when you add the fact that there are 15,000 more nerve endings in the pelvis. No wonder why an orgasm feels so good down there!

However, there is no unique formula to reach an orgasm with clitoral stimulation. As each woman is different, her clitoris will also differ from others. To feel sexual pleasure and eventually orgasm, each woman will need a different type of stimulation. The only way to know for sure is to put those fingers to work. And explore what feels good and what doesn’t. 

In Conclusion

The more you and your sex partner know about vaginal orgasms, the more often you will achieve them during intercourse. Orgasms are incredibly beneficial for women and not to mention how amazing they feel. There is truly no reason why any woman shouldn’t be able to enjoy her body, celebrate her sexuality, and make the most of her sexual pleasure.

That’s why it’s crucial to educate yourself and everyone around you. Debunk a myth or two about female sexual pleasure and allow yourself to enjoy it without any limitations. Whether you start by discovering where your G Spot is or figuring out which type of orgasm is your favorite, make that move towards a more fulfilled sexual life that we all deserve!


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