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Sex Robots Are A Thing of the Present – No Longer The Future

Sex Robots Are A Thing of the Present – No Longer The Future


For years, I have thought about what it would be like to love and be intimate with sex robots.

Would it be similar to an actual person or more like a sex toy?

Would sex with a robot be similar to sex with a human or more like a silicone surrogate? If you have seen the movie Lars and the Real Girl, you could imagine the companionship one could have with sex robots.

If you have noticed the advances in technology, especially sex toys, you will know that they can be programmed even when you are far apart from a partner.

Long-distance sex toys are quite popular so that one partner can decide the speed and intensity for their partner from afar!

I think to myself… What would Betty Dodson do?

Then, I think she would probably try it out. And if she would, so would I! For science! I have a strong inner field researcher of life within me.


What about you?

Would you ever have sex with a robot? What about loving a machine, like in the popular movie Her?

Artificial intelligence can mimic interpersonal relationships so that everyone feels they have a partner.

Some people have told me it is easier to be intimate with someone or something that does not judge them.

Even if humans were capable of radical acceptance and non-judgement, I still believe that sex robots would exist.

Just like a sacred intimate experience, sex robots have a place too.

Even if it feels awkward, I think many partners in monogamous relationships would rather have a virtual or surrogate partner than a sex worker or opening up the relationship.

I am incredibly interested in your opinions on sex robots and what you and your partner(s) think about the idea of intimacy with a machine.

The conference for love with robots is actually coming up and you can find more information here.

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