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Best Sex Toys For Women

Best Sex Toys For Women


If you’re looking for the best sex toys for women, keep on reading as we did our research on what’s hot right now. Just like any other woman out there, you are probably looking to upgrade your orgasm game, and there’s no shame in that! The market of female sex toys will leave you speechless and you will easily find something that will bring you pleasure on a daily basis.

Take a look at 7 products that women around the world recommend you to start using when you’re alone in bed and need some action. Of course, all of them can be used as a sex prop with your partner as well.


#1 Womanizer Liberty

There are several reasons why Womanizer Liberty deserves to be at the top list of best sex toys for women. The first one is that it was designed in a way you can take it on your trips and always have it by your side. In other words, it doesn’t limit your orgasm only to your bedroom. Wherever you will go, this pleasure toy can travel now with you.

Second, its Pleasure Air Technology pulsates waves of contactless suction which creates an amazing sensation, reported by all the women who have already had their fun with Womanizer Liberty. Third, it’s also perfect for women who have sensitive clitoris as it surrounds it, rather than directly touching it. Last but not least, it comes with different patterns and changing modes so you can adjust the suction level. How awesome is that?

Price: $99.00


#2 Dame Pillo

You probably wouldn’t think first of a pillow when talking about female sex toys, right? Well, you will be really surprised to find out that Dame Pillo is exactly what you need if you need to upgrade your missionary or doggy-style position. It’s soft yet firm support for almost any angle and most importantly, it will blend perfectly with other pillows on your bed. 

Once you try it for the first time, you will be impressed that something that doesn’t vibrate can cause so much pleasure and incredible orgasms. Best of all, you don’t have to be afraid of damaging it, it’s machine washable and water resistant!

Price: $95.00


#3 MysteryVibe Crescendo

If you have ever owned a vibrator, you know how frustrating it was to only have an ON/OFF button when playing with it. Nowadays, vibrators are more customizable to match the level of your fantasies. If you’re looking for a vibrator that will do exactly that, you should try MysteryVibe Crescendo. A sex toy that even won the award for being the most flexible vibrator in the world. 

With its six power motors, it will stimulate your erogenous zones while bending into an endless number of positions. If the fact that it’s designed to mimic our fingers isn’t enough for you, you can go even one step further and start using their Smart App to allow your partner to have control of your pleasure. 

Price: $129.00


#4 We Vibe Nova Rabbit Vibrator

As said above, women and vibrators go way back, so you can easily find various categories of this sex toy. One of the categories is rabbit vibrators, and the product that’s getting a lot of praise from its customers is The Nova from We Vibe. You can use this rabbit vibrator with a remote-controlled app and it will follow your moves to produce even more pleasure. 

It’s also perfectly curved to reach the G-spot and you can play with it as long as you want as The Nova lasts really long between charges. It is waterproof and made of body-safe medical-grade silicone making it easy to clean and enjoy without worries. For those looking for a bit of dynamic in their solo game, you’d be pleased to hear that The Nova comes with 10 vibration modes. 

Price: $99.00


#5 Lelo F1s Red

If you’ve been searching for a toy that will leave you speechless, then it’s Lelo F1s Red. This ultimate pleasure toy is a high-tech device that links to an app to create maximum pleasure. Simply put, it’s a penis sleeve with double strength, four unique program variations and ten highly sensitive sensors.

What differentiates this toy from all the others on our list is that it’s interactive. By providing feedback about its performance through the app. You are building a set of programs that will guarantee you quite spectacular orgasms – just how you like it!

Price: $219.00


#6 Finger Pro by Bellesa

We all know that a good manual stimulation is the easiest way to a good orgasm, yet not many toys are focused on producing that same sensation you get from the fingering game. Finger Pro, a silicone sleeve, fits onto your finger and goes above and beyond when it comes to clit sensations. 

In the center, it’s designed as a tongue to ensure that those who are looking for super sensitive experiences can make the most of it. Just keep in mind that with this toy, you will get to orgasm really fast, so if you’re more of a take-it-slow person, just enjoy the textured tip and the effect it has on your clitoris. 

Price: $39.00


#7 Ohnut set of silicone rings

Who said that every girl dreams of a diamond ring? With an Ohnut set of silicone rings, you will dive into the depth of your sexual fantasies and will never want to come back. These silicone rings are quite innovative by being comfortable for both the wearer and the receiver. It’s a great solution for not only those who wish to enjoy their orgasms more profoundly. But it’s also created for those who usually find penetration quite painful. 

By being a buffer between two partners, it provides a pleasurable sexual experience that can lead to all types of sensations, except the painful ones. The rings are made of FDA body-safe material and they are condom compatible. After all, even when playing, you should be thinking of protecting yourself.

Price: $65.00


Let the games begin…

These are some of the best sex toys for women currently on the market. However, if you haven’t quite found what you were looking for, keep on digging! Your pleasure is something you should never ignore. Every now and then, we need a break from all the responsibilities and daily stress we experience.

Find the right toy that will give you the orgasm of your life every time you use it. Just think about what stimulations you usually like in bed, and buy yourself an appropriate toy to play with. Let the games begin!



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