Erogenous Zones Not To Ignore For Maximum Pleasure

Erogenous Zones Not To Ignore For Maximum Pleasure


To truly boost your sensuality, you need to be aware of erogenous zones that you should not ignore for pleasure. Consider your partner’s ears, lower back, collar bones, and so on when you explore. Sexuality and sensuality are not just about penetration and coitus. If you ever took your time to kiss your partner’s neck and got them aroused that way, you know what we’re talking about here.

Many body parts are unfairly ignored regarding sex, and this article aims to change that once and for all. Say goodbye to repeating the same seduction steps over and over again, and say hello to exploring other areas of the body that can provide the same or even more pleasure for both of you!


  • Neck

If you have a neck, you are aware of it. The nape and back of your neck have an abundance of nerve endings that only take a light touch to drive you both crazy. To reach that concentration of nerves, ask your partner to lightly run the tips of their fingers up and down your neck as you kiss. You can also do it to them first and ask them to do the same for you. Establish a no-kissing-on-the-lips rule and ask your partner to concentrate on your neck instead to turn the heat up a notch. Trust us, you will love the tension this move builds!


  • Inner Thighs

Have your partner tease your inner thighs for a while before moving on to the main meal. Because of its extreme sensitivity and dense concentration of nerve endings, this skin is particularly receptive to your partner’s bites, nips, and licks. To take things to the next level, urge your spouse to trail an ice cube up and down your thighs and enjoy that new feeling.


  • Armpits

You probably don’t think of your armpits while considering foreplay. Your armpits may be a shockingly erogenous area, though, if you can get over a little perspiration, hair, and taboo. Consider it like this: Your underarms are delicate. They may be quite seductive in this region for the same reason that makes them so ticklish.

How to explore: Ask your companion to stroke your underarms softly with the tips of their fingers. Use a gentle up-and-down motion at first, then a quick, circular motion. Pay special attention to what produces the optimum reaction. Sure, it’s amusing, yet it’s also alluring.


  • Ears

Despite being very sensual, ears are frequently disregarded, which makes them an even hotter area when you want to turn things up in bed. Because there are so many sensory receptors in the ears, they are really quite sensitive to touch.

Start out by having your lover delicately draw with their fingertips while you are kissing the C-shaped outline of your ear. A little kiss or nibble might potentially ignite a bonfire. Coupled with some below-the-belt movement, this may be an exceptionally potent maneuver; it may even assist you in reaching the peak of your sexual pleasure.


  • Hands

The hands are quite seductive. Even a gentle, firm touch can produce waves of feeling. One of the most sensual organs is your hand. Sucking on fingers truly constitutes an oral sexual act. Like sex, a partner may deliver the same signal to the brain’s reward region by sucking on the finger and massaging it with the tongue.

Have your partner slowly make circles with their tongue while they softly kiss the tips of your fingers to explore. Consider using a little mild suction if you’re into it.


  • Feet

Even if you don’t like feet or believe you don’t like feet, the proper touch might alter all that. Pressure areas on the foot may cause arousal in certain people. Particularly densely endowed with nerve endings are the arches of your feet, making them extremely sensitive.

You should concentrate on solid, consistent strokes rather than soft, ticklish motions, since some people are ticklish down there. Consider it more like a massage, which is enjoyable and can aid in relaxing, a necessary condition for many women to have orgasms.


  • Inside of the Ankle

We may as well discuss the second significant erogenous zone down there—the inside of the ankle—since we’re already down by the feet.

Najjar notes that this particular location is undoubtedly one that may elicit pleasure when stimulated appropriately with mild touch, similar to the wrist. Additionally, it has a sensuous quality that could even make you want to kiss and taste it.


  • Scalp

Don’t undervalue the value of some good hair-pulling! Your scalp has millions of tiny nerve endings, and if you’ve ever had your hair pulled during sex, you know it’s an erogenous zone.

You can still profit from the many nerve endings on the scalp, even if ripping off your hair isn’t your thing. It doesn’t matter if you like to stroke your partner’s hair or they prefer to stroke yours—either way, there is still a delightful sexiness to the act.


  • Inner Knee

The area behind your knee may not have received much attention in the past, yet try gently massaging it with your hand or having your partner do it, and you’ll discover that it’s far more sensitive than you thought. “If you want to, have your lover lick and cuddle it. It’s a brand-new area waiting to be discovered. It is a direct route to other alluring body regions.


  • Lower Back

The back frequently comes up when asked about their preferred erogenous areas. For some people, it’s the interscapular—that difficult-to-reach area between your shoulder blades. (Perhaps that’s what makes it so desirable: it’s out of reach.) If you want, trail down the lower back to the sensitive area just above the ass crease. As you walk beside someone, consider each time they have placed their hand there. Hot, huh? When they contact it while unclothed, it becomes extremely sexy!


Final Words

There are a few obvious areas you want your partner to go to when things are getting hot. Your lips, nipples, and genitalia, however, hardly scrape the surface of erogenous zones—those crazy-sensitive hot places that may transform you from zero to gotta-have-it-right-now. There are incredibly sensitive regions of your body that you might not even be aware of. Explore these areas to find the ones that suit you and your partner the most, and enjoy these sexy games!


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