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How Much Sex is Normal in Long Term Relationship by a Sex Therapist

How Much Sex is Normal in Long Term Relationship by a Sex Therapist


As a sex therapist, I’m going to give you the low down about how much sex is healthy in a long term relationships.  I have studied this as my dissertation topic in clinical sexology, and I am very interested in asking you how much sex is normal or how much sex is healthy in your long term relationship? Specifically when you live with this person… for over 3 years… is how I am describing a long term relationship.

So… you have asked how much sex is healthy when you are discussing partnered sex in sexual partners! This is one of my favorite questions to answer… and I will break it down for you on HOW much sex is normal, and then how much sex is healthy yearly when it comes to marriage or cohabitating partnerships.

What is the frequency of your sex life? Is sex in marriage or sex in long term relationship different than what you expected it to be? I understand. I have heard this for over a decade with the couples I work with.

Amanda Pasciucco, an AASECT certified sex therapist and owner of Life Coaching and Therapy, shares her tips to success! Amanda has been featured multiple times on CNN, Playboy, PornHub, Maxim, Daily Mail, Men’s Health. Hartford Courant, HeadSpace, VICE, and more!

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