How To Have Sex During Your Period

How To Have Sex During Your Period


Learning how to have sex during your period is easier than you think. More importantly, there is no scientific evidence that having sex during your period is harmful to your health in any way. Some women even report that having sex with their partner during a period brings them several benefits, with deeper orgasms being one of them. 

Keep in mind that you can get pregnant during your period. Also, having sex while you’re menstruating will not eliminate the possibility of getting a sexually transmitted infection (STIs), so it’s recommendable to practice safe sex. 

Period Sex Benefits

We’ve already mentioned above that sex while menstruating brings many physiological benefits. Orgasms tend to relieve menstrual cramps because of contracting and releasing the uterine muscles. Due to that movement, muscle tension can be significantly reduced during the period. Not to mention that having sex will trigger endorphins, which remove the focus of any pain and discomfort you might feel in your body.   

Also, these muscle contractions will help clear the uterus contents leading to a shorter period, however, there is still no scientific evidence for this, although many women swear it’s true. Besides the ease of menstrual cramps, sexual activity can even help with headaches, which is assumed to be related to endorphins. 

Let’s not forget another important aspect of period sex which is lubrication. Many women have vaginas dry, so the menstrual flow can serve as a natural lubricant. That will make sex more pleasant for both you and your sex partner as you don’t have to stop with sexual activity to apply the lube. 

Practicing Safe Sex

Regardless of your menstruation, you should always practice safe sex. Even with all the benefits of having sex during your menstruation, you cannot simply ignore the risk of sexually transmitted infections, such as hepatitis or HIV. Such viruses can spread easily when in contact with the infected person’s blood, making menstruation the perfect situation for the virus to spread. 

To ensure you’re practicing safe sex and still getting as much pleasure as possible, use condoms during sex to be safe from catching or spreading an STI.

Avoid Heavy Days

It will greatly depend on your menstrual flow, however, some women will experience a more intense flow during the first few days of their period. If you are among them, choose lighter days for sexual activities. If the heavier flow doesn’t affect you or your partner in any way, there is no reason not to have sex during the first days of your period. 

Prepare Towels and Tissues

If this will be your first time having sex during your period, make sure you put some towels under to protect your bed sheets and mattress. You might even have a lighter flow that day, yet the sexual activity will probably get some blood around, so have towels and tissues nearby to wipe yourself after sex. 

Sex In The Shower

If you feel uncomfortable having sex during your period on your bed, you can try sex in the shower. The water will wash away the menstrual flow and allow you to change things a bit if you’re both bored of the old-fashioned missionary position in the bed. This option is great for everyone who will be trying to have sex during the period for the first time and once they feel comfortable with it, they can continue trying all the positions they want without worrying about pain or discomfort. 

Rethink Foreplay

While menstruating, you and your partner might want to avoid using your hands as it can be messy due to the blood, however, if it doesn’t bother you, just go for it. If you wish to play with your partner before the sexual activity, you should consider vibrators or any sex toys that might set the mood for both of you. If you’re looking for a quickie, your period days are perfect for it because you already have a natural lube so your partner can easily penetrate and give you the pleasure you deserve. 

What About Oral Sex?

If you’re a big fan of oral sex, you can practice it without any problems during your period. Think about using a menstrual cup, tampon, or contraceptive sponge to decrease the leakage. If you decide to do it in the shower, you will probably not need any of these things, yet keep in mind that sometimes things can get pretty steamy, so make sure you don’t forget about putting a condom before penetration.

Have a Talk First

As much as having sex during your period is completely normal and there is no reason for avoiding it during these days, make sure your partner is okay with it. Let them know you’re having your period and that you don’t mind a few drops of blood to enjoy good sex with them. Typically, most people don’t have any issues with having period sex, however, your sex partner might be terrified of blood, so seeing it during sex might not produce the results you need. 

Ask them openly have practice period sex and if they liked it. Luckily, there are so many ways to enjoy sex during your period, it will not be difficult to find one that both you and your partner will love.  

In Final Words

Once you start practicing it, you will discover a completely different dimension of sexual pleasures and orgasms and you will be impatiently waiting for your next period to enjoy it all over again. While practicing it, make sure you’re not having menstrual cramps as it will be difficult to relax and enjoy sex with your partner. Before going into any sexual activity, take a moment to see how you feel and if there are no obstacles or concerns from your end, go and have the best sex of your life!

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