Does Sex Get Better With Age?

Does Sex Get Better With Age?


You’ve probably asked yourself more than once, ‘Does Sex Get Better With Age?’ and being curious about it is more common than you’d think. As much as we’re sexual beings, we’re also aware that humans change over the years. Our health condition is not the same at 50 as in our 20s. We have less energy as we age, and our sexual drive could be even lower with age. 

Still, all of this can be improved. You can improve your energy levels, become healthier, and feel better about yourself. So, the answer to that question will be unique for each person. However, if sex is the area in your life you wish to improve, we’re happy to share with you that sex can get better with age!


Factors that Impact Sex Drive

The first thing you need to understand is what impacts your desire to have sex and the quality of sex. How you feel about sex can change in a relationship or marriage. Most couples tend to have a lot of sex at the beginning of their relationship, and as time goes by, they start feeling tired or stressed about having sex with their partner. 

These are the most common factors that impact libido in most people:

  • Lower estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone
  • Prescription medications
  • Higher stress levels
  • Low self-esteem or body image issues
  • Drugs, smoking, or alcohol 
  • Diabetes 
  • High blood pressure  

Don’t forget that poor sexual desire may be a sign of mental or physical health problems. It may also lower your quality of life and lead to relationship issues.


Sexual Prime or the Golden Age for Sex

The term “sexual prime,” used to describe a young person, is not new. Sex is still fun as we age, contrary to popular belief. A lot of people in their 60s, 70s, and 80s+ are having fulfilling sexual relationships that enhance their general happiness and well-being.

There is a simple explanation for that! Our sense of power, assertiveness, confidence, and body image change as we age. These elements greatly improve our closeness, connection, and enjoyment of experiences.

Overall enjoyment and the quality of sex increase with age, even though the frequency of sexual activity may naturally decline. Therefore, the quality of the relationship you build with your partner is more important than the frequency of your intercourse or the number of orgasms you have. Another thing you’ll need to be aware of is that you and your spouse must accept that your bodies are changing with age and that there’s nothing wrong with it. 


How to Enjoy Sex More

If you’re determined to enjoy sex more, go for it! After all, you’ve probably had a certain amount of sexual experiences, which can help you choose your preferred sex style, positions, or anything else you’d like to try with your partner. Below, you can find suggestions that are worth exploring with your sexual partner to ensure you both enjoy sex more.


1.Take it Slow

Giving yourself and your partner some extra time for sex is crucial. Our sexual response cycle, or the interval between being aroused and engaging in sexual action, slows down as we get older. Women, in particular, could need extra time and attention to get to the point where their bodies are completely relaxed and aroused. A good piece of advice is to delay sexual activity until the morning or afternoon if you or your partner have medical issues with symptoms that intensify at night.


2. Use What You Have

The good news is that if you dislike sex toys, you can utilize nearly anything that is on your bed. For instance, using a pillow or a blanket can provide more comfort and create a new angle for the penetrating partner. You can use certain clothing items, such as ties, to tie your partner up or cover their eyes. If your partner loves sexy lingerie, why not surprise him one night? Or, you can even go shopping together and choose something that you both like. 


3. Seek New Ways to Connect

Intimacy and sex should be redefined, and partners need to be flexible with this and not make a big deal about the things that might not work immediately. Some things take more time than others. Approach this as an experiment for both of you! Try new things and adapt to them as you go. 


4. Have a Positive Mindset

Who said that the best era of your sexual life had ended? The best sex is yet to come! 

Don’t forget that, as we age, we occasionally start to feel a little more confident in ourselves. A healthier sexual life is also facilitated by people’s tendency to lose interest in some of those less significant things as they get older. That leaves enough room and energy to focus on the real connection between the two partners and enjoy your entire relationship, including sex!



Yes, sex can get better with age! There is no doubt about it. If there is something preventing you from enjoying sex at any age, the best thing you can do is talk to your partner and to your doctor if you’re suspecting health issues. On the other hand, besides eliminating the obstacles, do your best to connect with your partner. Talk more about the things you need in a relationship and in bed. Also, don’t take sex too seriously. Some things you try with your partner will not produce the satisfaction you were expecting, and that’s totally okay. 

Sex is about exploring your own sexuality and learning more about your partner’s. Forget about the age and make the most of the sexual experiences you have! Sometimes, you just need to relax and be curious about the intimacy you and your partner are building together, whether it’s through sex, hugging, or a conversation. Anything that brings you closer together will bring you more satisfaction in bed as well. 


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