Free Couples Counseling: How To Make the Most Of It

Free Couples Counseling: How To Make the Most Of It


If you think your relationship is going through some difficulties or would benefit from free couples counseling, find out how to maximize the value of this type of therapy. After all, different approaches and types of therapy help you decide what is the best solution for your relationship based on your unique situation.

That said, what is free couples counseling from Medicaid with LMFT-As, and can you expect it to save your relationship and bring you closer to your partner? Definitely! Even one session can be beneficial for couples if they prepare well, provide valuable information to their counselor, and apply what they learn to their romantic lives.

Before going into tips on how to make the most of your free couples counseling through interns, let’s take a look at what to expect when you and your partner visit your chosen therapist for the first time.


What Is Free Couples Counseling?

Free couples therapy is exactly like regular couples counseling, yet you will not have to pay for it. As we often misinterpret that what is given for free has no or little value, there are also certain misconceptions about free couples therapy. The biggest one is that people think that just because a therapist is doing their work for free, they will not put in any effort.

Many therapists practice this type of counseling to give back to the community in the best way they can, while others might do it to gain relevant experience and apply for the desired job. Regardless of their reason, you should discard the option of going to a couples counselor and strengthen your relationship.

This type of therapy is typically performed online, and you and your partner can talk to a therapist from the comfort of your home. This is a great option for people who don’t have a lot of time due to their responsibilities or feel uncomfortable sharing intimate thoughts and emotions in a new environment. 


Reasons to Seek Couples Counseling

Sometimes it may be difficult to find a professional therapist. Also, one partner may be unwilling to seek professional relationship counseling, even if it’s free. However, when they start talking to a therapist, they will discover that most therapists have a nonjudgmental perspective and can significantly improve the quality of your relationship. 


Whether the issue in your relationship is sex, a lack of communication, stress from work, or family responsibilities, couples counseling can help you eliminate the obstacles to your relationship’s happiness. 

  1. Couples counseling can strengthen your relationship.

Online therapy can help you get the mental health support you need, which will strengthen your relationship.  Free couples counseling is a cost-effective mental health service that helps people have more fulfilling relationships and, parallelly, work on themselves as well. Relationships take work, and finding a professional might alleviate some of that burden for you, as we often don’t know what’s the best way to do something or struggle to find common ground with our partners. 

  1. Couples counseling builds communication, intimacy, and trust.

Unresolved mental health problems may unintentionally affect a relationship if one or both partners are experiencing them. Also, each person is different, so finding a way to communicate efficiently is a challenge for most relationships. There is nothing unusual about that, and seeking couples counseling could help solve all these issues. Once both partners have the right tools to communicate, their intimacy and trust will be rebuilt and strengthened.

  1. Couples counseling helps you understand different phases of a relationship.

In love, our brains’ pleasure and desire chemicals do not stay as high. Hormone levels dropping may feel like depression or other mental health issues. Dealing with this is harder than it sounds, and not accepting the new phase of your relationship may cause new issues for you as a couple. With a couples therapist, you can enjoy this new phase and stay connected as your relationship changes (because it will).


Tips To Get The Best Of Free Couples Counseling

If you and your partner have decided to start couples counseling, there are ways to maximize its benefits. Together, you can find a therapist. This will give you a shared mission and let you talk about something important. Find a counselor you both like, as personal preference affects therapy results. 

Talk to your partner prior to the session and mutually decide on the topic you want to bring to your chosen therapist. This can save you time, as you’ll know which information you want to share with the therapist instead of going back and forth with your partner to determine what would be the best thing to talk about in your first session.

Also, talk to your partner if there is a need to connect to your free couples therapy from different rooms so you can both have the space you need to share. Connecting from one computer and sitting so close to each other might not be the best solution for one or even both partners. That said, keep in mind that joining the therapy from separate rooms doesn’t imply you are not on the same side. 

Once your session has ended, take a moment to reflect on everything that was just said. When you both feel ready, set aside some time for a conversation about what you could do with the information you just received. For instance, if your couples therapist advises you to make more romantic plans to strengthen your relationship, you can discuss possible date or travel ideas. 



Free couples counseling is an excellent way to improve your connection with your partner and to remember what truly matters to you both. Sometimes, responsibilities and lifestyle can get in the way of our relationships, and with the right therapist, you and your partner can fall in love again and enjoy all the little things you used to do together. Use these tips to find the best free or low-cost therapist for you and take the next step to a more fulfilled relationship. 



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