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Anal Sex Beginners

Anal Sex For Beginniners

Anal Sex For Beginniners

Have you ever had anal sex? 

Whether you have or haven’t, there is something novel, uncommon, and special in the supposed rarity of anal sex. 

Many people publicly scoff at the idea of anal sex. 

Yet you would be surprised at how many times it comes up in my therapeutic sessions, because people are doing it incorrectly. 

Anal sex can be pleasurable if you decide this is something you want to do, but it can be a horrible experience if you go into it as you would vaginal intercourse. 

The following should help you decide to engage in anal sex! 

No matter what your sexual identity, all people are interested in receiving anal sex or anal play from what I have seen. Even straight men.

Must-Know Terms for Anal Sex Beginners: 

  • ANUS – The posterior opening at the end of the digestive tract that is a canal from which solid waste is eliminated. Also known as the asshole! The anus does not self-lubricate. 
  • COLON – the canal that removes water from digested food and sends solid waste to the rectum.
  • COLORECTAL – Having to do with the entire large intestine.
  • EXTERNAL ANAL SPHINCTER (EAS) – The “pushing out” process. The muscle you tighten when “holding in gas”. It is a voluntary fibrous muscle forming a ring around the anus. 
  • INTERNAL ANAL SPHINCTER (IAS) – An involuntary smooth muscle forming a ring around the anus which you don’t control. The urgent sensation of having to move your bowels is what you feel when this involuntary muscle is relaxing or about to relax.
  • INTESTINAL EPITHELIUM – A thin layer of specialized cells lining the intestines.
  • PERISTALSIS – A ripple like contraction of muscles in the digestive system which moves food through the stomach and intestines, eventually expelling it via the anus as solid waste.
  • RECTUM – The final 6-8 inches of the large intestine leading to the anus. Solid waste builds up here before exiting through the anus.

Did you know what all of these meant? 

If you are still with me, congratulations! Now, we dive into the psychology of why people are biased towards anal sex. If you are like me, you have heard tons of horror stories, and I believe that these bad experiences are the reason most people aren’t interested in trying again. 

If there are stories that are preventing you from having fun with it, it may be worth talking to someone about these barriers. 


Barriers to Anal Sex after a “Bad” Experience

I have met a ton of people, clients and friends who have suffered from bad experiences with anal penetration; therefore, they developed a strong aversion. 

Anal Sex Beginners

While most tolerate unpleasant anal penetration the first time, because they don’t “know any better,” they usually end up “hating” anal play forever. 

If you have received (or given) anal sex, and you (or your partner) experienced constipation, discomfort, an unpleasant odor or mess, bleeding or injury, you were with someone who had no idea what they were doing. 


Avoiding A Messy Anal Sex Experience:

This is all a prep! 

  1. IN GENERAL, cleaning your colon is important too, so having a diet high in raw vegetable fiber helps! 
  2. Give yourself time to clean out! Focus on having a clean rectum for anal play. Buy a Liquid Glycerin Suppository at a pharmacy or on Amazon. The glycerol will induce peristalsis and force a bowel movement.
  3. After this, give yourself even more time! A series of enemas will complete the cleansing process. Three isotonic saline enemas (these have a salt concentration similar to your blood so you won’t get dehydrated or overhydrated) are often required to get to a clear discharge. I am not a physician or a pro at enimas, so please educate yourself by looking up medical resources before you begin using enemas.
  4. You may need to move your bowels a few times after you’ve expelled the last enema. This is especially true if you take large volume enemas and they penetrate deeply into your transverse or ascending colon. Once you feel like you’ve emptied your bowels sufficiently, take a warm bath and relax or take a long hot shower.


Solo Anal Pleasure

Start with your own exploration of anal receiving. Do not try anal penetration with someone else first. You should be comfortable with your own body enough to know its signals so you will be ready when you are with someone else. 

If you aren’t comfortable alone, think about why you are more comfortable with someone else? 


Items Needed:

  • Lubricant 
    • KY Jelly or something non-allergenic. 
    • This lubricant is my favorite! 
    • Nothing with warming or tingling
  • Get thin, disposable latex gloves (optional)
  • A towel

Make sure you have at least one hour to explore yourself, and that no one will interrupt you. Please, whatever you do, do not have an appointment or be rushing to go somewhere. Make an afternoon or evening out of it. 

  • Rub your finger in lubricant and slowly move your finger around the outside of the anus. 
  • Make circular motions gently. 
  • Rub up and down with a different intensity.
  • Don’t penetrate your hole, just rub gently and slowly in circles around the opening of the hole. Keep a clock nearby and do this for 10 minutes. 
  • It may seem like an eternity, but continue for the full 10 minutes. As you do this, build an intimate mental map of where your finger is exploring. Take note in your mind of what you’re anus is feeling in relation to where your finger is. After 10 minutes of feeling around your anus, you’ll begin to work on consciously controlling one of your anal sphincters.

When you have an urge to do more, try to penetrate into the anus and notice the ways in which you feel your body wrap around your own finger. 

Penetration is very scary for most and that is why we have a second blog on penetrative anal sex coming out on Friday! 

Thank you Fetlife Educator @HoleTrainer for your contribution to this piece and your wisdom. I am grateful that I was able to site your knowledge on this type of sexual act!

If you need help, please don’t let your shame or pride get in the way even though it might be  tough! 

Let us try and help! You can get more content on relationship and sex tips by checking out my Youtube Channel – The Sex Healer

If you know someone that would benefit from this information, feel free to share it. 



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